Watch: Ryan Lochte Makes A News Anchor Laugh Her ASS OFF With His Idiotic Interview Answers


Hahaha … I really cannot with this … you simply must make the time to watch this video of Ryan Lochte attempting an interview with news anchors from a news affiliate in Philadelphia, PA. Lochte is hard at work promoting the debut of his E! reality TV series What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and was pressed with fairly easy questions. Ryan’s interview answers were pretty silly, as usual and, well, the news anchors couldn’t contain their laughter afterward. The video is funny, y’all. Check it out below.

LOL. It appears that the male anchor’s joke about “water sports” really set off the female anchor but you can tell that they both were having a hard time controlling themselves thruout the interview. It seems pretty evident to me that Ryan Lochte has turned into nothing more than a laughing stock. I sure hope that reality TV fame is worth his own self respect cuz … damn. It’s a shame that a Gold Medal Olympian would rather be known for his moronity rather than his athletic prowess.


  • ClaireMichelle

    This is how I imagine every single interviewer reacts once Ryan is out of earshot. Hahaha. I mean, come on. His answers are totally LOL-worthy.

  • Ella

    LOL!!!!!! I love watching people crack up. But I think they bring up a valid question. How are they going to get enough material for a whole season of this?

  • Devonte Antonio

    I Love It too when people are uncontrollably laughing…I equate it to being the most human…just like watching someone get scared…pure emotion…love it.

    • Krissy

      Good point. Very primal when you get down to it.

    • Devonte Antonio

      Yes! Primal, indeed!

  • Joshua

    That dude is s Dumb as a 3 coat of Paint! LMAO! Dumb Dumb DUMB!

  • Cici

    At first, I thought this guy was incredibly attractive, but the more he speaks, the more the pretty goes away.

  • RonRontb22

    This is even more funny to me because I live in Philly! LOL

  • tru

    I think the producers drop the ball and should of went to commercial but I can’t excuse stupidty. Ryan Lochte is a tool beyond tools. He is poster child for being a douche bag. He is like one of those sad frat boys in the movies who is way to old to still be there

  • me

    And how is this any different than people laughing at and making fun of a gay person? It isn’t. And you are all acting like 6th graders all over again.

    • @me — Are you seriously equating this with homophobia? I’m sorry, I don’t see the connection … not even remotely.

    • me

      People used to point, laugh, and make comments about gay people (some still do) just like these 2 unprofessional idiots and the rest of you. The world did not begin the day you were born; there is a precedent.

      The fact you can’t understand this reinforces my point. Ridiculing someone and laughing at them, FOR WHATEVER REASON (based on sexual prefeence, nationality, intelligence, WHATEVEF), is bullying, plain and simple. Step away from the computer for 2 minutes and learn something.

    • Adi

      While I don’t condone ridiculing someone for their lack of intelligence, I disagree with you equating this with bullying that gay people or anyone else experience. You overlooked the important issue of power in bullying. Ryan Lochte is an Olympic Gold medalist who has his own tv-show and sports endorsements. The news anchor are not in a position of power relative to Lochte. He could care less what they, or any of us think, clearly. Compare this with bullying received by gay people when their lives and safety are threatened. NOT THE SAME. And my friend, the issue of bullying is often not plain and simple. For the concern of overuse of the term bullying, here’s a NYT article ( That might take more than 2 minutes.

    • Sarah

      I stepped away from the computer for 2 minutes and learned that I missed the Ryan Lochte video, so I came back and watched it again.

    • @me — Again, this doesn’t make sense. Ryan Lochte is selling his behavior to get people to watch a TV show. Do you remember ‘The Newlyweds’? Jessica Simpsons poised herself as a dumb blonde to get ratings … she got rich and famous from doing so. Now, she heads a billion dollar company. The Kardashians have made an empire of selling themselves on reality TV … Ryan Lochte has said, point blank, that he wants to emulate that success. This kind of attention — whether it be love, hate, ridicule — is what he WANTS as a reality TV star because it’s all PROMO to get people to WATCH HIS SHOW for which he gets paid handsomely. Equating this sort of situation with a person (a child, for example) who is literally hated for being something they cannot change isn’t even like comparing apples to organes. The two are worlds apart in their differences. That you would call this sort of event — THAT HAPPENED ON A PROMO TOUR FOR A TV SHOW — “bullying” tells me that you simply don’t get it and you’re tossing out buzzwords to try and seem like you’re on to something no one else sees. It’s kind of like watching the movie ‘Carrie’ and feeling bad that Carrie White was bullied by the entire town. It’s like watching ‘Glee’ and believing that kids break out in choreographed song at the drop of a hat. I mean, need I go on? Whether or not Lochte’s perceived moronity is genuine or not isn’t the point. That he is happily selling it to an audience for fame and fortune is. Compare that with a lonely child who is brutalized by others either emotionally or physically and then tell me again how it’s the same thing.

      Thats just my humble opinion.

    • Devonte Antonio

      3 snaps in a Z, bitch!

  • me

    All you’re doing is rationalizing. Because heaven forbid we take responsibility for our own actions. Posting a blog entry and calling someone idiotic, or “interviewing” someone on TV and then laughing at the man after, is juvenile, uneducated, immature, fourth grade behavior. And It makes no difference to whom it is addressed, how popular or rich or “powerful” or smart or old or young they are. It is YOUR behavior that is wrong. And that, my friends, is the very definition of bullying. When you act like an ignorant, immature person, have the balls to admit it.

    • @me — Clearly you are passionate about your beliefs and that is totally cool. We may not agree but I can dig your conviction.

  • Emily

    @me I really appreciate your passion for bullying and how to avoid it. I really do. I just fear your anger is a bit misplaced here. Lochte is making a career out of saying moronic stuff – he is aware of it, he knows that’s how he gets attention, and as Trent mentioned above, his role model is a Kardashian, so he is playing up this angle to get more ratings. This is packaging to market his show, plain and simple, and we are feeding into it right now. Lochte is counting his millions on this, don’t feel sad for him. Keep standing up against bullying, yes, I just don’t want you to get so stressed over something like this. Save your energy and passion to protect those who are truly bullied and need help.

  • Emily

    @me you may be a new reader here too … I hope you stick around and see what this community is all about. PITNBRs are intelligent, emotionally aware and very caring about people. Sure, there is snark – it’s a gossip blog after all, snark is practically required – but it’s in good fun. We like to stay away from name calling and threats. We like to have compassion for each other. It’s a great community here, please enjoy it!

  • Jake

    I know Ryan Lochte isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but come on people. These anchors are unprofessional. I live in Philly where they are and this isn’t the first time that they’ve done this to someone. While yes it was a bad interview and he isn’t articulate at all, possibly even a special during it, the anchors shouldn’t have carried on like that while on air.

  • Ben@pr

    Ryan has an extraordinaire athletic talent to the point that he is a Gold-Medal Olympian. He is in the elite of all the athletics elites. But he chose to sell himself as a dumb jock. That was his call but it is kind of pathetic now. I mean, he even admitted that Kanye West’s gf is his role model for fame. I guess for all the others Olympians he is just another K.

  • Lauren xx

    THANK YOU for posting this, it’s the first big laugh I’ve had all week and it feels GOOOOOOD. I totally lost it when the male anchor winked at the camera.

  • Alecia

    Somewhere I picture Michael Phelps laughing at this. I saw this yesterday but I couldn’t even think of a comment I was laughing so hard.
    But I have to say this was my laugh of the week and after the week we’ve had with the bombing in Boston and the Texas explosion, not to mention the Rican letters, it feels good.