Breaking: Two Explosions In Boston, Near The Site Of The Boston Marathon [UPDATE]


Just about an hour ago, two explosions took place near the finish line of the Boston Marathon today. At this point, we don’t know if the explosions were caused by accidents or if this was some sort of terrorist attack but we do know that people have been injured and others, sadly, have been killed. Today is Patriot’s Day in Boston, MA so it’s possible that these explosions could have something to do with that … but at this point, we don’t know at all. Photos and video from the scene has been making their way to social media, click below to read a report from The New York Times and see footage from the scene.

A series of explosions were reported near the finish line at the Boston Marathon on Monday, according to several media outlets. One report quoted “some sort of incident” on Boylston Street, near the finish line. Competitors and race organizers were crying as they fled the chaos, The Associated Press reported. Bloody spectators were being carried to the medical tent that had been set up to care for fatigued runners. “There are a lot of people down,” said one man, according to The A.P., whose bib No. 17528 identified him as Frank Deruyter of North Carolina. He was not injured, but marathon workers were carrying one woman, who did not appear to be a runner, to the medical area as blood gushed from her leg. A Boston police officer was wheeled from the course with a leg injury that was bleeding, The A.P. said. The Boston Police Department confirmed that they were looking into an explosion, but had no further comment. Local television also showed ambulances at the scene. The headquarters for the organizers of the marathon, one of the world’s oldest, was reportedly locked down while authorities investigate.

Wow. This is horrible. At this point, we don’t know how many people have been injured or killed … we don’t even know what caused these explosions. It’s terrible but I’m hoping these explosions were caused by an accident but, sadly, that may not be the case. Stay tuned to news outlets, this story is developing.

UPDATE: According to new reports, the explosions were caused by planted devices (“small homemade bombs”, says WHDH), possibly remotely detonated … a third was reportedly deliberately detonated and more devices are being sought. Here is a photo of the second explosion as it happened earlier today:

At this point, we are hearing that at least 22 people have been injured and at least 2 people have been killed. This is just so scary. Thousands of people — including family members of all ages — fill the streets of marathon races and the Boston Marathon is one of the biggest, most important races in the world. My heart aches at the thought of so many innocent people impacted by this incident. Let’s keep our best wishes for the people of Boston and stay tuned to news outlets … new information is being reported immediately as it happens.

UPDATE 2: Reuters is reporting that a third explosion just took place at the JFK Library but it now appears that this third incident is NOT related to the earlier bombings. Additionally, other suspicious devices have been found elsewhere around Boston.

UPDATE 3: The Boston Globe newspaper has converted its website into a LIVE BLOG of information coming out of Boston pulling from both news outlets and social media, I highly suggest you focus your attention THERE. I’m stopping the pop culture posts for the day :(

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  • nicole

    so crazy. my thought & prayers go out to the people of Boston.

  • Krissy

    That is so horrific. I feel kind of faint.

  • Baybridget

    My best friend was there to cheer on her boyfriend. They are both safe, thank God!

  • Tru

    I to like all of you am shocked and sadden all of todays event especially for the people and families who got hurt or didn’t survive. The video of the explosion was the shocking the most.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone in Boston. The news just keeps getting worse and worse. :( Praying nothing else happens today, as it seems there was an even bigger plan in place.

  • Shannon

    Trent, thanks for reporting this. Just called my bff who works in Boston (though thankfully, nowhere near this). Here’s hoping we get some more answers soon.

  • Lindsay

    I am so sad for my city. I had many friends in town today for either the Sox game or to cheer on the runners (so far all are accounted for – thank god). This will forever tarnish the history of this day (not that it is really important at this point).

    I am very proud of the first responders and bystanders that did what they could to help. Praying for everyone affected.

  • emily

    We are in Cambridge, across the river from Boston. Today is my bday and we were out getting lunch when my phone started going crazy with texts. Thankfully we are ok, but there are rumors about devices found in Cambridge and it is really scary. All bday plans called off, we are staying in and counting blessings. My heart aches for this city and all of the people coming together today to celebrate monumental personal achievement.

