Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Seven Fifty-Two,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


Gladiators!!! How long has it been since we last met? Seriously. Three weeks feels like a decade in Scandalville, and I was so excited for last night’s new episode… it was awkward. Like, I did that thing where I was like Well I have to order Chinese food because Scandal’s coming on and how can I fully enjoy the new episode without Chinese food? And then I was all like, Wait, let’s not watch the episode right now, I’m gonna make some iced tea real quick because how can I not have an amazingly sweet glass of iced tea to go along with this new episode? It was weird. But I was right– Chinese food, iced tea, and last night’s episode make life happy! Click inside for our first recap in forever!

I know it’s been said before. I know I’m stating the obvious… but OMG: I effing love this show. Everything– lit’rally, everything– I want to happen on this show happens. Ages ago I told my partner in Scandalville that the show would eventually need to introduce us to the characters in a real way. We’d need to learn about their pasts, their parents, all the stuff that makes them a mess, etc. Otherwise, I thought, the show was just an exciting thrill ride, but it wasn’t a full, narrative story. It wasn’t a world we could really get attached to. This is why I loved that episode where we met Fitz’s Dad (because, didn’t we then learn everything we needed to know about him?), and this is why I loved learning about non-creepy, super-sweet, family man Huck. He was the perfect Gladiator to do this with, but I hope we also get similar episodes for the other guys at some point… including Olivia.

This episode also focused on the ever-dramatic relationship between Olivia and Fitz. I think this was the first time we saw the two of them really, really addressing the stolen election/Defiance situation. This was good because Olivia needed to hear why Fitz was so insanely mad about it, and Olivia needed the opportunity to defend herself. But honestly? These two got on my damn nerves this episode, lmao! I wasn’t exactly, entirely done with Jake (I know, I know… I have issues), and I’m tired of these two playing with my emotions! Just choose! LOL. No, but seriously. They need to get it together so I can feel stable in their relationship. What?

The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal:
Season 2, Episode 19: Seven Fifty-Two


1. Clean-Shaven, Pre-CIA Huck Is/Was Everything


How awesome was this? I mean, seriously. How much did you effing diiiiiieeeeee seeing Huck as, like, a totally adorable, normal guy who was married to a friggen elementary school teacher?! Like, the sweetest, nicest, supportive-est elementary school teacher ever? Are you kidding me? Him showing up to surprise her and being all cute with the kids? I loved it. I loved it so hard and then… then things got really dark, really fast. Watching Huck become… Huck? Madness! Remember his first torture job? He was so cute and nervous:


LMAO. Oh, man. This is such a good show.

Quote It:

Pro tip: always do your job on trash day. (CIA Charlie to newbie Huck)

2. Does Harrison Now Know About Olitz?


So, when Harrison went looking for Olivia he found her at the hospital. And it was awkward. Because the Secret Service was there, and they’re usually only around if the President is around. Harrison knew that this clearly meant *something* but was really careful about bringing it up to Olivia, because we all know he luuurves Olivia and would never make her feel judged or any type of way. But I’m wondering if it matters now that he basically, probably knows about Olitz. The President made it SO obvious to everyone that he was up in the hospital with his boo, and I think some things are really gonna change as a result.

3. Oh! So That’s Why Huck Hates Being Locked In Large Crates!


I cannot believe what those CIA douchebags did to our Huck. I mean, obviously, I can believe it… and I cannot believe it! They lit’rally got him to forget he had a family! I believe that’s called brainwashing? And it’s awful. Huck had kept his wife and son a secret, and when they found out they shut his entire life down. Made his family disappear and locked him in a hole for months and months on end, until he forgot who he was. But he was so wrecked following the torture, he culd no longer do his job (and boy, he’d been one of the best). Interestingly enough, Charlie was the one who let him go/disappear, even though Huck was supposed to be killed. I’m guessing he had a soft spot for Huck (sweet, right?) but he clearly remembered Huck’s, um, issue with being left in small, dark spaces, since he was the one who threw him into the crate in the storage room. If I ever see Guillermo Diaz in public I’m going to hug him so effing hard, and it’s probably gonna be weird for both of us, but damn! Our poor Huck!

