Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Get Married Again, Renew Wedding Vows At Disneyland


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated both their 5 year wedding anniversary AND the 2nd birthday of their twin children Monroe and Morrocan Scott in fine form yesterday. The couple SHUT DOWN Disneyland last night so that they could renew their wedding vows and get married all over again. I mean … they went big, y’all. Mimi couldn’t contain her joy last night as she shared moments from the ceremony (before, during and after) on her official Twitter profile, her official Instagram profile and her official Vine profile. I’m telling you, if my ass got married at Disneyland, I’d be oversharing, too. Click below to see some photos from the anniversary nuptials last night, read some deets about how it all went down and check out a bunch of fun Vine videos that make you feel like you were kindasorta there last night.

It was a storybook 5th anniversary – and happy 2nd birthday treat for their twins – as Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their vows at the Happiest Place on Earth, California’s Disneyland, on Tuesday night, Entertainment Tonight reports. “On our way to renew our vows,” Carey Tweeted early in the evening. “I love you @Nick Cannon.” All dressed up in matching prince and princess costumes, Carey and daughter Monroe were picked up in a horse-drawn Crystal Carriage from a Dream Suite inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, then taken to Main Street to meet Cannon and son Moroccan. Together the family proceeded to Sleeping Beauty Castle, for the vow renewals. “Do you believe in fairy tales?” was the theme for the ceremony – which concluded with fireworks over the castle spires, a pyrotechnic display that reportedly came as a total surprise to Carey and the couple’s 250 guests. What followed was a reception in Fantasyland, deejayed by Cannon and accented by 15,000 flowers imported from South Africa, Holland and France and 10,000 crystals. Plus, guests enjoyed access to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Peter Pan’s Flight, Snow White’s Adventures and the King Arthur Carousel, all of which were kept running. Before the renewal of the vows, Moroccan and Monroe celebrated their birthdays with yet another famous couple: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I absolutely CANNOT with any of this. ANY OF IT! Can you imagine? Damn. Mimi knows how to live large and it doesn’t get much larger than this. At the drop of a hat, Mariah and Nick are able to clear out Disneyland of the common folk so that they can enjoy a fairytale vow renewal wedding ceremony … I mean … AMAZING. Mimi went a little nuts with the Vine videos last night. Check ‘em out here:

I know that Mr. & Mrs. Cannon wanted to make last night special for their children on their 2nd birthday but … c’mon, this whole affair is really about turning Mariah Carey into a bona fide Princess. Plain and Simple. THIS is how you do it, y’all. This is how a diva renews her vows. Congratulations to Mimi and Nick on their 5th wedding anniversary and massive amounts of Birthday Lurve goes out to Dem Babies on turning 2.

Amazing, right?!

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source, Source]

  • LiQue

    i was going to write a rude comment about the whole thing, but i got to admire Nick Cannon, he has huge balls and confidence to live next to the princess that is Mariah Carey… wonder what their room looks like and if he has any input on the house decor…

    • Emily

      @LiQue you should see The Real Husbands of Hollywood. They ride Nick hard for being “Mr. Mariah” and he is such a good sport about it. I mean, do you see what Mimi put him in for this ceremony? You HAVE to have sense of humor. And to answer your question, I can guarantee he has no input on decorating – every picture of their house is pink, feathers and crystals. I want to be snarky about this whole thing, but I just can’t – it’s Mimi! Nothing less will do.

  • Jennifer

    I plan on going to disneyland with my son and husband (who’ll be on block leave after he gets back from his deployment) in August and if I got kicked out so someone could get married I’d be sooooo mad. Especially because we live in NY, so it wouldn’t be a cheap trip.

    But congrats to her, I bet it was amazing.

    I want to renew my vows, it won’t happen at our 10 year anniversary (in 3 years), maybe our 20th. Or 30th. I don’t know. We had a small wedding and I get jealous when people have big weddings because we didn’t get that. lol. But I want a little, nice, intimate wedding in Jamaica or something maybe and just have a lot of fun.

    • @Jennifer — In the couple’s defense, I checked the operating hours at Disneyland yesterday and the park did say it was closing at 8PM so I guess they didn’t technically “kick people out”.

  • EAW

    I was kinda feeling judge-y about this but like, I can’t. What a trip! Carry on with your fabulous rich diva self, Mariah!

  • blaqfury

    If no one was displaced, then I’m not mad at any of this… i’m sure most girls sometime during their life dreamed of being a princess (even if short-lived lol) and then to have a princess dream wedding on top of that!!!…

    Those who can…. DO!

  • Krissy

    This cracks me up. Mariah is so funny and so in touch with her inner child! Over the years I have come to appreciate how perfect her and Nick are for each other. He seems like a silly guy who is also humble…perfect match for a crazy diva.

  • fab4runner

    She looks amazing!

  • nicole

    i love this. first of all she looked AMAZING! her kids are adorable. i love that little Roe was wearing a matching dress. and i think its cute that the kids birthday fall on the same day, its just one big celebration. love this family.

  • Ashley

    There’s a picture out there with Mariah and Monroe in Matching Cinderella dress I thought was too cute. Those kids are so lucky I wonder what ext year will be like

  • Alex

    Out of aaall the attractions, the ones they picked to have available for the guests are pretty much the worst ones lol (except for Matterhorn, which isn’t that great either).

  • Madison

    Is she just re-doing her wedding until she’s content with her hair and the pictures? Because let’s be honest: the original wedding pictures were not mantle material….

  • Madison

    Is she just re-doing her wedding until she’s content with her hair and the pictures? Because let’s be honest: the original wedding pictures were not mantle material….

    Real talk: they look great and I’m jealous.

  • LaurenL

    Holy shizzle I need to find her on Vine so I can live this magic every day. You can’t make this shizz up!