Hustle Roses Comes ‘Alive’ In Santa Monica, CA


Last night my good friend Hustle Roses performed her latest concert here in SoCal at a show in Santa Monica, CA. As you may recall, Hustle Roses previously played shows at the Bootleg Bar in Echo Park and at the Ham and Eggs Tavern in downtown LA in just the past few weeks. Homegirl is working hard to ensure that as many people as possible are able to experience her music live. Last night’s Hustle Roses concert was also a bit of a reunion as well … click below to check out photos and video from the fun last night.

At every Hustle Roses show I find that I must restrain myself from photographing every single second of the show … the same rings true when it comes to recording video. BUT, I simply couldn’t let the performance go by without capturing a bit of the magic to share with all y’all. Here is Hustle Roses performing her song Alive:

I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Sam Endicott, former lead singer of The Bravery, has a new band called Mercy Beat and they performed last night as well:

Mercy Beat went on before Hustle Roses so I joked that The Bravery dude opened for my friend Ollie ;) I have to admit, I liked what I heard from Mercy Beat … I’m a big fan of Endicott’s voice. I understand they are playing more free shows around LA, I’d seek them out if you’re a Bravery fan.

After far too many weeks apart, I finally got to hang out with Darion again last night:

It was really great to see my friend again … he’s been bizzy, I’ve been bizzy … it’s been nuts. Darion made the trek out from Hollywood last night to see our girl Hustle Roses in concert so it was a nice hang for the both of us.

Today, I’m holed up at home. They are repaving my street so I can’t even leave if I wanted to. I may take the forced opportunity to chill out to, well, chill out. Happy Hump Day, y’all!!