4. OMG, Mellie Is Going To Effing Kill Everybody… Political… Or Literally


Okay, I was sooo Team Mellie on this one. Y’all know I love me some Olivia and Fitz. Y’all know I love when they do their angry make-out thing and then Olivia pulls away and Fitz looks like he just got shot again. I love that! However. The repetition of their break-ups to make-ups is starting to make me, like, seasick or something. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s like Ronnie and Sammie on Jersey Shore, only worse because we expect more from Olivia and Fitz (lmao… yes, yes I did just draw that comparison).

So when Mellie was like I’ve had enough, I totally got it. So have I, Mellie! Here’s the thing with Mellie– she actually prefers it when the two of them are ON. Because when they’re on, Fitz is on. It’s the break-ups that his body/mind/soul can’t seem to handle. So Mellie, as his wife, is just asking for stability. Either keep your mistress and be stable, or dump your mistress and be stable with me or just be effing stable! But the fact that he was openly going back to Olivia and pining by her sickbed was just too much for her and that made sense to me. Even that scene with Olivia and Fitz talking about Defiance in the hospital, and then making out and professing their love to each other, and then Olivia running away from it was annoying! But I did like that Fitz kinda told her about herself.

Quote It:

You don’t fix me! You don’t handle me!

The only thing with Mellie is that she’s now threatening to really, really eff his ish up (and she’s starting the process by moving out). Is it weird that I kind of want her to, lol? Like, I wanna see how bad things could get if Mellie were to actually stand on the front lawn of the White House and just tell all. But I also don’t want Olivia to, like, die or be ruined, so this is tricky.

5. 7:52!!!!!!


Aghhhhhhh! AGGGHHhhhhhhhh! Did you cry when little Huck showed up on the subway platform? Did you cry? No? Okay cool ’cause I totally didn’t have tears my eyes during that entire scene either. Cool, cool.

Yeah, no I cried. OMG. So from the beginning of the episode, Huck was only able to say one thing: Seven Fifty-Two remained on repeat and it sucked. The scenes were really strong because each Gladiator tried to get Huck to calm down, to talk, to explain what he meant but nobody could do it. Instead, they each ended up opening up to him about their lives and their ‘Seven Fifty-Two.‘ They all had these things that they couldn’t let go of and it was a really cool (if a bit theatrical) way for us to get to know the characters a little more.

Anyway, once Olivia got discharged from the hospital she went straight to Huck and resurrected him with one of those awesome ‘I didn’t save you, you saved me’ speeches. That’s when we found out that one day, at 7:52, his son and wife walked onto the subway platform where he was living… because he was homeless. And it was a really awkward moment because he’d been brainwashed to think they were not real. Charlie thought he would just send Huck over the edge by putting him in that crate (he did), but he also triggered a powerful memory that will surely change Huck forever. And now his whole ‘family’ stalking thing makes perfect sense, right?

No but really. Baby Huck was too cute:


So many other things happened in this episode, though! Jake definitely knows about Olitz at this point and asked to be reassigned. Too bad the CIA doesn’t ‘reassign,’ LOL. And based on the preview for the next episode, Cyrus is pretty much done with Olivia since her existence always complicates the President’s frame of mind. I have no clue what’s gonna happen next, but it seriously looks like it’s about to go wayyyy down. Can’t wait!

P.S. Shouts-out to PITNBr Brandyjk who hilariously suggested that I start making video recaps for these. Oh, girl! If only you knew I sound like the most annoying Southern California girl ever. Besides, have you seen Funky Dineva’s recaps? Until I can compete with these, I’m sticking to the written word:

  • blaqfury

    I wasn’t constantly refreshing PITNB or anything for this recap… nope, i um…have been totally productive at work all day…lol!

