Here Are 20 Throwback Reggae Songs That You Better Start Dutty Wining To Right Now


Y’all may have noticed that I had to skip Throwback Thursday last week and this is why. This list is the reason why. I knew it was time to finally do the Throwback reggae post I’d been working on with PITNBr Emily (who used to be a reggae DJ, and who now makes fancy purses… because she is awesome), and I knew once I started working on it, it would dominate my entire life/day. And it has. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make your two children lunch while trying to dutty wine to Mr. Vegas’s Hot Wuk? Actually, it’s not hard at all. It’s effing awesome. But then after lunch I had to bring my laptop to the bathroom ’cause I couldn’t hear Beenie Man while I was in there flat-ironing my hair, and it was just total madness trying not to burn myself or knock my two-year old in the face with my booty while I tried to get ready. LMAO, omg this list is the best, I’m sorry. It just is. And if any of you DARE listen to these songs while, like, sitting still OMG do NOT talk to me! My son’s on my lap and I’m lit’rally rocking him to sleep listening to song number 5. Yeah, you better effing click inside so you can figure out what song number 5 is. Hint: It is EVERYTHING.

20 Throwback Reggae Songs That You Better Start Dutty Wining To Right Now, Part One (Because We’re Gonna Need A Part Two Next Week)


1. Tony Matterhorn, Dutty Wine


This is one of those songs that I forget that I’m obsessed with until it comes on and I start losing my mind. Kinda like I’m losing my mind right now. Like I said, anybody not standing up or at least sitting down and gyrating the EFF out of their hips, we are not even cool right now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Back it up/Back it up/Back it up

2. Beenie Man, Dude featuring Ms. Thing and Shawna


If you think this is the only Beenie Man song on the list, you’ve lost your damn mind. But we’re gonna start with this one, ’cause y’all are not ready for King Of The Dancehall yet. Let’s pace ourselves here, lmao! Um, about these lyrics. Yes. I identify. I DO want a dude with the wickedest slam. And I DO want a dude who will do me in his van… what?! OMG, and can we please bring Shawna back?! WTF?!

3. Bob Marley, Stir It Up


Okay, you’re allowed to stop dutty wining for a second… or at least modify it a little bit so that it’s appropriate for this song. I don’t really know what else to say about this other than maybe… Bow down? Oh, and I also agree with the person on YouTube who wrote, ‘I think Bob Marley’s videos shouldn’t have dislike button.‘ Seriously.

4. Admiral Bailey, Gimme Punanny


Yes, we are going to listen to Gimme Punanny after listening to Bob Marley. Judge me if you will, but this is what it is. Mad shouts-out to PITNBr Emily (she really did put together this whole thing) because I had completely forgotten about this horribly dirty song that I hope to never hear my sons singing ever. In life. Ever. But yeah, no. I love it!

5. Sister Nancy, Bam Bam

Uh, yeah. I first heard this song when I was watching Belly. You gonna judge me? Or are you gonna just enjoy the most perfect song in the history of music? And yes, I also always thought she was saying ‘What a bum bum.’ Ridiculous.

Don’t even bother clicking over to the next page for more. You’re. Not. Ready. Don’t even do it to yourself. Listen to Bam Bam a few more times and just, like, mentally prepare yourself or something.

  • Alecia

    Throwback abs!! LOL, I’m so glad Throwback Thursday is back in effect. I love Bob Marley’s music and this is more inspiration for me to buy more of it. But Sean Paul back in the early 00s was killin.’ I know he’s tried to come back in the states but it didn’t work. Beyonce’ could have done him a solid on the Halftime show but oh well.

    • Shannon

      Alecia, ‘Beyonce’ could have done him a solid on the Halftime show’– LOL! I KNOW, right? Someday, someday.

      And thank you for mentioning the Throwback Abs. Wanna make sure everyone sees those sooo… yeah :)

  • nicole

    this throwback list is EVERYTHING! with the nice weather coming, i’ve been listening to a lot of reggae.
    and Shannon, you look fantastic in that picture!

    • Shannon

      nicole, THANK you! And it’s funny you mention the weather– I think that’s what might have gotten me amped up to do the list.

  • Brittany

    This list is bananas!!! I love reggae music if I was home by myself I would be turned up right now. *runs and adds songs to youtube playlist* :)

    • Shannon

      Brittany, glad you’re enjoying… and get home soon!

  • rOXy

    Wow. Just Wow in so many ways. You and Emily should win an award of some kind. This is one of the best lists EVER anywhere in the universe. Hearing these songs takes me back to the surf, sand, suntan oil, sea breezes, sea gulls, and severe sun burns. There used to be a college station DJ by the name of Ray Redee and he would spin all reggae all the time all summer long. And, damn, those throwback abs are like, MAJOR.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, so glad you enjoyed Part One! I love all the Throwback lists, but honestly… you’re right– ‘This is one of the best lists EVER anywhere in the universe.’ LMAO! I’ve been listening to it ALL DAY, and I refuse to stop. And Emily really deserves so much love. The list she sent me had, like, 52 songs on there and I’m still working me way through it.

