Beyoncé’s Full H&M Summer Campaign Is Unveiled


A little while back H&M formally announced their collaboration with Beyoncé. We got our first look at one of the campaign photos, and now the full set is here. I’m not gonna lie y’all. These photos are difficult to look at… I’d love to scream ‘airbrushed’ but the truth is, she looks so natural and so effing amazing, and she can seriously just go somewhere with those abs. It’s like the GQ shoot all over again, only worse because… seriously. No airbrushing, lol! Peep the gallery for more. It’s Bey!


  • Devonte Antonio

    Let me go ahead and start the haterade…a belly ring…really?! It is 2001 and are we at MTV Spring Break?! The extra trashy Cancun one, not the lame Ft. Lauderdale one…

  • Serenity

    I’m going to make myself feel better by pretending she has a series of clothespins behind her back, holding back all the skin that stretched out during her pregnancy. I mean, for real: my stomach isn’t anything close to that, and I workout.

  • Emily

    Damn her! Didn’t she take those pics in January? Do you know what I look like in January, post holidays?! We’re talking food baby for weeks. Awh heck, who am I kidding, I’m still rocking the holiday food baby in April. So is that why H&M didn’t fly ME to a exotic locale for a photo shoot? Yes, yes, that must be it.