Watch: The White House Had To Respond To Jay-Z’s New Song, ‘Open Letter’


LMAOOOOoooooo. OMG. I don’t know where we are politically when official White House press conferences are taking the time to address new Jay-Z lyrics, but this is where we are, America. Yesterday, Jay-Z released a new song titled Open Letter in which he addressed (among other things) his recent trip to Cuba with BeyoncĂ©. Please, please, please watch this video and listen to this reporter quote the lyrics (OMG, some people should never be allowed to quote Jay-Z lyrics in a public forum), and ask White House press secretary Jay Carney whether or not it was true that President Obama gave Jigga permission to go to Cuba. I just can’t with this, ya’ll. I can’t! Is she serious? Jay-Z is such a big deal now, and people are so impressed with his relationship with the President that anything he says about Obama in a song is, from this point on, taken seriously? That is awesome; at least for Jay-Z. For our political state of affairs, it’s kinda sad that these are the things they’re talking about. Madness.

  • Eric Middleton

    Obama is so WHACK! Doesn”t do a thing he says he gonna do. Spending the country into the ground, and forgetting about all the peeps that got him in the white house. Paper Tigers running this country. We need a Rock Nation! Not Obamination!

    • T Bone

      That’s whas up Dog. Jigga for President.

    • Krissy

      He isn’t spending the country into the ground…he is winding down the programs that did so (Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Medicare Part D, etc.) All of those programs were unfunded and continued long after their creator left office. We will be paying for the medical care of wounded soldiers for decades. The biggest impact on the deficit was the lack of income tax revenue because of the recession that was in full swing before Obama was even sworn into office.

  • Krissy

    “OMG, some people should never be allowed to quote Jay-Z lyrics in a public forum”


  • Emily

    Omg Shannon, I watched that on repeat and laughed until I cried. I don’t know which is funnier – hearing Jigga quoted by the press or Jay Carney replying, “I guess Treasury is hard to rhyme.” Jay Carney FTW!

    • Shannon

      Emily, Jay Carney is my homeboy. What’s funny is, if I ever had to read Jay’s lyrics aloud… I’d probably sound a lot like that lady. Which is why I try not read his lyrics aloud… ever ;)

  • Jules

    Aren’t there better things to ask Jay Carney about? Seriously?!