    Anyways… if i didn’t think my love for Huck character could get any deeper, it has found a way. Saying Team Huck isn’t enough anymore… gotta be Ride or Die Team Huck… or something…lol. I just really hope that this is completely fictional and not based off of true CIA stories… I’m not sure I could deal with that. To cause one person so much pain…idk

    Also, thank you about Mellie, my friends are so sick of me saying Mellie is misunderstood from week to week and don’t understand why i like her. I too told my friend this morning that Mellie was right in this epi. We had to agree to disagree…lol. Mellie is the only true to self character on this show. She’s manipulative and shady, but she doesn’t hide that she is either, unlike Cyrus, Liv, Fitz, Columbus, Verna, etc… I’d rather know not to trust you from jump rather than have the rug pulled from under me by someone I thought i could trust…and on a side, can we all agree that Abby has some serious issues with Olivia… that’s gonna continue and become an even bigger plot point one day.

    Lastly, for Jake, does anyone think he hired Charlie to kill Liv cause he couldn’t do it himself? That’s how he knew the “robber” was gonna be at her house at that time to show her. Cause Charlie is talking to someone who isn’t Cyrus. I think Jake was recruited by the same division that had Huck and he was supposed to kill Liv. (It was nice to see Charlie had a heart too and not just a killing machine)

    And yes Nessa girl… i loves me some Funky Dineva!

    • Shannon

      blaqfury, the Jake/Albatross/Charlie/Cyrus situation is so crazy. I can honestly say I haven’t put all of the pieces together. I DID wonder if Jake backed out of ‘taking care’ of Olivia. And I know Cyrus was getting sick of Olivia ‘fixing’ things, and he was also really jealous of Jake for getting in so good with Fitz. Hopefully, those pieces will come together soon.

      I’m glad you mentioned Abby– she really has this love/resentment thing with Olivia and it’s gonna be interesting to see how that pans out.

  • StephyHugz

    I was so hyped that Scandal was coming on. I mean HYPED!! Got all of my nightly motherly chores done and was READY for Scandal… And I fell asleep!! Where they do that at??!?? Liked knocked out and woke up at 4:30am thinkin F%*K I missed it! After waiting not one not 2 but 3 weeks and a Batch coulnt stay up???? BOOOO… OK forward to about 9:30am sitting at my desk at work, iPad, Dre beats, and yes!! I was at work catching up on Scandal!! The thought of waiting until I got home from work wasn’t working for me. I was not about that life!
    So I’m watching and I’m at the scene when Liv and the POTUS are in the hospital room and he said “Do you still love me??? I DIED!! I was like get your MAN Liv!!! Kinda forgot that I was at work but whatevers… Now Huck?? I was sad, shed a tear (or two) and just couldn’t stand to see him so broken up!!! 7:52 7:52 iCant!!! I’mma need this season to end with Huck reuniting with his family!!! Now lets talk about Millie… Can someone please tell her AGAIN that he is just not that into her!!! I am so over her and her demands. Can we say baby momma drama :) ok I’m wrong but who cares #TeamLiv

    • Shannon

      StephyHugz, ‘a Batch coulnt stay up????’ LMAO! OMG, you are the best. So glad you got to watch it– this was such an important episode!

      I would LOSE my mind if Huck somehow reunited with his family. I’d lose it. But Shonda Rhimes is sooo not about that ‘happy ending’ life sometimes, so I don’t know if we should get our hopes up.

      As far as Olitz– I love them. You know I do. But this roller coaster ride has got to stop some day… right? Right?!

  • Fifi4life

    Holla if you here me!!! Funky Dineva is a mess, lol.

    I just wanted to give Huck a hug the entire episode, I just felt for him soooo much. My poor killer baby.

    When Liv told Fitz about treating her like a whore, literally, and then trying to crawl back, I screamed, ” You tell him Liv!!!!” at my tv. I’ve been hating on Fitz since he made that comment about inability to control himself a few episodes back.

