Selena Gomez Rocks A Trenchcoat And A Bindi To ‘The Late Show With David Letterman’


As we know, Selena Gomez has become quite the fashionista over the past year. I’ve loved practically all of her red carpet looks, and with her new single Come And Get It blowing up like cray, the actress appears to be trying out a new look. Selena was spotted on her to the The Late Show With David Letterman rocking a sexy black trenchcoat, gladiator boots, and a bindi. Well, everyone’s calling it a bindi, and I guess it is.. it’s just really hard for me to completely divorce that symbol from its religious and cultural meaning. But Selena rocked one during her MTV Movie Awards performance and I guess it makes sense, given the style and musical influence on the new track. I’m not sure I’d wear one, but I know she’s not the first celebrity (or non-celebrity) to wear it as a fun fashion statement of sorts, so okay. Whatever works, lol. Peep the gallery for more! As usual, Selena looked fab.

[Photo Credit: Fame/Splash]

  • ClaireMichelle

    I want this coat so hard.

    • Lulu

      I’d want it if I knew I’d look that smokin in it! lol. Sadly, I would not. :p

      I’d love her so much more if she’s just drop Bieber and find someone older/more mature. ah well.

  • Joan

    I’m with you on this, Shannon. I LOVE everything about this. Everything, except for the bindi. I read she got some flack from fans and the Universal Society of Hinduism.

    Selena addressed the issue on a radio interview and said: “I think the song has that Hindu, tribal feel and I wanted to translate that. I’ve been learning about my chakra and bindis and the culture — it’s beautiful.”

    So…I guess she thinks that makes it OK. LOL! Still love her look, though.

    • Tee

      What in the world is a “Hindu, tribal feel”?? Is she saying Hinduism is synonymous with tribes? Well informed, Selena Gomez, well informed.

  • janaegal

    HOw very Gwen Stefani circa 2001

  • Krissy

    Love the coat…but that is an obscene amount of hair on her head. Lay off the extensions, you are too petite and they are overwhelming you!

  • nicole

    her closet is definitely one i would love to raid.