‘So What Had Happened Was…’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


For many of our friends, family, and fellow PITNBrs in Boston, this was the week of suck. I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to be in Boston during the manhunt– and subsequent city lockdown– for the Boston marathon bombing suspects. I want to start this week’s round-up by thanking all of y’all who came through and shared comments, information, and reliable news sources with PITNB: Shavonne, AmandaMarie, Lauren xx, Emily, Lindsay, Tania Quinn, kmw9260, all shared comments, info, and personal stories regarding the events. We love you all and we thank you– same to all those readers who weighed in with messages of support, and those who didn’t comment but are always a part of this crew. I’m always, always proud to be a part of such an awesome community :) So let’s celebrate more of the awesomeness, inside!

PITNBr James had me cracking up with this rant he posted when we saw Carey Mulligan posing for Vogue as Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. I especially like how he starts by asking for permission to rant first. I also love his use of the eternally hilarious phrase ‘what had happened was,’ and I love that he references actual scientists to support his theory that Blake Lively can do no wrong, and shoulda been Daisy:

Can I go on my Daisy casting rant? OK, good. So what had happened was back when it was first known Leo would be playing Gatsby in the adaptation, he started dating Blake Lively. Everyone thought that meant she would be playing Daisy, since they were seen together so often, and she even had lunch with the director several times. I was so pumped, because I love Blake Lively, and this is one of my all-time favorite books. After an intense scientific investigation, the world’s top minds have been unable to discover a single flaw in her. In my heart and soul I just think she would have been better. I mean, Daisy=Serena van der Woodsen with a worse closet, less drugs and a worse taste in men TBH. SHe just plays tragic and beautiful and rich so perfectly. But I like Carey. I’ve always found her a little boring, but I’m sure she’ll do, in lieu of the immaculate Blake. I’m sure Leo just knew he’d be heartbroken seeing her on set everyday.

PITNBr Kate shared pretty much everyone’s thoughts on one of the biggest stories of the week– the Justin Bieber/Anne Frank debacle. Now we still don’t know whether or not Anne Frank would have been a Belieber… you know… if she’d been born in 1998 instead of before the Holocaust, but we do know that Justin really knows how to make everything (like, everything) about himself:

I’m so glad that, while visiting an important historical monument centered around one of the most horrific times in history, he was able to find time to think about himself.

PITNBr Shannon is seriously over Amanda Bynes after the former actress/current trainwreck referenced an ‘ugly Asain editor’ over at US Weekly magazine:

I was trying to be supportive of her after alllllll the negative things that’s been everywhere but “white girl” this ugly Asian thinks you done lost your damn mind

PITNBr Virginia Jewett made an excellent anatomical point about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. None of us could figure out why Farrah was saying her porn co-star James Deen had a small… situation. But Virginia Jewett might have nailed it:

I’m sorry, but she thinks he has a small penis? Have you seen the size of his wang? I mean, DAYUM. If she thinks it’s small my only question is… How effing big is her vajayjay?

Shouts-out to PITNBr sarahliciousisdelicious, who made a similar point on a different Farrah Abraham post (and yes, there were many this week).

PITNBr Gillian, what’s wrong? You know likey Beyoncé‘s nipple costume? LMAO:

Ugh!!! Did she let her mother design the glitter nipple fiesta number? Who ever designed it needs to have their bedazzling privileges revoked. Permanently.

Wait, but the best part about Bey’s bedazzled boobs was this interaction between PITNBr bill, who came on to defend the costume choice, and PITNBr Emily, who knows the true identity of PITNBr bill:


To All and Sundry:
The first costume shown, from experience, does not show nearly as effectively except under stage lighting.


Tina Knowles? Oh hey girl, welcome to the site. We understand those are costumes, they are just not your best work.

PITNBr Martha had the same feelings I had about that sorority girl’s email, which was almost the perfect rant-gone-viral. Almost:

Oh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I was totally and completely on your side until you busted out that homophobic slur. It was a really low and disgraceful note in an utterly fabulous email.

That e-mail was one of my favorite stories of the week (I mean, she invented everyone’s new favorite phrase– ‘cunt punt’), but I also wanna shouts-out the PITNBrs who shared stories about their understanding of Greek life; we even had a few readers who graduated from the same school as the young woman. Ashley, Erica Croce, Vanessa, and EAW thanks for weighing in.

PITNBr Sheens wrote something that I think will stay with me… probably forever. When PITNBr rOXy first learned of the Boston marathon bombings she wrote, ‘Evil never sleeps.’ To which Sheens replied:

Evil might never sleep but it is always defeated and it was defeated the second that people ran towards those blasts to help others.

