Reese Witherspoon & Hubby Jim Toth Busted In Atlanta! UPDATE: Now With Mugshots & Statement!!


Crazy news coming out of Atlanta, GA today … it turns out that both Reese Witherspoon and her new husband Jim Toth were BOTH arrested early Friday morning!! The couple were pulled over by police due to Jim’s suspicious driving and then all Hell broke loose. Jim was busted on charges of Driving Under the Influence and, reportedly, Reese flipped out on the cops so bad that she got her ass arrested for Disorderly Conduct. Both Reese and Jim were taken into custody and booked before they were released on bond at approximately 3:30 AM Friday morning. Wow. Click below to learn all the reported deets of this very surprising double arrest.

Reese Witherspoon and her husband, CAA agent James Toth, were arrested and briefly jailed early Friday morning in Atlanta, Ga., after he was pulled over under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, confirmed an official at the city’s Dept. of Corrections. While Toth is facing a DUI charge after driving in the wrong lane, Witherspoon was also arrested on a disorderly conduct charge according to a police report obtained by Variety. She was handcuffed after disobeying repeated instruction from the arresting officer, with whom she verbally sparred, to stay inside the vehicle. The couple was released on bond at approximately 3:30 a.m. ET on Friday. CAA, which employs Toth and represents Witherspoon, and her publicist, Meredith O’Sullivan Wasson, declined comment. A court appearance is scheduled for Monday at 8 a.m. in Atlanta Municipal Court, but Witherspoon and Toth aren’t expected to appear, according to sources. Their attorney is expected to request that court date be postponed. Witherspoon, 37, was with Toth, 42, in Atlanta shooting indie drama “The Good Lie.” Production on the film was not interrupted by the arrests, according to sources … Toth was pulled over after midnight Friday driving a silver 2013 Ford Focus, which the officer witnessed weaving across a double line on Atlanta’s Peachtree St. Toth appeared disheveled and his breath smelled of alcohol, according to the police report, prompting the officer to administer a sobriety test. As Toth walked in the Walgreens parking lot where the officer instructed him to pull over to, Witherspoon became increasingly agitated from the vehicle, which prompted the officer to warn her to stay in the car for the sake of her own safety. “Mrs. Witherspoon began to hang out the window and say that she did not believe that I was a real police officer,” according to the police report. “I told Mrs. Witherspoon to sit on her butt and be quiet.”


Once Toth was placed under arrest, Witherspoon exited the vehicle and was instructed to get back in the car. According to the report, she “stated that she was a ‘US citizen’ and that she was allowed to ‘stand on American ground.’” The officer then detailed how she resisted as he grabbed her arms to arrest as Toth attempted to calm her down. As the report details, “Mrs. Witherspoon asked, “Do you know my name?” I answered, “No, I don’t need to know your name.” I then added, “right now.” Mrs. Witherspoon stated, “You’re about to find out who I am.” The report also specified, “Mrs. Witherspoon also stated, ‘You are going to be on national news.’ I advised Mrs. Witherspoon that was fine.” Though he told an officer he had only a single drink hours earlier, Toth blew a .139 on a Breathalyzer test administered at the scene. He also is facing a second charge for failure to maintain a lane while driving. Witherspoon’s alleged violation, which is specified on the police report as “disorderly conduct (obstruction),” is a local municipal ordinance.

HMMM … well, this is mere speculation on my part but because Reese’s behavior sounds so out of the ordinary I’d venture a guess that she was intoxicated as well. I find it silly that celebrities think they can intimidate authorities because of their fame. Threatening a police officer with national fame has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Wow. Welp, I guess this goes to show that Reese and Jim like doing things together so much that they’d even go so far as to get arrested together as well. DUI busts are so not cool, it’s a shame that Reese can’t see that … even if it does involve her husband. Instead of attacking police, maybe Reese should’ve found alternate transportation so that Jim didn’t put other people’s lives in danger by drunk driving … that is, if he is guilty of this charge. This is so disappointing.

UPDATE: TMZ comes thru in record time with the mugshots for both Reese Witherspoon

… and her husband Jim Toth:

I’m still stunned, aren’t you?

UPDATE 2: Reese Witherspoon has issued an official statement regarding her arrest:

Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say, I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that is no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I’m very sorry for my behavior.

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  • Alecia

    Never would I thought I’d hear the words Reese Witherspoon arrested. But on that note, I think she’s more like the character in Sweet Home Alabama than we thought. Now if we can get a mad Reese gif, we’d be all set.

