Unholy Ghost


Last night my friend Jen invited me out for a concert date at the El Rey Theater to see the Swedish Metal band Ghost live. I’ve been hearing about this band for some time now but because I’m not a metal fan, I haven’t really invested too much time in seeing what this band is all about. Ghost played Coachella on Sunday but I was only there for the Friday performances so … when Jen offered, I jumped at the chance. I had a blast, even if a room packed with metal heads isn’t my usual fare. The music was alright, I guess, but I was really all about the spectacle and show.

The band rocks really hard in person but based on the music videos I’ve seen from the band, I don’t think I would classify them as metal … per se. Yes, they sing about all the evil things but there is a melodiousness to the music that belies the grinding power of true heavy metal music. The band has a gimmick where you never see the players’ faces. The band is shrouded in black robes and masks and the lead singer, a skull-faced dude dressed like the pope who is called Papa Emeritus, is the main focal point of the show. To me, Ghost is like Alice Cooper meets Slipknot meets Marilyn Manson. That being said, I loved it entirely. I was really surprised to see the venue packed FULL of metal heads thrashing their heads around, throwing up the devil horns really enjoying the show. I’m glad I got to see these guys live … Hell, I’d even see them again sometime. Ghost may not put on the the kind of show that appeals to most people but it’s a show that I think is deff worth seeing.

Earlier in the day, I went to the House of Intuition in Silverlake, CA for a tarot reading. I’ve never had a professional tarot read before but I knew what to expect. It took some time for the reader to get to the heart of my question but she got there and gave me some very enlightening information. It’s a bit much to get into here but I can say it was a very positive experience … one that I hope will prove helpful in the long run.

I’m taking it easy today because I’m getting a bit of a sore throat. I’ve managed to make it thru the winter without getting ill so I hope to fight off this whatever it is as quickly as possible. Later tonight, tho, I’m heading out to Santa Monica to see my girl Hustle Roses LIVE in concert again! Wee!! Happy Tuesday, all!

  • MJ

    Hope you feel better!

    Unrelated, but I remember reading all your running posts and thinking “Wow, he’s seriously gotten into it.” After finishing my first 5k over the weekend, I can totally see why! It’s so fun! (I’ve already started to train for another one.)

    • @MJ — I’m really glad to hear it. My first 5K really inspired me to keep running races. Yay!