  • emily

    Side note – we were talking about how scary it must be for the runners and their families who are trying to reconnect, not knowing if each other is safe. The runners don’t have cell phones, keys, money, a wallet … the plan is always to meet at the finish line. We are hoping that people are able to reconnect with their families amid the chaos.

  • Tania Quinn

    I can’t believe this happened to my hometown. I’m so upset and sickened by this evil act. The Boston Marathon is a race that brings people together from all over the world. It’s truly an inspiration to watch these people compete and cross the finish line. I pray for everyone involved!

  • Rowena

    For what it’s worth, France is with you, Boston … I hope no other bomb will be found … I have to say I am impressed, they show the video on the news right now, and many people stayed to help …

  • Krissy

    Trent, thank you for holding off on the pop culture posts the rest of the day. That shows so much integrity, class, and consideration for others. You always go above and beyond.

    • Kayla


      It is one of the reasons this site has so many loyal readers Trent, you are such a genuinely good person. Thank you.

  • Lauren xx

    I work two blocks from the finish line. It was a terrible, anxious, scary SCARY afternoon. Following the explosions, we had zero information as to what was going on other than feeling the explosions and watching people leave Boylston St. I am so fortunate that every single one of my coworkers in my store were safe and accounted for and we all evacuated safely. I am so fortunate that all of my friends and family are safe.

    My heart aches for everyone that was there and was affected. My heart breaks for my hometown. I hope we make it through the night without any more tragedy. As a lifelong resident, I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this scary terrible time.

    • @Lauren xx — Wow. So glad you, your family and friends are safe xo

  • kmw9260

    My mom was running the marathon for the third time with my dad there to cheer her on. It’s normally one of her favorite weekends of the year as she gets to see friends from around the world. They make it a big reunion going to carb loading dinners and the expo and then drinks after to celebrate their accomplishment. This year it was very scary to see the CNN report on my phone during work on the West Coast. I texted both my parents. My brother called to say he couldn’t get a hold of them. I had been tracking my mom online all morning and saw that she finished the race 20 mins before the bomb went off but because of all their friends being there I wasn’t sure if they were cracking open their first celebratory beer while everyone else finished. It was the scariest 20 mins of my life worrying that they were hurt seeing the video and photos and reports. My dad was finally able to text me that they were ok. He was stuck on a subway trying to get to the finish line and my mom was locked down in a near by hotel. Thankfully they are now in their hotel trying to wait it out until they are able to leave tomorrow and all their friends are safe and accounted for. I applaud the people who ran 26.2 miles and even though their bodies and minds were spent did not hesitate to run into the blast and help people or kept running to the hospital to donate blood.

    • @kmw9260 — This is amazing news, thank you for sharing. So happy to hear your family is safe.

    • Kayla

      I cannot even imagine how this felt. Thank goodness your family is safe!

  • Karen

    This is so awful. I just keep watching the news. One side of my family is from Boston and I went to college there. My grandparents lived on Boylston practically across the street from the bombings. When they were alive, they loved the marathon and watched it every year from their apartment. All of the news footage is showing places that are so familiar to me. It’s almost hard to be in CA and so helpless, even though I know I’d be just as helpless if I were there.

    I’m so glad this was not worse in magnitude, as I know it could have been, but I know the magnitude is massive for those who were seriously injured or traumatized, and for their loved ones and those of the people who were killed.

    • Vicky

      Hopefully this is the end and not the start of something bigger :(

  • Iris B

    I’ve been in shock…bless them all.

  • rOXy

    Evil never sleeps.

    • Sheens

      Evil might never sleep but it is always defeated and it was defeated the second that people ran towards those blasts to help others .

    • rOXy

      Thank you so much. I needed to hear that.

  • Rebecca

    Patton Oswalt wrote something quite decent about today, especially all of the people who ran in to help:

  • Linnea

    I started crying when i heard that a 8year old boy died, and many other children where harmed.. What is wrong with the world?! If people keep doing horrible things like that, there’s not gonna be any humanity soon.. I pray for every single. Yesterday i turned off all the light in my house og put up some candles to light up the darkness.