Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘A Woman Scorned,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


In case you were curious about my Facebook status circa 11:01 p.m. last night: Pretty sure i just had a heart attack. #Scandal. Because, see, when the episode ended I kind of couldn’t breathe and there was a pain in my chest and so I figured I’d just had a heart attack. Shortly thereafter it occurred to me that I was having trouble breathing because I had been holding my breath for the last 8-12 minutes. In fact, I’m gonna be metaphorically holding my breath until next Thursday because last night, ish got entirely too real on Scandal. Click inside to help me recap this madness!

So, remember last week when I was like OMG. Everything that I want to happen on this show happens on this show and for that reason I love it? Well this week I love Scandal for a different reason. Everything that I thought would never ever happen is happening. Seriously, did you see any of last night’s events coming? The Gladiators investigating Cyrus to see if he was legit trying to kill Olivia? President Fitz straight up being like Eff the presidency, I’m getting my girl. Mellie legitimately going on television and making THE announcement to end all announcements? OMG no. No to all of it. Or maybe yes to all of it. I don’t know yet!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal
Season 2, Episode 20: A Woman Scorned

1. Poor Cyrus


OMG, they’re gonna give Cyrus a heart attack. I mean, doesn’t he always look like someone who has heart attacks? Fitz and Mellie had Cyrus running back and forth (lit’rally through those underground tunnels) as he attempted to get them ‘back together.’ Last week Mellie moved out and we learned that she was not effing the eff around. This week she put her terms on the table and gave Fitz 36 hours to renounce Olivia and reclaim his family… and Fitz was all like Yeah, no. I’m good. Poor Cyrus was losing his damn mind trying to convince Fitz that Mellie was dead ass serious and that she was def going to the press, and that he was def putting his presidency (specifically his second term) in jeopardy by not making amends with her. Then he tried to convince Mellie not to go public with the affair by presenting her with some bullshizz information packet explaining her political future if she stuck by the Pres and Mellie was all like Yeah, no. I’m good… lmao! I felt bad for Cyrus who, of course, was dealing with all this just when his marriage started looking up… or down… if you consider that one scene with him and James. LMAO! Good times, good times.

Oh, I also loved when Cy got on the phone with Olivia to see if she and Pres were still getting down. She’s such a liar!

Quote It:

I’m done with him, Cy. (Olivia)
Done-done, or heavy-phone-breathing-done? (Cyrus)

2. Wait, No. Cyrus Is The Worst (Again… I Think)


Last week PITNBr Whit was kind enough to remind us that Cyrus IS the guy who put a hit out on his own damn husband. Granted, he took it back. But still! Cyrus is crazy! And he doesn’t give an eff about anything except keeping Fitz in office (like, 98% of the time). So when the Gladiators started investigating him it was really about time. Poor Olivia was such a wreck over this! She totally could not believe that her drinking buddy Cy would, like, try to kill her, but when Huck finally told her that Charlie had killed Amanda Tanner (presumably under Cyrus’s orders), I think she got the picture. Oh, and then there was the part where he legit showed up at her home after prank-calling Jake away from her apartment so he could… kill her?! Well, it seemed that way. But by the end of the episode we learned that Cyrus was not the mole, so we don’t know what his plans were for Olivia. But still. That ish was cray!

Quote It:

The last woman that was sleeping with the President ended up dead in the Potomac. And I want you to stay alive (Huck to Olivia).

What if I could get rid of Olivia Pope? (Cyrus to Mellie)

3. The Return Of Huck


OMGeeeee! After what they did to our boo last week, how pumped were you when Huck shook off the crazies (most of them) and stepped back in the room with the Gladiators?! Sigh. They are so lost without him, lol! I mean, we know the Gladiators are awesome and Quinn was doing her best, but who else can recognize another CIA agent by their ear, lmao?! Friggen Huuuuck! No, but for real. Where’s his son at?

Also, I loved how they tracked Charlie down via his faux-girlfriend at the book club. They were able figure out that Charlie was messing with her because she was a stenographer and had details about Defiance on her laptop. This is how they realized that Cyrus couldn’t be the mole (because he wouldn’t have needed Charlie to get that info for him). Honestly– the whole Albatross/mole/Jake/Charlie/Cyrus storyline still has my head spinning but I know we’ll get more answers soon.

