Here Are 15 More Throwback Reggae Songs, As Promised


Yes, folks. Here it is: the Throwback Thursday so nice we had to do it twice, lmao! Last week was, without a doubt, my favorite Throwback Thursday in the history of Throwback Thursdays (ssshhhh, don’t tell Lil Wayne, The Neptunes, P!nk, or Mariah Carey). I mean, seriously. Was it not the best? Haven’t you been listening to it all week? Aren’t you still dutty wining in front of your two year-old even though that’s a little bit inappropriate? I know you are, lmao! And because PITNBr Emily and I had waaayyyy too many songs to fit on one list, I saved some for this week. Click inside for more!


15 More Throwback Reggae Songs, As Promised


1. Shabba Ranks, Ting-A-Ling


PITNBr Fifi4life will cut me if Shabba doesn’t get a top spot, since he didn’t make it on last week’s list. LMAO, don’t cut me girl!

2. UB40, Red Red Wine

OMG, I wish I smoked marijuana right now… lmao! No, but seriously. Who needs pot when you have music like this?! This is the perfect song, with the most perfect, mellow beat. I cannot believe how Throwback this is, and how young I must have been jamming to this in my room crazy loud until my Mom came knocking, except she probably let me get away with blasting this one.

3. Chaka Demus & Pliers, Murder She Wrote


PITNBr Michelle, I told you this one was coming! Nobody talk to me! The beat catches you first, and then the lyrics just blow you away. Maxine! What happened to you, girl?!

4. Shaggy feat. Ravon, Summertime


We had a few Shaggy songs on the last Throwback Thursday, but it’s been so ridiculously gorgeous in NY for the last week. A little Summertime is in order.

5. DMX feat. Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas, Top Shotta


Absolutely my favorite song from the Belly soundtrack. Absolutely one of the dopest beats ever in the history of everdom. Absolutely used to put this ish on repeat for 35-45 minutes a day. And yes, DMX is insane. That’s just how I liked him– insane, but still capable of making good music. Sigh.

Click over for ten more Throwback Reggae songs!

  • nicole

    Murder She Wrote is still my jam.
    Top Shotta, No Letting Go, Saddest Day..ahh so many memories.
    and yes i was that fly white girl who knew the dance moves for ‘ Pon Di River’

  • Natalie Hahn Seitz

    How can you leave out Toots& the Maytals!!!
    Though my personal favorite is ’54-46 was my number’

  • JM

    3 things: 1-no idea how I missed the last round-up. 2-THE BELLY SOUNDTRACK. Yes, ALL CAPS. 3-Murda She Wrote. Still hot fiyya.

  • Natalea

    Ya’ll, words cannot express…UB40’s Red Red Wine…it’s my jam.

  • SD

    great post Shannon! here’s hoping Chaka Demus’ tease me and Tanto Metro & Devonte’s gal you ah lead makes it in next weeks post

  • Fifi4life

    Hahahahaha, Shannon no cutting girl!!! Top spot nice!!! Now I”m going to listen to Mr. Loverman and boogle at my desk, hopefully I won’t hurt my back haven’t done that dance in years!! lol

    Everyone falls in love was my jam back in college at the whack Caribbean club parties we used to have. I’m set for the rest of the day.

    Another awesome Throwback Thursday, which I will enjoy on Friday:)

  • Fifi4life

    Hahahaha! No cutting girl!!!! Top spot, nice!! Now I can listen to Mr. Loverman and bogle at my desk, hopefully without pulling out my back, lol.

    Everyone falls in love was my jam back in college. Use to wear out the dance floor at the Caribbean club parties they used to throw to this one.

    Another awesome list, and I’m a day late but I”m going to enjoy it just as much today:)

  • Kayla

    I was away last week and I only had my mobile phone with me which didn’t allow me to leave comments… :(

    Of course that would happen on week 1 of reggae throwback beats. I CANNOT EVEN! Sooo much good music between these two playlists and since the weather has been nice, I’ve been listening to nothing but reggae! (Still don’t know if it beats the Neptunes throwback though…)