First Look: Justin Bieber Releases A Music Video For ‘All Around The World,’ Featuring Ludacris

'All Around The World People Want To Be Loved'
Justin And The Beliebers Take You All Around The World

With all of the drama surrounding Justin Bieber recently, I kinda forgot that he makes music! So this was a nice reminder. Bieber just dropped the visuals to his song All Around The World, and I know Beliebers everywhere are having the best Friday ever. An ode of sorts to his fans, Bieber takes us (you guessed it) all around the world with this video, and we also get a welcome appearance from Ludacris (although I hope Biebs doesn’t think I’m giving him his Hip-Hop street cred back any time soon, lol). Peep the video for more! Oh, and… believe.

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  1. Ah! A reminder that all around the world, HE is loved. And powerful. Don’t forget the powerful.

  2. Nathan

    I hate when artists use footage from concerts as a music video.

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