‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Is A Wreck, Following Her Heroin Arrest


I know, I know. ‘Jenelle Evans Is A Wreck’ is probably the most obvious thing I’ve written… ever. But for some reason, I was surprised to learn that earlier this week Jenelle was busted for heroin possession and assault. We’ve been following another Teen Mom star recently (Farrah Abraham… and her porno madness) but the last time I covered anything on Jenelle was when she was reportedly pregnant with her second child. She later came forward and said she’d miscarried. Now Jenelle’s back to making headlines, and it’s not a good thing. Click inside for more.

E! reported about the arrest on Tuesday:


The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested today [Tuesday] for alleged heroin possession, possession of paraphenalia and simple assault on husband Courtland Rogers, Evans’ attorney, Dustin R.T. Sullivan, confirms to E! News.

Rogers was also arrested by North Carolina’s Caswell Beach Police Department on suspicion of heroin possession and simple assault on Evans, according to Sullivan.

Evans is currently in custody pending a $10,000 bond for the possession charge and another $10,000 for the assault, but Sullivan said he will try to have her out of jail by later today.
Rogers’ bond on the possession count was $20,000, Sullivan said.

Evans was “very upset. She was crying in court,” he exclusively told E! News. “This just happened. She was in bad shape.”

The oft-in-trouble 21-year-old tweeted just this morning to an inquiring fan: “@LindsayNYC I’m doing great. Eating healthy. My weight is back to normal. I take Multivitamins daily and melatonin at night and I’m SOBER.”

UPDATE: Evans was released on bond later Tuesday.

So I’m gonna go ahead and assume she lied about the ‘SOBER’ part there. Honestly, this is really sad. I always thought of Jenelle as a pothead, but this is on a whole ‘nother level.

TMZ is now reporting that she’s been thrown out of her house; she was living with her husband’s mom, came home from jail and started cussing her out so the mom told her to bounce.

This story is just all bad. It’s not even like Farrah’s ish where I could at least crack a joke or two (or three). It’s just sad. I really hope Jenelle starts getting help. I mean, she’s been needed help, but this is just the worst. I’m assuming her mom is still caring for her son while all this is going on, but if she’s ever going to be a mom, she’s gonna have to deal with this drug problem first.


  • loveless

    You’re such a stickler about spelling. You’ve misspelled heroin in the headline and the tweet.

    Comment on the story: Sadness all around.

    • Shannon

      loveless, thank you! Well, if I had to misspell something, I’m glad it was ‘heroin.’

  • Iris B

    I feel for these girls. I honestly believe Teen Moms should be cancelled when they’re stars are getting into massive amounts of trouble or stupidity (Farah.)

  • Serenity

    I think there’s a difference between stupidity-in-control (Farrah shopping her tape), and downward spiral (Jenelle). We can laugh at the first one because nobody’s really in immediate danger, but drug abuse? That’s a whole other beast.

  • Vicky

    I wonder if the drugs are what caused her to lose her baby. It’s probably for the best sadly, she’s not a good mother, she can’t even take care of her pathetic self.

  • Dezden

    My friend and I are TM viewers, and she texted me saying Jenelle needs to go the Amber route and actually spend time in jail and in some type of program there. I’m starting to think that would be the safest option for all involved.

  • apriljan

    Hold up. She’s married to a man named Courtland Rogers?! Courtland. Court. Land. I can’t get over that name. Shows how much I haven’t been watching TM2.

    Here’s hoping she wakes the eff up and realizes that she’s a MOTHER. Good luck to her.