Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Identity’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


It’s been forever since we last had a Revenge episode, and since I was still recovering from Thursday’s episode of Scandal I really was not ready for last night’s new episode. Whew! Drama, drama, drama, plus a Charlotte made out with a girl, lmao! This was a really fun episode and I cannot wait to see where things go over the next couple of weeks. Click inside for more!


This episode kinda had that Throwback Revenge feel. This season we’ve lost that feeling of the bad guys getting plucked off one by one, but last night the ‘Emily’ and Nolan were back at their old tricks and it felt sooo good. Watching Nolan take down the Falcon was so effing cool and seeing the Graysons humiliated and caught up in their web of lies was equally cool.

Jack and Ashley continued to work on their own little revenge plot against Conrad, and Declan and Charlotte ran into a few problems brought on by my girl Regina who showed up in the last episode. A lot went down, so let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge:
Season 2, Episode 19: Identity


1. Ashley Smashley And Jack… A Thing?


Okay first off, did Ashley really bring warm/hot chocolate for baby Carl? LMAO, that was awesome. I love when people don’t know how babies work. But here’s the thing. Was anybody else weirded out to see Ashley holding baby Carl and standing by Jack’s side when he dissed Emily’? It was weird for me! I get that he’s using her to get at Conrad, but this thing they have going on is def strange. I will say, I was kinda glad that Jack was shutting ‘Emily’ down (even though it was sad that he basically fired her from her godmotherly duties). ‘Emily’ needs to know that everybody’s not down for her style of revenge which lit’rally involves getting into bed with the enemy.

2. Who Is This Batch?!


Whew! Looks like we have a new bad-ass femme who’s on Revenge just to shake ish up. Regina (played by Seychelle Gabriel) started ish on the last episode and got decked in the face by Charlotte. She then shows up in this episode and kind of apologizes by explaining that she lost her brother to an overdose. She then takes Charlotte out for a night on the town, and makes out with her for the world/Declan to see. Awkward:


No, but really, who is this batch?! It looks like she’s going to have a small role on the show and I can’t wait to see what other ish she starts. We always need an ish-starter. Always.

Quote It:

You sure know how to hit a bitch (Regina)
Punching classmates in the face? (Victoria)
Would you have approved if I smacked her instead? (Charlotte)

3. Meet The Falcon/Nolan Leslie Plays Some Kick Ass Street Fighter


OMGeeee the Falcon is real! This was so much fun! I think a lot of us were worried that the whole search for the Falcon was gonna drag out for like 6 episodes so I was happy to see the entire thing get resolved in last night’s episode. It was perfect! Nolan was sooo back on his hacker ish and I was loving every minute of it. Once ‘Emily’ and Nolan swooped in and exposed Victoria’s fake abortion papers, she got so shook she immediately called The Falcon who had to meet with Nolan. Nolan pretended that their meeting was really about getting help with his legal troubles, so she had no clue he was gearing up to hack the eff out of her files. He also got her on his team by kicking her arse in a game of Street Fighter, which was hilarious. And when The Falcon got caught I was totally cheering for Nolan. Since he lost Padma he sooo needed this win, and he was really winning in this episode. More of that please.

And more of referring to him by his first and middle name: Nolan Leslie. Bwahahahaha!

Quote It:

You’ve been spending too much time in the real world (Falcon to Nolan Leslie)

4. Victoria: Exposed


Aw shizz. Got ‘em! This whole episode Conrad was trying to get Victoria to make these public appearances and she was so worried that some ish was gonna come out about her ‘abortion.’ So when Conrad surprised her with that live interview and she had to admit that the ‘abortion’ was really an ‘abandonment,’ I couldn’t help but be pleased that those two were finally put in a really, really awkward position. It needed to happen!

But still, Victoria could have definitely lied about it to the reporter, so I wonder if we’re seeing some kind of change in her. I know I was hella surprised when she showed up at Nolan’s asking him to help her find her firstborn son. I mean, obviously Nolan’s gonna help, right? But what will that mean? And what if they find him?!

5. Worst Idea Ever: ‘Then Marry The Son Of A Bitch’


OMG, all this time I thought I wanted to see ‘Emily’ and Daniel back together and now it’s happening. And I hate it. I haaaate it! ‘Emily’ does not know what she’s doing, I’m sorry. She tries to act like she has no feelings for Daniel and she can just play him, but please. This is a dangerous game. And Aiden’s gonna go ahead and play along, even though Takeda told him to get his ass back to Japan, lol. I did appreciate his response to Takeda, in which he was basically was like Yeah no. Revenge is bullshizz and it doesn’t work. But I still feel like he underestimates the relationship between Daniel and ‘Emily,’ otherwise he would never tell her to go ahead and ‘marry the son of a bitch.’ LMAO. I just see this ending badly. And I still have a hard time completely aligning Daniel with his parents, so I kinda feel for him too. The whole thing is just… drama. Drah-maaahhh!

Wait, did y’all catch Nolan’s face when ‘Emily’ was on the phone faking-up with Daniel? LMAO, this is exactly how I feel about this game plan:

Nolan gets it right every time.

