Miley Cyrus Rocks A Chanel Onesie, Asks Everyone Not To Hate


Honestly? I can’t get over how much this girl makes me laugh. Now that we’ve seen Miley Cyrus twerk in a Unicorn onesie, I think we’ve pretty much seen it all. But this new Twit pic is still worth a look… lol. Miley definitely has a reputation for some funky fashion choices, and I think that’s why we ultimately dig her. She recently shared a photo of herself rocking a new Chanel onesie, and it’s kind of hilarious. Please. Click inside for a better look.

Miley Cyrus Loves A Good Onesie:


Don’t hate. Appreciate. #Chanel1Z

No hate, Miley! No hate! And I’ll leave it up to all the psychotherapists of the world to hypothesize on her recent fascination with onesies… lol.

No, but seriously. Who’s tryna rock one of these things?

  • Anna

    Her closet is the best thing about this pic

    • Shannon

      Anna, OMG. Thank you! I cannot believe I forgot to address the closet, because that was one of the first things I noticed. Look at that leopard-print rug!

  • Jstar

    I think onesies are pretty comfortable…

  • Sandy!

    Can she be my best friend for a day?!
    Love her!

  • Halli

    I had pajamas that looked just like that when I was in college. They were so comfortable. I wouldn’t wear them in public though.

  • Courtney Bryant

    Don’t hate on that 1920’s Bathing Suit w/ sleeves? I’m good Miley.

    I’m sure Coco Chanel is rolling in her grave right now…

  • Jennifer

    Ugh, I wouldn’t want to go to the bathroom wearing that.

  • Alecia

    That’s not something I would want. Onesies are for babies, people!

  • Ashley

    Can I have what I assume is her closet please? No hate here. :)

  • Ella

    Onesies are awesome and I want the one she has. Also her closet.