FYI: Kanye West And His Girlfriend Are Not Accepting Baby Gifts


In a few months the unthinkable, unimaginable will happen: Kanye West and his girlfriend will officially be a Mommy and Daddy. It’s totally insane and totally awesome (depending on who you ask), and I’m still as shocked as I was when Yeezy first made the announcement at the end of last year. For obvious reasons I’ve been doing my bump watching away from PITNB, but I just came across a story that I thought was worth sharing. Kanye and his girlfriend are reportedly not accepting gifts for their baby, but have requested that all those wishing to shower them would donate to a worthy cause instead. Click inside to learn more!

So there have been rumors swirling around about fancy schmancy baby registries for the couple, but apparently they are both denying that they have any baby registry at all. Kimye, instead, have asked that family, friends, and well-wishers donate to the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, where Kanye grew up.

I know lots of people are not fans of Kimye, but I gotta say they’ve been handling this particular step in their relationship very differently from what many folks expected. I mean, she’s about to in a couple of months and we still don’t know the baby’s sex, although there was a rumor that the couple was having a girl. I’m gonna assume Kanye has a lot to do with the overall privacy they seem to be maintaining and I think it’s a good thing.

If you were planning on getting Kimye a gift (and I know you were), you can donate HERE instead.


  • James

    Shannon, are you in denial that Kanye is dating Kim Kardashian? You like, never say her name and just refer to her as “Kanye’s girlfriend.” That is borderline throwing fifty shades of shade.

    • EAW

      I think PITNB tries to stay away from discussing all things “K family” related…is that correct?

    • Shannon

      James, Bwahahaha! LMAO, no I’m absolutely not in denial. I actual love Kanye and Kim, but out of respect for Trent (who does not report on the Kardashians, ever) I try not to say her name. Constantly referring to her as Kanye’s girlfriend is kind of a joke between Trent and me :)

    • Emily

      @james – she who shall not be named is not discussed on this blog, so Kanye’s girlfriend is the next best thing. Also, whenever I hear stories about her that aren’t on E! She’s also referred to as KW’s gf. And I love it.
      My bag business got an offer to send mommy packages to celebrities, and this round Kanye’s girlfriend was on the list. I just couldn’t do it.

  • nicole

    i love that you dont drop her name. shes just “Kanyes girlfriend”
    but other than that, i love that they’re doing this, you know that this was all Kanye too – cause his GF loves her free presents.

  • James

    Shannon, no hate and I think it’s a funny joke to have with Trent. Still, I don’t understand why people dislike her SO STRONGLY. She’s not immoral in any way. I mean, people like to point to the sex tape but she wasn’t the one who released it. Even if she did, the idea that a woman’s morals exist in her sexuality is a bit too narrow minded for me. I think that uncalled for hate of celebrities undermines the fact that they are human beings, not punching bags. Saying crude, spiteful things only reflects the person who is speaking, not the target of the verbal assault. I understand that she doesn’t have a “talent,” but most celebrities still do what she does. People hate on her, but everyone is trying to get promotional deals or product placements. At least Kim doesn’t call herself an artist. I don’t think Kim is any worse than, say, Beyonce with her Pepsi and H&M or Justin TImberlake with his Bud Lite and Mastercard, both of whom try to say that they’re doing something “artistic” with it, when in fact they just recognize that that’s where they get their real money. No disrespect to either artist, I just think that they’re no better than Kim.

    • Krissy

      I’m taking the bait! :)

      “She’s not immoral in any way.”

      How about marrying someone just to have a special on E! ?
      Taking video of your young sister in her bikini and sharing it on the internet? Selling credit cards with malicious fees and marketing them to teens? And do you really believe that she didn’t release the sex tape herself?

      I REALLY agree when you say, “the idea that a woman’s morals exist in her sexuality is a bit too narrow minded for me”. Completely agree with that, however, I would have to say in KK’s case, she presents herself as if she thinks that a woman’s value exists only in her sexuality. That is how she presents herself, that is how she presents even her young sisters. That is why she is having a hard time during pregnancy, because she keeps trying to sex it up instead of valuing herself for the other things she can do. If she wants to be vacant and superficial, there are folks that will buy that, but I won’t. I think what you see as hate is just extreme avoidance.

      IMO, the big difference between Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Kim is that B and JT are very talented.

    • James

      I don’t think there’s much of an argument that Kim orchestrated her marriage tbh, and the courts seem to agree with me there. While speaking on Elizabeth Taylor, feminist writer Camille Paglia stated “For me, sexual objectification is a supreme human talent that is indistinguishable from the art impulse.” Famed feminist photographer Barbara Krueger photographed Kim for the cover of W Magazine, with the words “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME/ I MEAN YOU/ I MEAN ME” emblazoned across her naked form, hands firmly on her hips and a smirk on her face. To me that image summarizes Kim’s sexuality; no man, no audience can take that from her. It is hers alone, and although it is not all that exists of her, it does exist and she has no shame for it. Older sisters post photos of their teenage sisters. Hell, the teenagers are doing it themselves. She is not objectifying her sister; if she were, wouldn’t her sister say during the video to stop shooting? I don’t think the fact that she is less talented than JT or Bey reflects on her as a superstar, much less on her as amoral individual. She is of the Edie Sedgwick variety, an It-Girl that doesn’t need to try to sing or dance to be a presence, someone who all it takes is a glance at her image to realize she is pristine.

    • Krissy

      The courts are saying that her ex was in on the orchestration and that he wasn’t frauded into it. That doesn’t mean the marriage was sincere. In fact, the court documents show how scripted (literally scripted) it was from begining to end. I know folks that have written for KUWTK, so I understand the lack of reality on that show.

      And yes, she was objectifying her sister…have you seen the video I am talking about? How can you say she isn’t objectifying her when she says “check out this body on my young sister”?

      Everyone has their preferences. I find Kim’s look to be far too plastic and surgical to be called “pristine”. To me, that applies to women who are naturally beautiful.

  • James

    I especially don’t think we need to be that mean on a post about her doing something incredibly decent. This is a charitable thing she’s doing and I’m sure Kim and Kanye will instill this selflessness in their child. Hopefully children. I really like them together.

    • Lauren Kennedy

      But, that’s the thing. PITNB strays away from even mentioning her so it isn’t exactly hating… more like choosing to pretend she doesn’t exist.

  • cowgirl


  • blaqfury

    good for them. I hope the hospital gets sizable donations. i’m sure Kanye’s mom is smiling down on him…

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    Yeah, I have no issues with PITNB not using her name. She IS Kanye’s girlfriend. I also have no problem with the fact that Trent doesn’t want to report on that family. They are saturating magazines everywhere anyways, its not like they need the press. I see no hating on anyone here.
    Good on them though :) (kimye)