  • nicole

    Resse? i just cant believe it. and the fact that she pulled the “do you know who i am card”? wow. lol

  • janaegal

    i find her drunkenly acting out in defense of her man equally annoying and endearing. But for f*cks sake, hire a driver rich people!! Give someone an easy job and save lives! It’s a win-win for everyone!

    • Brandyjk

      Agreed! 100%!!

    • janaegal

      I actually think her statement is the best possible statement, even if it was maybe done by her publicist. She admits how embarrassing it is, she apologizes to the officer and she takes responsibility for her actions and words. it’s pretty ideal as far as statements go. Ok, fine, I suppose I can stop hating on her.

  • Nick

    Oh puhleeze! Reese was obviously 3 sheets to the wind, if I were an intoxicated celebrity I’d probably be chewing out dumb hick cops too… But I second janaegal. Bitch is rich; hire a personal driver.

  • Meghan

    Wow. All respect for Reese lost. Can’t believe she pulled that shit. Ugh….the I’m rich and entitled act is a real douche move.

  • Joan

    Oh snap, she tried to pull the fame card! Never imagined Reese doing trying to pull that (drunken) trick. Disappointing indeed.

  • Vicky

    She’s human… honestly. I don’t condone driving drunk AT ALL, though. Get a driver, don’t be stupid. But she’s a good person and people shouldn’t be so quick to through her under the bus.

  • Karen

    I hate drunk drivers and the people who enable them.

    Reese’s comment about not believing the cop was a real officer and her line about citizenship and American ground makes me wonder if there was also a race issue involved.

    Glad he was arrested before harming anyone. Hope this experience prevents them from making the same choice again. Maybe they’ve since noticed that the 3 Doors Down bassist killed someone driving drunk in Nashville that same night.

    • Rus

      I did wonder about the being American thing too and whether she has a race issue… would not surprise me anymore.

    • Krissy

      I think the American thing was that she wasn’t the one driving and she thought that she wasn’t committing a crime by standing outside of her car to observe. He was telling her to get back, and she was trying to justify her standing outside of her car by saying that she was within her legal right to stand in the Walgreens parking lot. Where did you get race out of that?

    • Andrea

      I agree with you Krissy, I don’t know where the race issue is coming from. When I read that she was questioning whether the person was a real cop, I thought it might be related to paparazzi or something of the sort.

      I also don’t see her pulling out her celebrity card by asking if the officer knew who she was. She was being honest–this is going to be national news. Nothing that I have read has come out that she was using her name in the sense of “don’t do this because I am a celebrity…” But what do I know, I was not there.

      I also agree with the user who mentioned that her statement was probably one of the best possible statements. It is nice to see some personal accountability out there.

      All this aside, it is hard to hear these two were being so irresponsible on the road. Thank goodness a cop did pull them over before someone was badly hurt!

  • rayoflightCOADF

    They can’t walk no line!

  • Miss Mellie

    If you think about Reese popping off at that cop in her Southern accent, it suddenly becomes hilarious. “Do you know who Ah ayum?” Seriously though, Drinking and driving is whack, kids.

  • Devonte Antonio

    …is no one going to point out that they were driving a Ford Focus?! I’m shocked and appalled…I mean, I’m currently driving a 2013 Ford Focus and it is very nice but don’t she got Walk The Line money? or at least some Legally Blonde money left?! What is really going on?!

    • Beth


    • lauren

      Bahahaha I noticed that right away too!

  • Jean

    I can’t believe it took that long for this to come out. Well there was important news on Friday. Obviously she was drunk but you can tell she thinks highly of herself because she being drunk u say your inner most thoughts

  • Rus

    I lost all respect for her. She thinks she can do stupid things and endanger lives like that and its OK because she’s a celebrity.. disgusting. She’s as crap as Lindsay Lohan in my books.

  • Tiffany

    Everyone acts like an ass sometimes, but can’t believe she pulled the “do you know who I am” crap. Drunk driving is unexceptable period, you both have the money get a damn sober driver.There is no excuse for what they did.

  • Luv’Ya

    From what I hear, Reese definitely has a drinking problem. And her husband has multiple substance problems. Together they are totally out of control. She’s denying her disorderly charges today at a screening of her film Mud. Sounds like she’s saying the arresting officer is lying. Taking that attitude will not improve her reputation.

