Watch: Ryan Lochte Shaves His Entire Body, Invites You To Watch


Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Lochte’s E! reality TV series What Would Ryan Lochte Do? has been on the air for about 2 weeks now and the show has FINALLY given us something to cheer about. As you may know, the show follows Ryan around and he does stuff in order to give us an “understanding” of what it’s like to be Ryan Lochte. Much of what is shown, I have to admit, is brainless but pretty harmless. On this week’s ep, tho, we finally hit pay dirt. In the embed above, Ryan explains that he shaves off all of his body hair … even the “bits you don’t see” … then, he shows us how it’s done. According to Lochte, it takes about “4 or 5″ hours to shave his entire body, which he does with gold-plated razors. So, to answer the question, this is what Ryan Lochte would do.

  • Lauren xx

    I only lasted 10 minutes of the first episode before I had to shut it off. I might try again for this ep, but I’ll DEFINITELY have to mute the tv.

  • Balito

    WOW… the guy is a total D-Bag!!! Jersey Shore doesnt look that empty after this… :/

  • Aday

    Who the f*$% cares WRLWD? I mean, really?! I bet the cameraman was PISSED having to watch Ryan manscape for 4 hours!