Justin Bieber Visits The Anne Frank House, Writes ‘Hopefully She Would Have Been A Belieber’ In The Guestbook


Now what exactly do y’all expect me to say about this? Huh? I mean. Seri-effing-ously. What am I actually supposed to say after I learn that Justin Bieber took time out of his day to visit the Anne Frank House in Netherlands, and then took time out of his day to sign the guestbook, and then took time out of his day to write the most ridonkulous, self-centered message any human being could ever think to write in a guest book at the Anne Frank House. I have no words, y’all. Nothing. I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to click inside anyway, in hopes that the world will start making sense again within the next few seconds.

Yeah, no. World still not making sense for me. This is directly from the Anne Frank House Facebook page:

Yesterday night Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House, together with his friends and guards. Fans were waiting outside to see a glimpse of him. He stayed more than an hour in the museum. In our guestbook he wrote: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”
Tonight Bieber will give a concert in Arnhem in the Netherlands.

I know what y’all want me to do. You want me to, like, say something about this. But I can’t do it with this one. It’s not like the Jay-Z/Cam’ron story, it’s not the paparazzi story. This is… different. And I can’t. I. Just. Can’t.

But I welcome you to try and compose a comment of any sort on this story. Let me post his comment again here, line by line, in case you missed anything:

Truly inspiring to be able to come here.

Anne was a great girl.

Hopefully she would have been a belieber.

Okay, that’s all. That’s all I got.

Wait, no. The Facebook comments are pouring in. Here are some responses:

Please Anne Frank house, do not post these stories. Protect these “celebrities” against themselves.

How does he manage to think about his own fame and success attending a historical place of such tragedy and injustice…Like that… I can’t believe I wasted any words on this guy, salut.

Glad he went,but, the last sentence is VERY self serving. he missed the lessons of Anne totally.

She would’ve been a WHAT? That little idiot is way too full of himself. She’s an important historical figure so show some respect.

I find it ironic that all of you are spewing hate. Isn’t this why Anne Frank and countless others had to go into hiding? You are reacting on your own personal feelings and how does that make you any better than other hate mongers? I do not think it it was self serving, I interpret it as a personal retrospect suggesting having ‘a great girl’ like her as a belieber would have been a honor. If his comments and/actions had been disrespectful, in any way, the Anne frank house would not have posted them. You are not noble! You are not honoring her memory! You are demonstrating the very behavior that took her life – that is offensive!!

Beyond disappointing that Bieber totally missed the point. Based on Anne’s writing, she was far too mature to have chosen Bieber as a role model or someone to otherwise idolise. I can only hope that one day, Bieber matures and realises what an arrogant and self-centred little turd he has been. Sure, he may have a lot of screaming teenagers who “love” him, but that’s not exactly something to be proud of. Given the choice of a million kids or one Anne Frank, I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat.

Grow up, Bieber. The world desperately needs more people like Anne Frank – not you. You would do well to become a true fan of Anne, rather than worry about whether Anne would have been a fan of yours.

I think this one about sums it up for me:


Okay. I need a nap. Because… I just can’t.

[Source] [Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News]

  • Megan

    Shannon, this is exactly how I feel about this. Words fail me!

    I visited the museum during the summer last year and it is very sombre experience. I was left with the thought of what could have been, how her life could have turned out if she survived but whether or not she would have been a belieber should be the last thought anyone should have!


    • Krissy

      I think TMZ has pictures up now showing Beibs fake boxing with his friends in the basement of Anne’s house.


  • Juneh

    Oh my lord… He went into the museum but I don’t think he took a thing in otherwise he wouldn’t have written that. He needs to get his priorities back in order. He performed here in Belgium, was two hours late… two days in a row..

  • ClaireMichelle

    I mean…….. What? There is truly nothing to be said here.

  • janalynn22

    Justin, Justin, Justin… Have some respect. Even if you THINK it, DON’t put it out there! At least TRY to convince us that you’re not an over-indulged, self-centered child. And maybe one day we’ll believe it.

    • Shannon

      Do you mean … “belieb it?”

      Haha sorry I feel like an idiot even stooping to that level. Again, sorry.

    • janalynn22

      *Face palm* hahahah :)

  • Sam


  • Wil


    That’s all I have to say.

