‘But Why…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


As many of y’all new, last Sunday I was busy having the coolest chill session ever with Trent and my boys, so I wasn’t able to post our weekly round-up of reader comments. This week we’re back at it and we’ve got plenty of awesomeness to work through. But first I want to thank all of y’all who commented on the ‘Wait, No: You Don’t Understand How Much Fun We Had With Trent At Toys ‘R Us’ post. I didn’t get to thank everyone who commented on the supreme cuteness that is Jonovan and Jovelle, so yes. I agree and THANK YOU– lol! So glad you guys appreciated my sharing that day with you, and sooo glad y’all notice how friggen good I looked that day, lmao! Trust. It does not always go down like that for me, and I was very proud of myself for actually spending 20-25 minutes with the flat iron. It had, um… been a while… and all of the positive comments I got from you guys reminded me that flat irons and eyeliner make life happy. Woot! Woot! Love y’all! Click inside for more!

PITNBr Kayla had a simple but appropriate query after viewing Miley Cyrus’s new NSFW spread in V Magazine:

But why…

PITNBr blaqfury offered a great recap of last week’s Revenge episode. This was her intro:

ummm… this episode shoulda been called “identity crisis” cause everyone was acting brand new!

And shouts-out to all the other PITNBrs who always write in with their hilarious versions of how Revenge and/or Scandal went down that week. Y’all are the best.

PITNBr janaegal got a little excited when it looked like Lindsay Lohan was going to be rehabbing on her side of town (as it turned out LiLo ended up checking in to a different clinic… or something… I honestly lost track of that rehab story after the third update):

She’s in MY neighborhood!! I will be your roving reporter Trent! I’m pretty convinced I’ll see her in my bar….please let me be working that night!

PITNBr Rebecca, thank you for understanding the importance of my son’s most prized possession being found in Toys ‘R Us that one time:

Go Team PITNB! Glad you found the sippy cup.

PITNBr lala commented on one of the many bizarro Amanda Bynes stories we had this week. When Amanda posted those topless photos, then beefed with Jenny McCarthy on Twitter, I think we were all trying to figure out WTF was going on, and lala tried to offer a little insight on the matter:

Obviously I do not know Amanda in person, but at least “media wise” (??) she is acting very similar to a young girl I know who is suffering from mental illnesses (psychotic episodes/post trauma stress disorder and more). The girl I know would, between hospitalizations, post similar pictures (she is younger), very extreme and unpredicted behavior. However the attention she gets does not help. hope she is not as bad as she seems to be.

PITNBr Linnea, I usually cannot tolerate people making fun of my Jay-Z, but this was pretty hilarious:

The song is dope, but still, all i can think about is; His nose seems bigger than ever.. Seriously.. It’s huge. i start to think that whenever he drops an awesome song, his nose get’s a little bit bigger.

As always, thanks to everyone for yet another week in awesomeness! New Revenge episode on tonight… plus The Good Wife… nobody call me!