Kate Moss Models Peruvian Stylings In A Gorgeous Spread For ‘Vogue’ Paris


Welp. Vogue Paris just did it on ‘em! I don’t know what it is about Kate Moss, but when she rocks a particular style, it’s just overwhelming. A little while back Mario Testino shot her in a brilliant spread for Vogue Spain, where she posed alongside a famous matador. Now Testino’s got her all decked out in fashion celebrating his home country of Peru, and Kate looks flawless. I am semi-drooling over these gorgeous fabrics, and I’m equally amazed at Kate’s ability to reinvent herself in nearly every photo. Bow down, bitches! Kate reigns! Peep the gallery for more.


  • Diana

    The pics are beautiful, but I’m not going to lie, as a South American, this bothers me a bit. Still trying to figure out why? I guess in the same way as when I see models wearing Native American traditional dress?

    • Shannon

      Diana, I can see where you’re coming from. For me, it helps that the photographer (Mario Testino) is from Peru, and he was interested in showcasing the stylings of his country.

  • Lauren xx

    Testino is a genius, I love these photos. I saw his show at the MFA in Boston and I thought I died and went to heaven (and then dropped $100 in the gift shop, whoops.)

    Diana, I think Testino has a way with his work where he is able to show the cultural inspiration in fashion without making it look like a parody or costume. It’s very tasteful and respectful, like “here is the couture, here is what inspired the couture. And all of it is beautiful!” You should look at some of his other works for Vogue.

  • Alejandro CerdeƱa Fotografia

    Disapointed that Mario didnt use Juana Burga whos a peruvian model in a larger spread. All I saw was two images at the very end of the magazine of Juana Burga. You would think Mario would have used her a whole lot better than that.