  • Shannon

    What a douchey thing to do …

  • Gillian

    Proof that Justin needs to get out of the spotlight, and into a school…. He clearly has no idea on who Anne Frank was. Please tell me he was dressed decently while there…. With a shirt, and no saggy crotch pants… Please.

  • Jo

    I could have smacked some obnoxious teenage boys upside their heads giggling their way through the exhibition when I went last month. This was one of the most moving places I’ve ever been and they were dicking about and hitting eachother and ugh! But to hear Bieber wrote THIS!? I despair.

  • nicole

    i just cant with him anymore..

  • jillcasey

    I’m at a loss for words. What a little twerp.

  • Kate

    I’m so glad that, while visiting an important historical monument centered around one of the most horrific times in history, he was able to find time to think about himself.

    • adam

      Well put, Kate.

    • Krissy

      That was my first thought too, Kate. Somehow, even when faced with another person’s immense tragedy, he made it about himself.

  • Mark

    Anne would have taken one look and seen an arrogant, narcissistic, blond punk in ridiculous garb, and thought silently to herself “Nazi”.

  • adam

    So I was checking my twitter feed and all of the sudden I see Reza Aslan makes a comment about this… I ignore it… the Emmy Rossum, and I’m like “Whaaaaa… just happened?!” So check the news. Wow. Just, wow. It *is* true that she was into pop culture, which is what his team is citing is the reason he wrote that. But HOLY CRAP! How did Justin manage to make me think even less of him?! This vacuous, talentless, tasteless, pre-pubescent hack needs to take a break from the Ferraris and syzurp and go back (to?) school.

  • rOXy

    @alexbragg wins with one: Hitler definitely wasn’t a Belieber.

    I saw that on Trent’s twitter feed and briefly wondered about it, then scrolled down the page and saw this post and suddenly the world made sense again.

    • rOXy

      correction: it’s @alexblagg

  • Denny

    Oh please…are people making a big issue out of this? He’s a kid, and maybe a not very smart kid being that he’s been a slave to show business. I’m sure all of you said dumb things when you were 19, you learn more and more as you grow and Justin will too. We all make mistakes and learn from them. Give the kid a break

    • Emily

      @Denny – Justin’s manager? Is that you? Stop enabling this little sh*t. True, this isn’t as bad as spitting in someone’s face and threatening to kill them, but it would be nice if your client acted respectful … occassionally … like, just once.

    • rOXy

      @Denny: Perhaps the negative backlash will help him learn not to be such a self-absorbed tool. Yes, we do learn as we grow, we’ve all made our mistakes, and this one, for him, is a whopper. I hope the lesson is taken in and not pushed back out as everyone else’s problem.

    • Emily

      @rOXy – that is hilarious! *stops laughing, wipes tears from eyes* oh, wait, you’re serious? Yeah, let’s see how that plays out.
      I’ve got Justin’s response right here, “I’m in Amsterdam, super excited to play for my fans, and took time from my day to visit the Anne Frank house. I thought I’d be lucky to have her as a fan. I wrote something like that in the guest book and everyone got really upset. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m just so filled with positivity and love that I know I’ll play a great show tonight.” (Then shows up two hours late, “collapses” on stage and goes home shirtless.)

    • VV

      There’s saying “dumb” things, and then there’s saying crass, insensitive, offensive and stupid things. Any 19 year old with half a brain would surely go to Anne Frank’s house and act sensibly and with respect. Does he not know what happened to Anne and her family?

      What sort of people does this halfwit (Bieber) surround himself with? Yu’d have thought that after his recent antics they’d try and keep him on a short leash and try and control his stupidity.

      Usually I’m not a big fan of celebrity meltdowns and the ghoulish, voyeristic behaviour that follows, but in Bieber’s case, I hope he continues ruining his reputation. He is a loathsome, miserable excuse for a human being.

    • Serenity

      @Denny The difference between most of us saying dumb stuff at 19 and Bieber saying it is that he doesn’t get called on it. Yeah, we’re speaking up here, but the people who should be saying something – mother, manager, “friends” – are probably more concerned with not upsetting him than telling him, “Yo, dude, you sound like an as…terisk.”

