Seth MacFarlane Has Reportedly Been Asked To Host The Oscars Again


This year the Academy Awards show was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, and it ended being kind of a big deal. I was one of a few feminists (it seemed) who was totally fine with the work he did, and totally entertained by much of his schtick, including– but not limited to– the now infamous We Saw Your Boobs song. Of all the acts of misogyny in the world and in the media, I thought Seth’s hosting gig would have been the least of our concerns (and again, I didn’t find it misogynistic at all, though many people did). And bottom line for me, he was funny. He was entertaining! And lots of people got through the long-ass ceremony that is the Oscars because of him. Thus, I happily rejoice over the news that he’s being asked to come back and host again next year. Click inside for more!

Hit Fix has the deets:

Recently Academy president Hawk Koch made his mark on the 2014 Oscar ceremony, despite the fact that he’s only serving one year in the position and probably shouldn’t be making decisions on the next Academy Awards, by tapping producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron to come back on board. Citing a need to maintain “consistency,” Koch sang the producers’ praises, despite the production being criticized for tastelessness in many quarters.

If consistency is what they’re after then it only stands to reason that Zadan and Meron would like to bring host Seth MacFarlane back on board. But that’ll never happen, right? From the horse’s mouth, MacFarlane said “no way” when asked if he would ever back to emcee the show. Well, not so fast…

Just Jared is reporting that Zadan and Meron have already made an overture to MacFarlane. “After defending his performance, the producers reached out to Seth and invited him back to host the show again,” the outlet’s source says. “He’s not sure if he’s going to do it, but he has to decide within the next couple of weeks.”

Well, I’m totally into it. I understand Seth caught a lot of flack, but I’d love to see him come back and stir up some ish again (although I really don’t think that’s what he was trying to do).

Would you guys wanna see him take the Oscar stage again? And if not Seth, then who?

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  • Brenna

    I would love to see Seth do it again. I thought he did a great job!

  • Shannon

    I thought he was really funny and all the women who were pissed about his song… Why? It’s a true story, we totally saw your boobs!

  • Keely

    Looking back on it now, I find it a lot more amusing than I did at the time. I originally found the show to be very crude and awkward.
    Of course, I was watching the Oscars with my parents, so that might have had something to do with it.
    I prefer classier humor, but I’ll admit he can be amusing. And very charming when he wants to be. I’d watch if he hosts again.

  • Joan

    I loved We Saw Your Boobs. I mean, we DID saw them so…

  • Brenna

    By the way, Shannon, I am a feminist as well and I didn’t see anything wrong with the “Boobs” song. He was really making fun of himself with the way they set it up, not the women mentioned.

  • Steph

    Shannon, for the first time since you started, I find myself disagreeing with you and that saddens me… I was not offended at the we saw your boobs song (I found it more awkward than anything else), but I found Seth to be a very boring host. He didn’t get big laughs (mostly a few chuckles), and the most memorable moment was when Shatner interacted with him as Kirk. I didn’t think he was James Franco-bad, but I think they can do a lot better.

    • Shannon

      Steph, LOL! We’re disagreeing– it’s okay! We def had a different experience with the Oscars although I agree with this: ‘He didn’t get big laughs (mostly a few chuckles)…’ That’s true, but I had a good time. Hopefully he’ll pick it up next year for you ;)