Britney Spears Gets A NEWER Dog For Her Family


Back in November we learned that our dear Britney Spears procured a new puppy named Hannah for her family. Since that time, Hannah Spears has become a little celeb in her own right … she boasts a Twitter profile that has over 48,000 followers. Damn. Over the weekend, yesterday Hannah tweeted the news that Britney procured another pet pooch for her family. Click below to see photos of Britney, her youngest son Jayden James and “Hannah’s little sister” lookin’ CUTE over the weekend.

‏@hannahspears Mommy and my little sister looked so pretty yesterday! Woof!

At this point, it’s unknown if this new pooch is actually related to Hannah or she is merely an adopted little sister … but she sure is cute. We also don’t know the dog’s name yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if this little dog ends up with a Twitter account of her own. Just when you thought it was impossible for Britney Spears’s cute family to get any cuter … it goes and gets cuter.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Kittipong Jitnarong


    BTW She looks fab!

  • Ariel Echeverria

    how many dogs does she have now? 5? or what happened to all the other dogs?

    • @Ariel Echeverria — I believe she has 2. Not sure what happened to the dogs she had in years previous.

    • Dezden

      Yeah! What happened to Bit Bit and all those other accessory dogs?!

    • @Dezden — I’m guessing Bit Bit went Bye Bye

  • shannon from MN

    I don’t understand why so many celebrities get puppies on impulse from pet stores. Those places are fronts for the incredibly cruel puppy-mill breeders. Why can’t they adopt through shelters or rescue groups more often? If Britney’s puppy is a rescue she would do a huge service by saying so.