As always, thanks to all of you for another great week! I’m secretly glad that we have one more Revenge-less week because I’ve vowed to spend tonight taking care of home (the laundry situation is… awkward), and washing and combing the curliest, thickest, beautifulest hair in the world (shouts-out to my lil’ ones). Nobody call me!

  • rOXy

    James: “After an intense scientific investigation, the world’s top minds have been unable to discover a single flaw in her. ” ….That is the essence of awesome in a single sentence.

    And. OMG. The Boston tragedy completely spun me out of control. After the initial stunned numbness wore off, I am sure I’m not the only one who was overwhelmed with a range of emotions. Sadness, Grief, Fear, Anger, Loathing. Outrage and many more. Sheens rescued me. I was starting to fizz like diet coke and mentos.

    Have a great evening, Shannon.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, Sheens saves all, right? And if you hadn’t commented, we wouldn’t have gotten that little gem to hold on to. Much love rOXy!

    • Sheens

      So many times I’ve been dismayed about something I’m reading and a single line from someone has pulled me together, especially so with the amazing community of people that gather here. I’m glad that something I said could help you in that same way. (“,)

    • Shannon

      Sheens, you nailed it with your comment. Thanks so much for that :)

  • Lauren xx

    I’m glad to BE a part of such an awesome community. I thank Trent, Shannon, and everyone who comments here for the support, and the usual pop culture distraction that was so greatly needed this week.

    rOXy hits that range of emotions on the head, I’m still spinning and a lot numb. People in and from the Boston area are a strong and scrappy breed and it will take time, but we will get through it and be stronger than ever.

    • Shannon

      Lauren xx, ‘a strong and scrappy breed’ indeed! Truly hoping this is a good week of all of y’all.

  • Iris B

    I’ve seen other forums and sites fans and always been afraid to comment due to me being a bit awkward, lol, but you know, this place is home. I love all the readers because they crack me the hell up, and I love Trent and Shannon.

    Seeing all the Boston comments especially makes me happy about this website. It’s all love. Everyone on here is awesome.

    Just wanted to say it.

    • Shannon

      Iris B, ‘Everyone on here is awesome.’ Yeah, pretty much!

    • supercute

      I agree, best group of people on the internet, as well as some of the funniest. Also, I’m assuming, the most attractive. ;)

  • James

    I just had to let it be known that upon telling my sister that I was featured on this post, she asked me with a straight face if I could use this on a resume. That’s great.
    Honestly I love this site. You see so many blogs where the comments are about how stupid the writer is, and how much everyone hates everyone. There really is such a sense of mutual respect on here, which is so unique. Everyone here is so great and it really is a community.

    • James

      Side note; amazing photo of Blake. God Ryan Reynolds is lucky. Flawless Blake Lively is flawless.

    • Shannon

      James, your sister FTW! Now I’m not sure about the resume bit, but I feel like you can absolutely find a way to casually work this moment into any future interviews, lol.

      Anyway, you know it took me FOREVER to decide on the perfect Blake photo for you (there are so, so many), so I’m glad you approve!

  • ClaireMichelle

    I have to say that I am already a big Blake Lively fan (particularly Blake Lively on the red carpet) but after reading James’ comment I am somehow an even bigger fan and I feel like I need to be obsessed with her a little bit?! Bravo, James!

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, I agree– James’s fandom (standom?) is infectious, lol!

  • Krissy

    I love your endearing take on Blake, but can I make the counter argument? Blake Lively would have been horrible for Daisy! Yes, she might wear clothing well, but Daisy needs to be able to act! Blake’s “acting” style is stuck in this century. She mumbles far too much to be able to handle 1920 dialogue. In the screen test photo of Carey, you can see why she got the role. She looks so fragile and her face says so much. She was nominated for an Oscar for a reason. :)

    • Shannon

      Krissy, for the record I think the studio made a great choice. Carey Mulligan is something else and I didn’t really see Blake for the role (shhh… don’t tell James). But James’s rant was so awesome, I just had to share, even if I ultimately (secretly) think Carey deserves the role.

    • Krissy

      James rant was so awesome! I was nearly converted myself by his post! :)

  • Rebecca

    Trent & Shannon –
    Thank you for making such a “real” space for us to gather in fun times and in scary times. It makes such a difference to know you are here and we can be ourselves.

  • Shannon

    Trent I have always adored you and your blog! I love your honesty and the genuine insight into your life and now that my name homie Shannon is here it’s actually even better! Keep up the awesome work you two! And holler at me for my 2nd shout out!

  • EAW

    A+ comments by everybody this week!