Amanda Seyfried Speaks On Lindsay Lohan In The May Issue Of ‘Allure’ Magazine


We recently saw Amanda Seyfried rocking some beautiful looks in the new issue of Un-Titled Project. Amanda also scored the cover for the May issue of Allure Magazine. Allure just released some photos from the shoot, and Amanda looks absolutely lovely. She opens up about her work on Les Misérables, the upcoming Lovelace movie, her breasts (duh), and her former Mean Girls co-star, Lindsay Lohan. Peep the gallery above to check out her spread, and click inside to read an excerpt from the interview.

Amanda Seyfried for Allure:

Seyfried has had many dramatic roles—most recently, in Les Misérables—but fans still mainly approach her because of her role as the Plastic Karen in Mean Girls. Fortunately, her love for the film hasn’t waned. She’s been feverishly following news of a possible musical adaptation on Broadway. “I desperately want to be Regina,” she says. When they were shooting, she had a great admiration for the film’s lead, Lindsay Lohan, though they weren’t really friends. “She’s talented.” A pause. “Was.” Another pause. “I mean, I don’t know…. She was so bright-eyed.”

Hmmm. Awkward? Well, really. What are you gonna say about Lindsay Lohan? This was probably the nicest way possible for Amanda to address the current state of LiLo, so I get it.

You can go HERE to read more from the interview. What do you guys think of Amanda’s comments? Was she throwing a little shade Lindsay’s way, or just keeping it reals?


  • Zorbitor

    The Passion of the Lohan

  • nicole

    love her

  • tanya

    she didn’t have to comment on the issue at all

  • Shana

    No she didn’t HAVE to comment on the issue, but why would she avoid it? Everyone knows that Lindsay pissed her talent and career away, so why should she refrain from commenting that she’s sad for what was lost? Hell, a lot of us feel that sadness for Lindsay and we don’t even know her. Amanda’s a class act and I think she was just being honest–I think a lot more would have been made out of it if she’d tried to avoid the question.