    • Nizzy

      @Denny ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Family members of mine were KILLED during this time but it is okay to say ABSURD shit like this. This is coming from the same guy who said abortion was “sad”. Go away you talentless hack.

    • SMH

      19 year olds can drive and vote. If they are that stupid, maybe they shouldn’t. In reality, most younger individuals would know better than that.

  • Alecia

    Wow, just wow. I can’t even.

  • Emily

    PITNBRs – can we come up with a name for JB’s picture face? He always looks confused or surprised because he raises his eyebrows. It’s like his own version of duck face … What shall we call it? I’d say dumbass face but I know we can do better.

    • rOXy

      @Emily – lolol…I never noticed that before, but you’re right. To me, it looks like he’s asking, “wuzzup?”

    • Serenity

      @Emily In my house, we call him Baby Biebsy, because of that picture where his bodyguard seems to be lifting him into a car seat.

    • Emily

      @serenity that.is.perfect. @rOXy omg, now all I’ll hear is wazzup, lol.

  • Natalea

    “Arrogant and self-centered little turd” is right.

    What. A. Turd.

  • Serenity

    I bet Bieber thinks that he and Anne Frank have a lot in common. Didn’t German customs confiscate his monkey? That was, like, just like his own personal Holocaust!

    (I’ll go ahead and clarify that I’m not making fun of the Holocaust, but rather people like Bieber who probably would make a comparison like the one above.)

  • Iris B

    If he can just…take one day at a time and THINK before he says anything…

  • hinatathekawaiimono

    Spoilt little brat. And who’s that saying “give the kid a break”?? Since when did 19 year olds qualify as kids?

    • Shannon

      hinatathekawaiimono, ‘Since when did 19 year olds qualify as kids?’ I’ve been wondering the same thing. I understand 19 is young, but there are plenty of young, responsible, respectful people out there. And in many, many places, 19 is grown. So I don’t see how the ‘give the kid a break’ ideology applies here either.

    • @Shannon — I agree. The “give a kid a break” thing doesn’t even work at 18 … barely at 17.

    • Krissy

      Beibs should learn more about 19 year olds like Zack Kopplin, who advocates for improved quality in our public education system. Being 19 years old isn’t an excuse for lame!

    • Joan

      The “he/she is young and made a mistake” is common argument used to excuse celebrity behavior in general. (Last summer: Kristen Stewart, anyone?) Fangirls will be fangirls, though.

  • Meghan

    Justin, please find a dictionary. Wait, let me explain. A dictionary is a book containing definitions of words in the English language (wasn’t sure you would know what one was). Please look up the word humility. Apply to life. Thank you.

  • Nizzy

    This is DISGUSTING. Waste of time, waste of space.

  • Megan

    I think Josh Whedon said it all at the MTV Movie Awards: “What’s the opposite of humble? We’re Bieber-ed to be here!”

    • Krissy

      He said that!!?!?!?! I think I LOVE him!

    • Megan


      Yep, it was so quick that I think a lot of people didn’t pick up on it. It was amazing!

    • Joan

      He did! I caught that!

  • LOL

    Justin was (probably) just joking.
    And he is surely right, Anne wold be a Belieber, becose she was a teen and probably she wold love Justin.
    And why are you alwais talking and commente de others life, donĀ“t you have a life to talk about.
    Live the others alown, live YOUR life and let Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna… live their lifes.

    • @LOL — I really hope English isn’t your first language.

    • Joan

      @Trent And even then, it’s no excuse. Says I. LOL!

    • Kayla

      Why would you come to a celebrity gossip website and comment about not talking about celebrities lives? That is the whole point of this site.

      Lovee all the comments on this story. I particularly like the comment about hoping that Justin continues to ruin his reputation. Every story I hear about him I just get more sick and tired of hearing about this tool. Here’s hoping that he either smartens up (not likely) or he disappears from the lime-light for at least a little while.

    • SMH

      Well as long as he was just joking…in writing on a formal document in a historical landmark related to the Holocaust….

      Also, generalize much? I know plenty of teens who didn’t like him even before he was defacing historical documents as a joke.

  • SMH

    The only person I want to smack more than him is the girl defending him. In what alternate universe is criticizing a celebrity on par with the Holocaust?

    Except, apparently, the Belieberverse…

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