    • rOXy

      Oh, and I forgot to say earlier, but on vid #6 Mr. Vegas – Hot Wuk, the 1 minute mark, I totally thought they were breaking out the Harlem Shake. Can’t wait for Part 2.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, ‘ I totally thought they were breaking out the Harlem Shake’ LMAO! You could tell ish was about to get real, right? OMG… I’m watching it again and this lit’rally has to be one of my all-time fave videos ever. Madness.

  • Michelle

    Love this! One of my faves is Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers. Also love Everyone Falls In Love Sometimes by Tanto Metro & Devonte.

    • Shannon

      Michelle, BOTH of those are on my list for part two of Throwback Thursday’s Reggae edition. It’s gonna be another good time :)

    • emily

      @Michelle – great choices! I can’t even tell you how many times I listened to Murder She Wrote. Hella addictive.

  • samwheat

    Love the list but #20 isn’t Lady Saw and Buju. It’s actually Terror Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland. Still I love this song!

    • Shannon

      samwheat, LMAO! That, actually, makes so much sense… I thought Lady Saw sounded really different, lol. Thank YOU! I found the real video, too :)

  • DC

    omg LOVE all of these songs .. good job Shannon !

    • Shannon

      DC, thank you! So glad y’all are having as much fun as I did :)

  • YoursTruly

    ~WOW! This post is every party in middle school, high school and college!!! And that picture is why we have only been to that parade once! lol!

    • Shannon

      YoursTruly, LOL! No, the world could not have survived another trip to Brooklyn for the parade. Plus, my abs looked reallly different the following summer ;)

  • emily

    Emily the list contributor here … Shannon, you are a goddess for working your way through this list and adding some VERY FINE selections. I just love how happy reggae makes people, and with the sun shining and birds chirping reggae fits the mood so perfectly. I pretty much listen to hip hop during cold months and reggae during warm months, lol. This is giving me some good memories of my reggae DJ days and shout outs to anyone who says, “It wasn’t me” JUST LIKE SHAGGY in everyday conversation.
    (oh and Shannon – YOUR ABS! The absolute best part of this post. You’re a bada$$ with your sick tummy and large snake.)

    • Shannon

      Emily!!! You are the goddess and you better know it– you put in so much work, I love it!

      But please, please. Stop drawing attention to my AMAZING THROWBACK ABS ON THE THIRD PAGE. Okay? I’m starting to get embarrassed. I just don’t want everyone making a big deal of my AWESOME 2007 ABS or anything like that. KthanksLUVYOU!

  • Fifi4life


    I love you girl, but I’m horrified that there are no Shabba Ranks videos on this list.

    ting a ling a ling
    Mr. Loverman?????????????????

    I’m just going to crawl into the corner and pout now :))

    • Fifi4life

      I’m an island girl and growing up back home Shabba was the business.

      Loved the rest of the list though!

    • Shannon

      Fifi4life, LOL! We are doing Part 2 next week. I promise you some SHA-BBA!

    • Fifi4life

      LOl, great!! I’ll make sure to oil up my waist line in preparation:)

  • Sam

    K, as soon as I saw Sean Paul and those proud Jamaican boobies, I kind of dropped everything and put on some booty shorts, cuz I knew where it was heading….SHANNON I LOVE THIS LIST!!

    • Shannon

      Sam, ‘I kind of dropped everything and put on some booty shorts’ LMAO! Thank you! That’s all I wanted someone to do– I’ve now done my work for god and country :)

  • Jessica

    This is beyond amazing! That is all I can say right now as I am too busy dancing to focus my attention.

  • Sofia

    this is the best throwback list everrr. especially since action is on it which was my favorite song when i was 4.

    the best was that i couldn’t understand half of what most reggae songs were saying so my parents didn’t give a shit that their kid was listening to songs containing words like punanny. which actually makes me question their parenting skills because they were born and raised in the west indies so they damn sure knew what was being said…

  • gem

    wheres collie buddz in this list???

  • Krystal

    I think this should be made into a youtube playlist, if it isnt already. This is WOW!!!!

  • Aid

    This list is mostly crap, half of it ain’t reggae music….

  • Lucius

    my list would chop dem one by one… *spoiler

  • Lucius

    chop dem two by two

  • julia

    Wow, thank you for such an awesome list. Hilarious commentary. Well played, lady… although, you already knew that.

  • 2Dread

    I don’t need to right now, to dutty whine
    I rule my my choice and choose my time

    Unless My chosen, Chooses me first
    Not because it’s in a blog or it’s placed in a verse.