Beyoncé And Her Bedazzled Boobs Kick Off The ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ World Tour In Serbia


Back in February we first learned that Beyoncé is hitting the road this year with a new world tour titled The Mrs. Carter Show. Last night, in Belgrade, Serbia, Bey officially kicked off her worldwide tour … and boy did she bust out some interesting costumes for the event. As you can see below, Beyoncé rocked some of her usual, flowy concert outfits … but she also busted out a look that she’s never rocked before. For some ungodly reason, Bey thought it would be sweet to wear a bodysuit covered in jewels that accentuate her boobies … it’s quite a look. Check out the photos below and see for yourselves.

BEYONCÉ shows her playful side as she takes to the stage in an outfit adorned with fake nipples. The singer ensured the opening night of her world tour didn’t go unnoticed thanks to a series of sexy outfits she donned throughout the show in Belgrade, Serbia. Pick of the bunch was a glittery figure-hugging costume that created the illusion she was performing in the nude. Dark shadings at the contours of her boobs and two pointy lumps replicating her nipples must have initially fooled fans into believing she was baring all. Beyoncé was on sizzling form throughout her Mrs Carter Show gig at the Kombank Arena. She wowed in a risqué red playsuit that rode up above her hips and bared a portion of her tummy. The chart-topper teamed the hot clobber with a giant gold broach, complementing the look with cascades of curly locks. She flashed some cleavage in a futuristic semi-sheer design, clenching a fist as she whipped the crowd into a frenzy. The pop beauty also dropped jaws in a stunning white number that drew attention to her legs and shampoo ad-style barnet. Beyoncé has got her work cut out over the coming months, playing gigs most nights up until her final show in New York on August 5.

Since I’m seeing this show in person in June, I’m trying to stay away from spoilers … but I just HAD to post some photos of a few of Bey’s tour costume from the opening night of her tour. I mean … what the HELL was she thinking with this bodysuit? It looks silly, right? Maybe it looks better in person, I dunno, but her boobs look comical … right???? I’m deffo not watching any video from the tour until I see it for myself so … I guess I’ll just have to judge based on the photos. My initial reaction is that I don’t really love the booby bodysuit … and the rest of the costumes just look alright. Maybe I’m being too harsh or something? Do YOU see anything appealing here?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Missy

    None of the outfits look that great and the boobsuit just looks stupid.

  • Gillian

    Ugh!!! Did she let her mother design the glitter nipple fiesta number? Who ever designed it needs to have their bedazzling privileges revoked. Permanently.

  • Linnea

    Ugh. This just make me sick. Is she trying to be rihanna2?! Bey, i thought you had more class than to fake and show nipples. Disgusting. What in the world is going on inside her head these days?! Awful music, awful costumes.

    • Jemm

      Class & BeyAWNce don’t go on the same sentence. She’s been shaking her married vagina across the globe for years. She tried too hard now.

    • Linnea

      I just don’t understand. She’s going on a tour where she puts her out to the world as “Mrs. carter” and married and everything. Why the hell does she show nipples?! Even thought they’re fake, it’s weird and cheap..

  • Krissy

    I am not really that offended by it because she is completely covered. If we were seeing her nips for real I think it would be too much. There was another costume I saw that had an animal print belt with a pastel print skirt…and that was seriously ugly. Boobs I’m fine with.

    I think it would be interesting to see how the illusion works from the audience. From far away it might look pretty real.

  • Britney’sBitch

    The white outfit looks ok but the other ones…not so much

  • Kayla

    I kind of like the white one.

  • Britney’sBitch
    • Britney’sBitch

      Ooops I don’t know what that other image is doing there. Where did it come from? Totally unintentional! ;)

  • nicole

    that boob outfit is just ridiculous..i cant believe she actually wanted to wear that. the rest of the outfits are alright i guess. nothing new/special.
    remember when she use to wear pants?

  • Lalle

    I love me some Madame B, and usually give her a pass on her kookier choices, but the booby suit is neither titillating nor funny… It’s just kind of “Whaa? Hmm. Meh…” And the rest of her costumes are passable, but samey. I was hoping for some more interesting fare after that great UK promo where she was all deconstructed-showgirl-elizabethan-ish. A show with costumes like that would have been stunning!

    • Krissy

      I agree, the deconstructed Elizabethan promo costumes looked a lot better than these.

    • nicole

      i agree Lalle, it makes that promo video seem useless now. theres no connection between that video and what we see here now.

  • Lulu

    Boob suit = gross. Sorry Bey.

  • Alecia

    She should’ve stopped with the boob outfit. She looks like she watched Showgirls, Wonder Woman, and read a graphic novel and thought i was a good idea to combine them all.
    On the other hand, I’d like to thank her for my chuckle of the day.

  • Jan

    She is just making me barf… why everything she does ir a big deal? There are muche better performers around.

  • Brian Apple

    Beyonce looks ugly.

  • Big Tex

    Of all the outfits pictured, they pretty much look the same. The white one looks pretty.

    The first one, referred to as the “booby” one looks atrocious and cheap. I would have expected more from Beyoncé, but on the heels of the “Bow down” track maybe I should not be too surprised

  • ClaireMichelle

    Couldn’t she have spent more time on the costumes for this tour? These all look fairly cheap, with no coherent thought process between any of them. Just a whole bunch of leotards. I dunno, I guess I just expected more extravagance and wow-factor?

  • firegalz

    I think she’s kinda morphing into Madonna – Trying to hard. Lol

    • Linnea

      She’s tryin to prove everybody that even though she’s passed thirty, she’s still “On top”.. Like madonna, yes..

  • bill

    To All and Sundry:
    The first costume shown, from experience, does not show nearly as effectively except under stage lighting.

    • Emily

      Tina Knowles? Oh hey girl, welcome to the site. We understand those are costumes, they are just not your best work.

  • Emily

    I’d like to know how many wind machines are required on this tour. Bey can’t perform without her wind.
    (And PS – last week her weave was all wrapped up in Cuba-touring-braids and now it’s flowing. Her weavologist – dayum – like a ninja.)

  • meme

    ugh. so sick of her and her hideous costumes. her and jayz need to take their gigantic egos and disappear for a while.