Justin Bieber Cuddles Up With A Naked Belieber In A New Instagram Drawing


After Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House in Netherlands, things got really awkward. He wrote a comment on the guest book at the historical museum, and I still haven’t been able to wrap my brain around why he thought it appropriate to wonder aloud if Anne Frank would have been a fan of his… um… work. Oh, and there were also photos of him shadowboxing in the museum with his friends because, what else would you do in the Anne Frank House? Soon afterwards, he got the brilliant idea to post a shirtless photo of himself on Instagram (perhaps to distract from the controversy), and soon after that he posted this new photo drawing of himself boo’d up with a naked Belieber. Nice! Click inside for more.

So here’s the drawing her shared:


And here’s a hilarious explanation of the drawing:

Perhaps he was trying to make amends for his controversial “Belieber” entry in the Anne Frank House guestbook last weekend. Or perhaps he wanted to see how many orgasmic young girls he could bait on Instagram. Whatever his intention, it’s working. Justin Bieber posted an illustration of his naked post-coital self with an unidentified “Belieber” on his account Tuesday, and the response has been, well, overwhelming.

When we say overwhelming, we are referring to the comment thread, which sees variations of “OMG,” “I LOVE YOU” and “THAT IS TOTALLY ME” every few seconds. There are also a few marriage proposals. The image came accompanied with no text, but Gawker did a little digging:

As for provenance, the image was created by a Spanish illustrator named Laia who is great at drawing pictures of Justin Bieber. It appears to have been inspired by a 64-chapter Justin Bieber fanfiction epic titled “Danger,” in which an alternate universe version of Justin Bieber—nicknamed Danger—shoots someone at a party and then falls in love with a great girl named Kelsey.

Wow. And now we know too much. And so do you. Apologies.

LMAO. This is great. I mean, some folks were wondering why people were upset when Justin wrote ‘Hopefully she would have been a Belieber’ in regards to Anne Frank. Well, folks. This is why. Because when we think of Beliebers, we think of girls (and young women… apparently) who have nothing better to do other than write fan fiction and draw photos of themselves in the nude with Justin Bieber… AKA Danger.

No, but seriously. Nice drawing. And it was also a nice way for Beiber to shouts-out one of his fans… I guess. I dunno. Try as he may, nothing will distract me from that Anne Frank comment!


  • Baybridget

    I really think Justin Bieber has surpassed even John Mayer with his epic levels of douchebaggery

  • Natalea

    Things just got illegal. :/

    • nicole


    • Merlin

      The only thing illegal is your face. Sianara babe !

  • rOXy

    One thing I gotta say is he sure keeps us supplied with things to laugh about. He’s not a boy, not yet a man, all he needs is time, etc…….. *takes cover*

    I would have thought that drawing was Jughead if his name wasn’t on it. No, seriously, it’s Jughead, right?

  • Emily

    @shannon – “nice way for Beiber to shout out one of his fans” – did you mean the artist or the anonymous girl in the drawing? ‘Cause if you meant the artist, it seems he did not credit the artist, Gawker had to find it. So, yeah, he can’t even get that right.

    • Shannon

      Emily, hmmm good point. Celebs share fan art sometimes and I kinda assumed he was giving props or something. But yeah. No. Apparently not, lol.

  • Alecia

    Why oh why does he do these things? I’m just tired of hearing about him.