4. Fitz Is Over His Wife/Cyrus/Being President/Everything Except For Olivia Pope


So, this was one of those things that happened that I never expected to happen. Fitz for real, for real, for real sat down on his ass and decided to give it all up for lurve. He gave this big, beautiful speech to Olivia and vowed to do the one thing she didn’t expect– to let Mellie leave, to let her go public about the affair, and to allow his political life to be ruined so that they could be together in a real way. I’m sorry… but I totally lost my mind over this. Last week I admitted that I was getting tired of their shenanigans, and I feel like Shonda Rhimes heard my cries (or is just, like, a really great writer) because she had them cut all the BS so they could get serious this week. It was hawt. Watching Olivia demand more from him, and watching him give more? Awesome.

You don’t wanna talk about the fact that my wife moved out and I’m alone at the White House?

I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie! I am not a fantasy! If you want me, EARN ME!

Sit with me, and let’s run out the clock.

And then watching them actually sit down together and wait for Mellie to give her interview… and then lit’rally get it on and poppin’ during her interview? OMG. No, okay. Give me a second and we’ll get to that.

But my sister Steph brought up an excellent point on Facebook:

Fitz is going to be pissed once he finds out that Liv smashed the homies!!

LMAO, dude! Not only did she smash the homies (granted, unknowingly), but she totally made out on Jake’s face in this very episode! WTF?! Here’s hoping that doesn’t become an issue… but you know it sooo will.

5. Ummm. Did Mellie Just…? Okay, Yes. Yes She Did. I Can’t Breathe.


She did it. The whole episode we thought she wasn’t gonna go through with it. Mellie is such a hard-ass but even she looked shook when it was time for the interview and Fitz still hadn’t come running back to her. She looked shook! And I was like There’s no way. She’s gonna back out… there’s no way. And OMG, she did it. Sat down with Cyrus’s husband (lmao… how awesome was that?) and did the unthinkable: put the President of the United States of America on blast for having an affair. EPIC. All kinds of epic. And I was sooo glad she did it! It had to happen! The drama that is coming our way is just gonna be amazing. I cringe to think of how Cyrus is gonna try to flip this, but I’m so glad it happened.

Okay, about the whole thing where Olivia and Fitz were lit’rally doing the damn thang as Mellie sat in front of cameras and told the country that they were doing the damn thang (although she never named Olivia). Ummmm…. that was insaaaaaane! So hawt! Sooo disrespectful! Sooo hawt! WTF?! This is, like, the second time we saw Olivia get her hair wet for this dude!


OMG, they are so obsessed with each other!

Okay, yeah. No. I’m done with this show/is it Thursday yet?

Oh, this is when my little faux heart attack started. When Cyrus realized James was the one interviewing Mellie and he started running down that crazy-long hallway/tunnel thing screaming ‘I DON’T CARE! GO TO COMMERCIAL! PUT MY HUSBAND ON THE PHONE!!!!!!



  • Trisha

    I have been waiting all day for you to post this! That episode was soooo amazing – I had to rewatch that last Olitz scene like three times. “Sit down and watch me choose you” – while putting that clock down with that sexy confident smile on his face – Aaaiighh – so HAWT! I also loved the part when David said, “I wonder who he’s banging?” And all the Gladiators got “busy” and walked away!
    When is Thursday – can then be now?!?

    • Shannon

      Trisha, you’re so right– Pres looked really sexy on that couch. He looked so sure of himself, and so free. And so hawt, lol.

      ‘I wonder who he’s banging?’ was SUCH an awesome moment!!! LMAO, total madness.

  • Karrie

    i loved it to and yes i loved that part about david and everyone walking away haha :)
    and u know he can’t be to mad at her about jake because he was the one that had dumped her at that point..
    but wow..i just dont even know what is next! i want them to stay that just a dream or is something always going to keep them apart.
    and yeah i want Fitz and Olivia together…and i love them I do..but man Evil Mellie is just wow! and how cute is the baby that plays Teddy?

    • Shannon

      Karrie, ‘u know he can’t be to mad at her about jake because he was the one that had dumped her at that point’– you’re completely right… but I KNOW he won’t see it that way. Way too logical a thought process, and if/when he finds out he’s just gonna lose it!

  • EAW

    These recaps are the highlight of my week! Shannon, you are able to articulate your feelings/reactions to every episode in such a clever and witty way, which I cannot. Literally after every single episode I’m just a big mess of “OMG F WHY AHHHHHH” for example: “EARN ME!!!” …..dead. Olivia is queen. Shonda is a goddess. That’s all I got.

    • Shannon

      EAW, thank you! But you have to know I am exactly the same way when I’m watching these episodes– just freaking the freak out. It lit’rally takes me close to 24 hours to even process what happened, lol.

      ‘Olivia is queen. Shonda is a goddess.’– AGREED.

