‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Reportedly Has A Sex Tape Porno For Sale [UPDATE]


Y’all know how I feel about Teen Mom; MTV’s so-called reality show gets me into such a rage I really try not to write about it. But I have addressed a few stories about some of the girls from the show, because some are just too juicy to resist. Like this one! Do y’all remember Farrah Abraham? Of course you do. Her cry-face became one of the greatest memes ever. Well she’s been getting into a bit of trouble of lately– got herself a DUI which wasn’t really news to me because, well, she’s a Teen Mom star! But now there’s talk of a Farrah Abraham sex tape that’s being shopped around to a bunch of porn companies. Pssshhh. I knew that boob job she got wasn’t for ‘modeling.’ LMAO. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the story:

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abrahams got down and dirty while cameras rolled and now a sex tape is being shopped to various porn companies featuring the MTV star … TMZ has learned.

According to sources who have seen the tape, Farrah and a male partner (possibly her ex-boyfriend) go at it for about 30 minutes … full-on sex … in various positions. We’re told it was recently shot.

Our sources say the person selling the tape has already shown it to some of the biggest XXX companies and is looking to make a deal.

It’s another notch in Farrah’s belt … she was recently snapped boozing it up in nothing but lingerie. And last month she was arrested on suspicion of DUI, when cops say she blew nearly twice the legal limit.

Farrah blamed that on being sick. Wonder what her excuse for this will be?

Now about these pictures TMZ snapped of Farrah “boozing it up in lingerie”:


In Farrah’s defense, I read that it was a lingerie party, so she was just following protocol. And here’s my thing about the Farrah Abraham sex tape– who cares (unless, of course, she starts crying in it)/where is that Kanye West sex tape we heard about a while back??? What?

I don’t even know what’s happening on the Teen Mom shows, or if Farrah is gearing up for another season but it’d be interesting to see if and how this affects her… um career with MTV.

[UPDATE]: Farrah has spoken. She kinda denied the sex tape, then kinda confirmed it, then lit’rally made no sense at all:


[UPDATE]: Everybody, calm down! Calm down. TMZ is now reporting that it’s not a sex tape at all. It’s a porno she shot with James Deen. So it’s fine. Her dignity has been restored. Glad we cleared that up.


  • apriljan

    Uggh. She has a child! She needs to act her age and not her shoe size!

  • nicole

    LOL Shannon! i totally forgot about that Kanye sex tape!

    • Shannon

      nicole, as you can see… I didn’t. *Taps fingers impatiently*

    • nicole

      @Shannon, it may not happen this year, or next year, but i have a feeling that video will see the light of day eventually.

  • Miss Mellie

    I dunno if this is so much sex tape as it is full on porno flick. “Sex tape” implies it was something that was never intended to go public. Ugh, teen mom is disgusting. I found out not long ago that so many girls at my old high school were having babies that they put in a day care. All the moms and their babies have their lunch period together, and they literally fill up two huge cafeteria tables. Why can’t Mtv make a “Smart Girl” series or something with girl scientists and girl chess players? Smart is sexy. Glamorize *that*.

    • Serenity

      They won’t make it because it’s harder to point and laugh at a smart girl while saying, “I’m glad I’m not some lamer who found a cure for cancer when I was 15.”

  • Miss Mellie

    I feel compelled to share this Mates of State cover of I am a Scientist:

    [video-embed url=”http%3A//youtu.be/vpgc_cvCsP4″]

  • Joan

    Some of these Teen Moms…*smh*… They are the reason why the show gets such a bad wrap.

  • Lindsay

    TMZ says the guy in the movie is James Deen!! I wonder if she had to pay him?

    • Krissy

      Sorry…but this comment is so funny coming from “Lindsay” (reminds me of Lohan!)

      If he is a professional, is this really considered a “sex tape”? IMO, a professional makes it officially “porn”.

    • Shannon

      Lindsay and Krissy, yes. TMZ is now saying it was an actual porno that she shot.

  • Steph

    Every time I read the words “Teen Mom” I can feel my IQ drop a point.

  • Serenity

    Does anybody else remember when people didn’t want sex tapes to leak, as opposed to seeing them as vehicles to fast fame (or more attention, as the case might be here)?

    • Lauren xx

      You can legitimately blame Kim Kardashian for that one, that is the primary reason anyone knows who she is. The main difference being Kim never wanted that to come out.

  • Lynne

    E.La.Bor.Ate.? Hahaha