  • Sad Reese

    I always thought Reese was kind of like Sandy Bullock. You know like a down to earth girl who didn’t let all her fame and success go to her head but now I think she to self entitled and thinks she better then everyone. The arrest was really nothing but she pulled the celebrity card out which is why I don’t think that highly of her anymore.

  • ausettofegypt

    Hmm, well, I must admit, this is a very good picture of Miss Reese. Always the movie star.

  • really??!!

    yeah, i’m sure you’re all sweet & nice when you’re shit-faced & someone goes after your sweety
    drunk removes filters, people, if it were a truth serum we wouldn’t need courts–we’d just make a person chug a 40 & get to the bottom of it
    can’t believe these idiot comments, like Reece knows what she’s saying when she’s clearly 3-sheets

  • lost in here

    I don’t condone drinking and driving, its just plain stupid and they have plenty of cash to hire a driver so no excuses for that stupidity. but a drunk and rowdy Reese Witherspoon seems like a hella lot of fun.

  • Your a fool

    So I ‘m guess your saying all that anti semitic stuff Mel Gibson said what just a joke then. I suppose you also believe Mel Gibson is a saint and thats not how he feel at all. Please give me a break, moron!

  • Ara

    I might get a lot of flack for this but I don’t like her even though I don’t even know her lol. I am aware her image screams sweetheart but I have always thought she was a little witchy. This story plus others I have read about her makes me think she has a sense of entitlement. I know Kevin Smith dislikes her and calls her Greasy Reese.

    • Gillian

      I agree with you. From reading her comments to the officer and to the media, I honestly think this isn’t the first time her and her husband willfully decided to drive drunk. Who gets into the car with someone who you’ve had to have seen drinking all night long? To me I think they thought it was no big deal, we’ve done it before! Hence the rage to being pulled over, thus causing them to get arrested. I agree, it was a scary situation. It became a scary situation the moment her and her husband got inside their car, and thought it was okay to drive drunk. Shame on them.

    • Ara

      Yeah its a shame that people don’t think twice before getting in that car, she has young kids one parent should be sober right? I know people make mistakes but a mistake has consequences and I can tell you from personal experience that one person’s drunken selfishness took away someone I loved dearly. She had to suffer and be in a coma for years before she passed. I don’t think people realize how big some mistakes can be.

  • Jamie

    I did read an article this morning saying she apologized for the things she said. Reese Witherspoon has always been one of my favorite actresses so I find this kind of disappointing. Why wouldn’t she have found alternate transportation if they were drunk? If not out of concern for themselves and other people driving but out of concern for their KIDS?

  • Britney’sBitch

    That’s kinda romantic. lol she got busted protecting her hubby hahahaha

  • Krissy

    From some versions I have read, the officer walked her husband away from their car and into a parking lot and that is why she got out of the car. I don’t think it is unusual to want to monitor how your hubby is being treated…but the officer should only have to tell you once to get back in the car.

    Some people are saying they don’t think she is a “good” person anymore. I don’t think you can judge someone’s character based on this alone. I think it is a horrible thing to drink and drive…but MANY kind and good people do commit this crime. As long as this is treated as a learning experience I don’t feel that anything has really changed.

    • Karen

      I think feeling entitled to special treatment because of being a celebrity does indicate some character issues. I do think it’s understandable to want to see what’s happening with one’s partner and, especially if you are also drunk, using poor judgment about that. But her trying to intimidate the cop into giving her special treatment reveals something unpleasant about her. I don’t actually think that means she’s 100% bad, but she’s not great.

      When it comes to drinking and driving, I totally disagree with your portrayal of the character issue. To me that’s like saying that many kind and good people beat their children. I think I felt this way before my family was shattered by a drunk driver, but it’s been long enough that I don’t fully remember how intensely I felt about it before then. All I can say is that a kind and good person does not choose to place innocent people in harm’s way, totally disregarding the value of their lives and well-being.

      The thing is, you make the decision to drive drunk *before* you are drunk. If you drove to a party/bar/whatever, you know if you choose to drink (beyond, for example, one drink in 1-2 hours, depending), you are choosing to drive drunk. Every adult knows her or his tolerance level, so it’s an informed choice. No excuses.

  • dee

    I have no sympathy for drunk drivers. None. Throw the book at them. My hubby`s parents were killed by a drunk driver when he was 12 yrs. old. He was also in the car and was shot out the back window, landed on his head and was not expected to live. Even now some 30 years later there are lasting effects from some asshole who thought he was invincible. They should count their blessings that cop stopped them before they did any damage other than bruising their ego. If you can afford to drink you can afford a frigging cab!