  • PandoMan

    Much like Trisha I have been waiting for this ALL DAY! So much went down! So much left me slack jawed or holding my breathe or both. Which let me tell you aint easy to pull off! I loved LOVED!!! when Olivia popped off on FItz! I was ecstatic, elated down right JOYOUS! He has been irking my soul for weeks! You know your ish aint right when the stalker/assassin/yourhomie is the one people want to see Olivia with! And then Shannon, she went and broke my heart! After she Olivia Poped the President she crumbled! Don’t get me wrong part of me was screaming, “Sit your ass down and watch the clock woman!” Again I am torn! Also why must Cyrus be crazy! Why? I love him but he serious needs to check himself before he wreck himself!

    • EAW

      “but he serious needs to check himself before he wreck himself!” HAHA so funny, Co-sign!!

    • Shannon

      PandoMan, ‘You know your ish aint right when the stalker/assassin/yourhomie is the one people want to see Olivia with’ LMAO! I couldn’t help it– I kinda felt for Jake in this episode. he really has no idea how deep Olivia is in with the Pres and his feelings for her seem legit. But watching Olitz run out the clock together was just too much! It’s hard for me to really see her with someone else in the end.

    • StephyHugz

      Wait.. did I mention that Harrison can get it?? Cause he can.. That man is FINE!!! and he wouldn’t have to EARN it either! :P

  • blaqfury

    I coulda swore Cyrus was gonna be in the hospital from a heart attack, aneurysm, high blood pressure or something… The scenes were extremely well acted Mr. Perry.. Kudos!

    Again, Mellie is so misunderstood. She was straight shook and in complete disbelief when the clock ran out. I felt for her, she’s the literal definition of “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

    Olivia keeps giving me things to add to my bucket list. First I gotta tell someone off in countdown form, now I gotta emotionally tell someone to earn me… I cannot wait to accomplish both of these. I also didn’t think it was possible to heart Huck anymore, but gosh darnit…he got me again.

    Loved when all the gladiators walked out after Davids comment… one of the best scenes of the night. Ugh… why is Thursday so far away!

  • Neha

    I am just not happy…most of the times in this show they portray Olivia as this Independent, head strong, super awesum woman who is a saviour for ALOT of people but she just CANNOT take a stand with Fitz & lets him rule her. He will tell her ‘sit down’…she will protest but ultimately sit down, he will tell her ‘put the phone down’ and she will, he will tell her I love you and she will sleep with him. I was glad and surprised that for once she said ‘Earn Me’ but I was just not happy that it took her 27 episodes for it….Trying to portray women so vulnerable, weak and stupid! Just not my cup of tea.

    My heart went out to Mellie…all she wanted was her husband back. She was the one by his bedside in the hospital when he got shot, she’s the mother of his children, she even tried to get him back in the most twisted ways possible. Atleast some woman stuck to their guns in this show! I liked that she confessed and did not get tempted with Cyrus’s bribes. (Olivia please learn!). And what did Fitz tell Cyrus about Mellie – ‘she loves to be the first lady & she’s stubborn.’ That jerk can’t see anything….I am not liking him much now! Call me old fashioned, but this show is encouraging infidelity and weakness rather than having a strong woman fix things and help people!

  • StephyHugz

    I know I am late! But I have something to say.. I think I DIED when Fitz let Millie have the spot light while he HAD Liv!!! I guess that was his way of EARNING her??? LOL! I am SO over Millie, how many times must I yell at her threw the tv “HE’S NOT FEELING YOU”.. Millie has always had an agenda and Fitz never loved her.. They had an arranged marriage and its just not going to work! In this case (and only this case) I am TEAM MISTRESS!!!
    Now to my MOLE conspiracy theory.. It is either Fitz, Harrison, or David!! Fitz could be paying them all back for betraying him and fixing the election.. He left Millie watching the clock, he hired ole sneaky azz with the hat and dissed Cy, and he’s playing with Liv’s emotions..hmmm?? Oh you don’t like that one?? Well what about Harrison??? (HE CAN GET IT!!!!!) Harrison is like the only one we don’t know anything about.. What’s his story line??? He needs one! which leads me to believe that he might be the mole.. No you say?? Well what about David!!! Liv done went and ruined his whole life!! He wants to pay her back, so the best way is to get in good with the Gladiators, act like one of them and learn the ins and outs??? I’m not sure I can take the last 2 episodes!!! I mean they are going to leave us HANGING all summer!!! What if Liv is preggers and doesn’t know who the daddy is??? LORDT I can’t wait til Thursday…..