For Inspiration


Because I had an entire day to play yesterday, I decided that I wanted to do something that was fun but also nurturing. I’ve been in desperate need of inspiration lately so what better place to refill my soul than at an art museum. I can’t say that I consider myself a patron of the arts but I do like to purchase museum memberships so that I can feel like I am supporting access to the world’s most amazing artists and their artwork. When I lived in Michigan, I was a member of the Detroit Institute of Arts. For the last few years, I’ve been a member of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The LACMA is exhibiting a retrospective of Stanley Kubrick’s work and it seems like everyone I know has already seen it. Yesterday was my day to finally check out the exhibit and spend some time roaming the galleries at the LACMA.

The Stanley Kubrick exhibit is really impressive. Many of the props that were used in his films are on display and there is a lot of information about Kubrick’s creative process. I understand the exhibit will be on display thru the end of June so if you live here in SoCal, I highly suggest you check it out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying some of the other art in the LACMA’s collection:

I really love the permanent collection pieces housed at the LACMA and I often like much of the art on display in the Broad Contemporary Art Museum wing but … man, so much of the contemporary art in the BCAM is just so silly … I can’t help but roll my eyes. There is an exhibit on display right now that fills a massive room with furniture painted pink. It’s not even fancy furniture, it’s like Ikea stuff … but it’s all painted pink. I mean … art is subjective and clearly someone thinks this kind of thing is art. I think it’s silly. But silly or not, it makes the viewer think and that is exactly the point. I’m glad I made the time to visit the LACMA/BCAM yesterday because the trip really made my day much brighter, much happier.

Tonight I’m hoping to meet up with my friend Jen for drinks but I’ll spend my afternoon doing laundry. I have a mountain to get thru from my NYC trip and I have to repack for my upcoming weekend visit to Detroit. It’s Monday. Happy New Week!!

  • rOXy

    To me? The patron wearing the french maid stockings and an orange pig backpack is art.

  • janaegal

    I don’t know why I loved those yellow ribbons so much. When I went it was crazy windy and there were children running through and laughing and it was just incredibly charming.