Listen: Beyoncé And André 3000’s Full ‘Back To Black’ Cover For ‘The Great Gatsby’ Has Been Released


Earlier this week we heard the first snippet of one of the more highly-anticipated songs from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Beyoncé and André 3000 covered Amy Winehouse’s hit Back To Black, and not everyone was psyched about it. But I liked the snippet we heard on Monday, and today we have the full version! DJ/producer Mark Ronson (who also co-wrote the original song_ premiered the track on his East Village Radio mixshow. Click inside for your first full listen!

Beyoncé And André 3000, Back To Black (Amy Winehouse cover):


Personally? I really like it. When I hear a cover, or when I see an adaptaion of a book on screen, sometimes I prefer it when the new version deviates in major ways from the original. And there’s no denying that this version deviates greatly from Amy’s Back To Black. I also like that when I hear it, it makes perfect sense alongside what we’ve seen of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby– it’s got a dark and frightening quality (especially André’s verse) even as it invokes this sense of romance and nostalgia. There’s also this feeling of a building up to something (something beautiful, something tragic), which is much of what Gatsby’s about.

So yeah, me likey! But I was also never a die-hard Amy Winehouse fan (many of whom appear to be in a rage over this version, according to the comments on Just Jared) What do y’all think?

  • Lauren xx

    There really isn’t anything about this cover that I like. It’s too bizarre, and the original was so clean and classic. I genuinely enjoy Bey and Andre 3000, but the music behind them is awful awful awful and doesn’t do either of them any favors.

  • Devonte Antonio

    I’m confused at how they got back together for this song but she couldn’t get him to do the “Party” video with her….hmmmmm

    • Tyrell Lewis

      They may have recorded their parts separately.

  • nicole

    not a fan i dont mind Andre’s parts but im not feeling Bey at all

  • Balito

    I kinda like it… its very dark and sad… not better than the original, but its a good cover i think!!!

  • blaqfury

    hmmm… i’m not liking it all that much, which is sad cause i absolutely love Andre 3000. But i don’t really like his part and I’m just meh about Bey’s. Maybe I need a couple more listens, but i think i’ll stick to the original.

  • The Truth

    Besides the Ignoring guy who talked in the middle of the song and the constant “east village radio” the song it self was okay. It was more Andre 3000 featuring Beyonce. She didn’t show up until the end. I think he kind of ruined it or maybe he should have showed up later on. But I prefer the original.

  • hiccupme

    That was atrocious.

  • Victoria Martínez Villar

    i hated it!!! i don’t think is dark or frightening, I think it’s just weird and a terrible cover, Amy’s original is perfect.