‘Trent, Look At Your Freaking Calf Muscles’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


OMG, what a week! I wish I could recap all of the amazing stories we had in celebrity pop culture, but I’m having difficulty thinking of anything other than that Justin Bieber/Anne Frank thing that just happened. I know we’re getting some hilarious comments on that one– trust me. They’ll make it on next week’s roundup. Friggen Bieber. Distracting as hell, lol! But no, seriously. We had some really great discussions this week on the blog. Click inside for just a handful of the some of the awesome comments that made us smile, and kept the convos going!

PITNBr Karen paid very close attention to the important details in Trent’s gorgeous Coachella pics:

Um, Trent, look at your freaking calf muscles. Nope, not lying about the running.

PITNBr blaqfury was as confused as I was when Kelly Rowland declared that a certain song on her album was not a Destiny’s Child song, but rather a song by her, featuring Beyoncé and Michelle:

i’d like her to define what Destiny’s Child is? cause to me it’s when Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle are all signing on the same track..lol ::shrugs::

In unrelated news, I’m about to take these 2 slices of bread, spread peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other and then put them together… but it’s not a PB&J sandwich, it’s bread featuring peanut butter and jelly.

PITNBr Vicky made a great observation when Trent reported on the NHL’s announcement of support for gay rights. It’s interesting to think about what we mean when we ‘support’ friends or a group of people, and how that may (or may not) translate to our daily interactions:

I read an article the other day about homophobic slurs in the NHL being a huge problem. It’s really really really sad. Apparently in a poll of NHL players, most would openly support a team mate if they came out, but most had also used a gay slur in the last 24 hours.

PITNBr missanne commented on Justin Bieber’s new ‘do. Oh, and um. Apology accepted, lol:

He looks more and more like Hilary Swank… my apologies to Hilary Swank fans.

PITNBr Havalah, it was so great to hear from you! One of my favorite stories of the week had to do with the high school teacher’s resignation letter that went viral. I still haven’t replied to all of the comments, but I’ve read them all and I really appreciate the responses and the conversation that we’re having about education (or lack thereof) in America. Here’s Havalah’s response, which points to this idea that I really love, where teaching is imagined as a calling, rather than merely a job:

Long-time reader, first-time commenter. For more than ten years, I’ve fought against the calling to teach for all the reasons Conti lists. I’ve been a DJ, a barista, a newspaper reporter, a web content manager, a marketing director, and a copy editor, but I’m now in the final stages of pre-certification, getting ready to begin student teaching. I’m terrified but determined. I was always taught that the things that scare you and at which you might fail are the most valuable in life. This is why I am finally going into K-8 education – because I know I will be good at it, because I know there aren’t enough teachers who have been spiritually and intellectually called to teach, because our children need us, because I know I can fight the system from within. As broken and corrupt as it is, our children are still required to be there (unless they can pay up). I have no illusions about the system, but I still believe I will make a difference, even if it’s only one child. Sigh. Funny that on a gossip site, the first post that gets me to comment isn’t gossip at all! :)

PITNBr VV wrote such a great comment on one of our Margaret Thatcher stories. Many of us (myself included) were confused by the wildly varying responses to her death. I so appreciated VV presenting two completely different sides of the story:

Whether you think she did good or not largely depends on your political leanings.

If you are on the right, Maggie is the one person who saved Britain from oblivion. She crushed the unions, slashed taxes (mainly for the rich, but “normal” rates went to a degree as well) and sold off inefficient state-run industries like telecommunications, natural gas, water and electricity. She unleashed a wave of entrepreneurial spirit throughout the country, transforming the economy and bringing it out of the dark ages. By selling off council-owned houses, she allowed a huge number of people to become homeowners. She stopped propping up inefficient industries (like coal) and let market forces decide which companies lived and died. She threw out loads of unnecessary red tape that strangled businesses, enabling the City of London to become a front-runner in the worldwide financial sector. She was a strong, charismatic, smart leader, who re-established Britain’s place on the world stage and helped bring down the Soviet Union whilst reinforcing the Special Relationship with the United States.

If you are on the left, your opinions are markedly different. Under Thatcher, inequality ballooned out of control. The rich got (much) richer, and the poor got (much) poorer. The bulk of tax changes benefitted the rich. Deregulation of the City and business, together with emasculating the trades unions changed the balance of power greatly in favour of those who have plenty. Normal people were left by the wayside. Privatisation – ostensibly to allow market forces into sectors where they previously were not allowed – have not delivered the promised improvements. Electricity, water and natural gas prices are excessively high. A large number of the utility companies are owned by overseas companies and are no longer run in the public interest. Privatisation of railways – which happened under Thatcher’s successor but was nevertheless wouldn’t have happened but for her – has been an unmitigated disaster. Revenues from North Sea oil and the like were squandered on unemployment benefit for the vast number of people put out of work when Thatcher fundamentally rebalanced the economy. Even now, there are places – mining villages – where this still rankles. It was too much, too quickly and it was too painful. Thatcher didn’t help by saying “There is no such thing as society”. Now people wonder why people are so selfish, so materialistic and why the sense of community that we once had no longer exists.

Margaret Thatcher was divisive and polarising in life. It is onlt right that she should continue to be so in death. I am no fan of hers (I am firmly of the left), but some of what has happened is more than a little tasteless. Despite everything, she was still a mother and a grandmother, and reading newspapers about her decline was rather sad.

if you want a parallel with the US, think Ronald Reagan

PITNBr fab4runner made me feel much better about repeatedly reporting on the most ridiculous story of the week– the Farrah Abraham porno video:

I really need this to be released. If her O face is anything like her cry face, it will just be too amazing

Oh, and PITNBr Miss Mellie shared this video on one of the Farrah Abraham stories. This is, like, the kind of message we would push in a world where we wanted more femme scientists than porn stars:


Sigh. Y’all are so awesome.

The MTV Movie Awards are about to pop off in a few. Nobody call me!

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