What did y’all think of the new episode? I didn’t catch the scenes for next week’s episode, so feel free to fill me in if you saw something cray. I’m assuming you saw something cray, lol.

  • Franki

    Am I the only one that kept being reminded of Ashley when Regina came on screen?…hmmm…they could totally pull off being sisters…but either way Regina is going to hook up with Declan because it wouldn’t be Revenge without love triangles. :)

  • Courtney Bryant

    LOVED this episode. It was more kick ass than most of this season was. I loved Nolan’s lines about when he sees bad guys face to face. He really needed this win. He has been getting abused all season!

    Also, I thought Falcon looked too young….Did I miss something with that?

    • nicole

      i thought she looked really young too. maybe she just aged reallllly well? lol

  • Shavonne

    LOVED this ep!! I was so happy to see Nolan come out on top for, like, the first time this season. And his text to Emily “signed, sealed, delivered. It’s yours” has had me singing that song all day lol! Sad to see Charlotte becoming wild again, and I’m loving it at the same time.

    I’m sorry to say it, but I’m so over Jack. I kinda wish they killed him off and kept fauxmanda instead. His part feels like such filler!

  • EK

    Shannon, I freakin’ live for your insanely awesome Revenge recaps every Monday. Oh and P.S. Um, did Falcon remind anyone else of Shelby Woo circa 1996?

  • Tawnie

    Regina equals Trouble! Charlotte is always so naive. I love Nolan’s reactions. I was wondering if Nolan could be Victoria’s son. Which means if he says yes to helping her find his son, he may end up finding himself! Sooo much juice. I need to see the previews for next episode!

  • Jenny

    Regina reminds me SO much of Haley from Nashville that I had to do a double take!

    The part that I LOVED the most in this episode was when Victoria said, “it’s true” in the interview and the camera switched to Daniel cocking his head every so slightly upon hearing the news – LOVED this!

  • blaqfury

    ummm… this episode shoulda been called “identity crisis” cause everyone was acting brand new!

    First, Charlotte went from a straight & narrow, studious student to feigning for fame, attention seeking party girl in like 6 hours… wth?
    Then Victoria gets caught in a lie and just admits to it? When has she ever just admitted to anything (so quickly). She didn’t even try to find a way out, just said it’s true and gave up. Victoria never just gives up!
    Jack chooses Ashley (with 100s of public knowledge betrayals) over Emily (with 1 betrayal -that he knows of-)
    Nolan easily outhacks a hacker that he had no idea of how to hack for over the past several years… that was supposed to be believable? seriously?
    Daniel, all the sudden can only see wedding bells?
    Aiden, who can barely stand emily dating Daniel, in fact can hardly be in teh same room as her cause he’s so mad, gives his permission for her to marry him? Didn’t even try to come up with an alternative?

    The only constant was the shady emily, who I still believe is a horrible friend to Nolan. I’m just waiting for the day, when she does something for him and gets absolutely nothing out of it… I’m sorry… I can’t with this episode…thumbs down.

  • Joan

    I’ve fallen out of love with Daniel for quite a while now and I’m 100% Team Aiden on this, so you better BELIEVE I’m all sorts of conflicted about this whole engagement thing. WTF! I mean, what the hell is Aiden supposed to do or say?! Emily won’t stop her revenge until she gets it and he knows better than to try to stop her (because no one could stop him). This is not going to end well, though. This is going to suck for him. BAD. I don’t think there’s any way Emily could let herself be with Daniel again for real. Not after what happened with Amanda. Or maybe I’m just projecting my feelings on Emily. Ugh. The only thing that could make me feel better is lots of Aiden/Nolan bromance time.

    Also, I insist, someone needs to tell Jack the truth (or at least half of it) because I fear he is going to get himself killed. AND, I also insist, what is Takeda business in all this? Why does he even have a school for reveng-y people? Like, what’s his story and why haven’t they told it yet? Get on it, show!

  • MJ

    Ashley: I’m still not convinced she isn’t just playing along with Jack and will turn on him. She’s betrayed everyone and what does Jack offer her? Her motivations so far have always been money and power. Jack has neither. And Ashley and Amanda weren’t exactly super friendly. I still feel like Ashley is somehow tied into the plane crash…so maybe that is why she is helping.

    Regina: The girl is trouble. I’m not sure if she’s going to make a play for Declan or is just interested in Charlotte. I really hope we don’t go through another Charlotte as a wild party girl cycle again. But I do think it’ll make her revisit her whole “It’s Clarke now” idea. Because as much as she might hate it, the Greyson name does come with perks.

    Falcon: Somehow I’m not convince that was the real Falcon. I don’t know, but for someone who was a legendary hacker and so mysterious, it was resolved much too quickly. And the actress looked pretty young, imo. What, was she hacking on behalf of Greyson Global from her Fisher Price laptop?

    Vicky’s Spawn: Could Aiden turn out to be baby Patrick? Oh the drama. Emily torn between two brothers! Aiden almost killed his mother! Ha. I kid. Buttt…Nolan does seem to be about the right age, no?

    Daniel/Emily: Meh. I liked them together in the beginning, but now I’m on the fence. I’m still not sure there will ever be a wedding with these two.