Rare, Early Photos Of Madonna Will Go On Display Around The World


Back in 1982, photographer Richard Corman shot a young, unknown wannabe singer named Madonna. This year, many of those photos will be on display for the first time ever in a new exhibition that will take place in W Hotels in cities around the world. As I understand it, many of the photos have never been seen before so it sounds like this exhibition is worth checking out. Click below to see some of the photos that will be on display and read what Corman himself has to say about the exhibition showcasing his time with Madonna.

Her ’80s street style is an iconic fashion moment. And it looks like Madonna was wearing the hooped earrings and bright red lipstick even before she found fame. In never before seen images, a 24-year-old Madonna poses up a storm in a series of photos taken just before her ascent to superstardom. Richard Corman photographed the young Michigan-native in New York City in 1982 – a year before she released her debut, eponymous album. These previously hidden images, taken in Madonna’s Lower East Side apartment, are to be displayed for the first time in a new exhibition.
Reflecting on the shoot, Corman told ELLE.com: ‘She leaned on her staircase and greeted me from her walk-up. I saw those cat eyes, and I just knew. There are a few people that have that fierce sense of confidence that she portrayed.’ Corman soon realised it wasn’t to be a solo shoot after she invited children from the nearby housing projects to come and dance with her. He recalled: ‘She served me an espresso with a Bazooka bubble gum, I will never forget it. The kids from the projects would all come up and sing and dance along with her. I documented all of this. I was a voyeur.’ The photos will go on show in MADONNA – A Transformational Exhibition at various W Hotels throughout New York from later this week.
The exhibition will feature photos by Corman and fellow photographer George DuBose.

Now, I’m not sure how many people are going to visit different W Hotels just to see these photographs but, yeah, I think it’s worth making the time to visit at least one hotel to see some of these photos. Madonna is one of the biggest superstars in the world … possibly of all time. These photos of the woman just before anyone even heard her name capture a moment in time that we can never truly understand. It’s really amazing to me to see how fully fleshed out her style was way back then. Madonna was born to rule the world, it’s a given. The photos presented here are really cool as Hell. I would love to see more. Many of the photos can be seen HERE or, of course, in person at the W Hotels around the world. Very cool, right?


  • rOXy

    There never has been and never will be another like her. She’s like all true icons. Imitators can’t get close to the original. They can try but always fail. Audrey, Marilyn, Elvis. She lives and breathes among us, and for that, we are so fortunate.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    I am so glad as a kid I hitched my wagon on to Madonna- it has been a great treat to see her overcome every naysayer and critic and evolve in to the biggest female recording artist in history.

  • chadSF

    This is fantastic! I’ll be visiting the Big Apple later this month and I’ll make sure to stop by a W hotel to check these photos.

  • Robboblob

    It’s so fun and amazing to be a fan of Madonna, someone that started a career in 1982 and it is now 2013 and she still is the biggest star to ever become, never stopping. True superstardom!

  • Kent

    As a lifelong Madonna fan, I love reading these comments!