First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases Her New Single ‘Beautiful,’ Featuring Miguel


It’s officially here y’all! Mariah Carey has been teasing the release of her new single with Miguel, Beautiful, and it was officially released at 8:00 am EST today. We’ve heard the snippet, and we’ve seen the cover art (which was… okay… not so impressive), but now it’s time to get your first (and second, and third) listen on! To be honest, it’s not what I expected. And I kinda love that. Click inside for more!


Mariah Carey feat. Miguel, Beautiful:


I am honestly very curious to hear what y’all think about this. Personally? I digs it! I mean, it’s no Oh Boy (lol) but what are you gonna do? You can definitely hear the Miguel influence on there, and we all know that Miguel makes life happy. The folks over at DirectLyrics seem to think that this isn’t, like, a summer banger (which might be true) but I still think it’s a good song.

Okay, I’m on, like, my 5th listen now and it’s so catchy (mainly the repetition of ‘you’re beautiful’) I can almost hear it on… I dunno… some kind of commercial… or every kind of commercial, lol. But still, I like it and I’m excited to hear more from Mimi.

What do y’all think? Is Beautiful a strong, new single for Mariah?


  • Erika

    AND….bleh, her voice glides through the record like a background singer’s would, it doesn’t pop and stand alone. On a strong point, it is very melodic and easy breezy.

    • Krissy

      I feel like it is actually a strength that their voices go so well together and don’t clash. Their voices sound really great together, IMO.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I love it! I can listen to this on repeat at work, which is all I need! Loving Miguel as well, obviously!

  • David

    Wow, I love the song. It’s stripped just Mariah and Miguel voices. I didn’t expect that Mariah would go back to basics with her new song. I am beyond happy with her new single. I can’t wait until the end of June or early July that when Mariah’s album is supposed to come out. Love it! What a #beautiful song to wake up to, lol

  • Brent

    My two favorite singers on one song? I must be living right or something. I AM IN LOVE with this song. Mimi and Miguel should play baseball bc they keep knocking it outta the park!

  • Michael

    Honestly, its not what I wanted and theres not enough Mariah. However, I do like the song and will most likely have it on repeat for the rest of the week, but I dont think its going to appeal to the masses. Alas, I love all things Mariah, so I’m still excited for this and the new album.

  • Calvin A. Walker

    This is not a bad song. This is a solid song. It could easily be attached to a Nivea commercial. That being said, I only wish there was MORE of Mariah. Either way, hopefully she keeps going in this direction for her new album.

  • Calvin A. Walker

    PS this is the PERFECT summer jam! Maybe not a banger but definitely something you’d want to play at least once at your rooftop BBQ in Brooklyn. At least that’s what I’ll be doing when I make my playlist.

  • nicole

    their voices work really well together. i like it, its not your typical Mimi single. i think it just needed a little more Mariah. but its perfect for the summer. im hoping the whole album has this feel. between this & JT..and new Kanye & Eminem, my guts telling me this is going to be a great summer for music.

    • Alecia

      Yes ma’am perfect song for the summer and definitely takes me back to the time when Mariah had a banger every summer: Fantasy, Heartbreaker, Honey, and so on.

  • Matthew

    I like it. Very laid back, top down kinda vibe. And I like that Mimi isn’t competing with him. He tells her she’s beautiful and she responds. Very nice.

  • SD

    it’s like audio crack is streaming through my headphones. i can’t stop listening to it!

  • Donny

    Nothing special.

  • Megan

    It’s just the damn hashtag, ugh!

  • Samantha

    This man’s voice is going to force my birth control to go on vacation.

  • rOXy

    There are songs that can transport me back to special summers whenever I hear them. This is that kind of song.

  • Lynne

    I do wish the song was a bit more longer with a bridge or something that would have completely satisfied the need for more Mariah! But overall, it’s a fun track. :)

  • Tru

    Just when I thought I had Mariah figure out, she surprise me with this. Something I didn’t expect in a good way. It’s genius, short and sweet making you craving for more. I’ve been listening to it since this morning and I’ve played over 50 times already. Of corse I’m a huge MC fan but I’m not afraid to be critical of her

  • MissMari

    I haven’t had a music ringtone on my phone in over 3 years. That changed when I head this song! lol
    I can’t stop listening to it!!!