    This albatross storyline is just crazy now. So Charlie works for the same group that Huck used to work for? I thought he had gone solo? So he basically works them and does jobs for Cyrus on the side? Are they the “good guys” trying to find albatross too? So many questions, much confusion.

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life, ‘My poor killer baby’– LMAO! I know right?! I never in a million years thought I’d fall in love with a character like Huck, but Shonda Rhimes is sooo good at her job!

      I’m gonna make it my mission next episode to really start trying to put this albatross thing together; I feel like all the connections are gonna blow us away.

  • Whit


    I’ve been waiting for our reunion!

    I agree times infinity with everything you said. I’m just worried about the whole Cyrus thing, I mean this is the man that ordered a hit on his husband I don’t think anyone is safe in his eyes.

    • Shannon

      Whit, I always forget that Cyrus did that ish! Thank you, and yes, he cannot really be trusted. Even if he called the hit off, you have to believe that he made an except for his husband, but everyone else is fair game.

  • Thomas

    Shannon, you so brighten my day with these recaps. And I’m SO HAPPY that you love Scandal and Revenge as much as I do. What roller coasters of emotions!!

    I watched this episode with my Dad and while the torture scenes were hella awkward with him, he was so into the entire episode, asking questions so we had to pause the DVR and I loved educating him about the Gladiators but I so just wanted to watch in peace haha.

    I’m also mildly tired of the back-and -forth with Fitz and Liv but I liked that Liv was strong and pulled away. I think Fitz thought he could just say some words and get her to be his mistress again without any complications. I loved these two but I’m totally on Mellie’s side too. I LOVE when she gets to vindictive and show just how ballsy she is.

    Super sweet moments with each of the Gladiators and Huck. You can tell how much they love each other and are there for each other.

    I really really want to meet Mellie & Fitz’s other children. I mean why haven’t we seen them, especially when their father was shot?!

    I love the narrative arc this season has taken, and like you Shannon, like that we are creating a whole narrative piece instead of just a thrill ride. I can’t wait for next Thursday ’cause there’s only two new episodes until the finale. Then Imma die inside til September.

    • Shannon

      Thomas, ‘Then Imma die inside til September’– OMG. Please. Don’t get me started. And you know Shonda’s gonna end the season with some ISH. Sigh. It’s gonna be difficult but we’ll find ways to get through, lol :)

  • PandoMan

    I need a drink! No, seriously I need a drink. I just finished watching. Literally just finished. My DVR is still asking me if I want to delete this episode! The next time you speak to Shonda Rhimes please inform her to take it easy on us after such a long break. I mean damn! I loved and hated this episode left, right and center! My heart BROKE! when ever Huck was on screen! I can’t even handle it! I need more of Huck and his family! I’m so scared now everytime they show up they might get killed off! Damn it! I need a drink!

  • nicole

    you weren’t alone with the tears Shannon, i had a couple fall lol! the life of Huck just breaks my heart. he had a kid! but now the whole ‘watching a family through living room windows’ makes complete sense. it kind of shows deeeeep down, he knew.

    im kind of happy how Fitz’s love life is turning out, he wanted his cake & to eat it too and that never works. i had a total ‘you go girl’ moment for Liv when she stood her ground (even if its only for one episode). Mr President got a real eye opener.

    i cant wait to see how this Cyrus/Jake/Charlie/million other people story line plays out.

  • EAW

    Ok Shannon, You are everything. I was really nervous to read this recap, because I realized this week and I was really over this Olivia/Fitz thing, they are pissing me off, and I felt like I was sort of weirdly betraying them and you by feeling that way? Haha. But then I came here and read that you are also feeling a bit seasick (great analogy) and can understand where Mellie is coming from – me too! Phew! Praise Shonda!

    Also DEAD at this line “If I ever see Guillermo Diaz in public I’m going to hug him so effing hard, and it’s probably gonna be weird for both of us, but damn!” I will join this hug!