‘Then Britanny Will Learn That Water Breaking Is Not The Same As Breaking Wind,’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


This was a really big week in PITNB reader commentary, y’all. We had so many fun stories, what with that awesome guy who lives as a mermaid uh… merman, Justin Bieber’s latest attempts at life as a gangsta, and an episode of Scandal that had everybody shook. But it was an extra-special week for me because, based on a few mind-blowing comments, I became virtual bffs with PITNBr janaegal, and we’re all just gonna have to deal with it. LOL! Ya’ll know I have lurve for all of you, it’s just that janaegal and I are about to have a sleepover and it’s kind of a big deal. Click inside for more!

PITNBr Paul weighed in when we learned about Glee actress Heather Morris’ pregnancy. Here’s how Paul thinks the baby bump might be written into the storyline:

Since Glee is fond of repeating storylines these days, I predict it will be very similar to their first year story of the pregnant cheerleader, only played for laughs this time. First Britanny will not know why she is getting fatter, no matter how much she dances to top 40 tunes. Then Britanny will be surprised to learn that sex leads to pregnancy. Then Britanny will be surprised to learn that it wasn’t sex with Santana that led to the pregnancy. Then Britanny will be surprised that pregnancy leads to having a baby. Then Britanny will consider having an abortion, only to be surprised that to learn that this doesn’t mean getting rid of the boring part of you. (only a little wetter). I think we are in for a whole season of “What happens when stupid people get pregnant?” as if we didn’t already have enough of that with “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant”.

PITNBr LaurenL made me feel sooo good about my first April Fool’s Day post on PITNB. For a moment, she (like many of you– ha!) thought Ryan Gosling actually was cast as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie:

I hate you. I seriously hate you.

Now don’t worry– LaurenL loves me again, she was just in shock. Came back later to congratulate me, lol:

Well done, sista!!! Well done! You got me SO GOOD, it hurt. And that’s the whole point, right!?! Haha!

Shouts-out to everyone else who got April fooled! I had so much fun reading all your faux-angry comments :)

PITNBr Serena joined in on an interesting (and still on-going) discussion we had about race and racial segregation in America. One thing the story about segregated proms in Georgia taught us is that racism and prejudice is often closer to home than we’re sometimes willing to admit. I loved Serena’s explanation of how she manages to equal-opportunity diss everyone who pisses her off, without ever getting racial about it:

I also remember having a bit of a fight with my brother one day. He was telling me a story about how this – racial slur- cut him off in traffic the other day. I gave him sh*t saying that as he doesnt need to use that kind of language (slur). He then said, “I bet you say the same type of slur when it happens to you”. I said “NO i dont actually, no matter who p*sses me off is traffic is an A**hole or Jerk, or some other swear word”. If someone makes me mad when i am out and about, no matter who they are, or what race they are, they all get called the same name. I refuse to use such slurs and I give others heck for doing it in front of me. It’s wrong! And i refuse to sit back and ignore someone’s ignorance.

PITNBr ErinAsh, I wasn’t sure if anyone was gonna pick up on this when I did it, so thank you. Justin Bieber’s done a lot of ill stuff lately, but when he compared himself to Jay-Z, and mentioned the holy name that is Cam’ron, and proved that his knowledge of Hip-Hop beef is severely lacking, I knew he was crazy:

Thank you for cropping that image in the thumbnail so it just said “Justin’s Crazy.” That is all.

PITNBr Megan had me rolling with this one. Tim Burton has a new movie starring Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams, and it was quite a shock to learn that he wasn’t casting any of his old faves:

You spelt Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter wrong ;)

PITNBr blaqfury is no longer the only member of the Jimmy Fallon Should Host Everything Campaign, but she thought she was when she first commented on the story about Fallon replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show:

As the only member of the “Jimmy Fallon Should Host Everything Campaign”, this is excellent news! Now I can watch his show in real time instead of online the following day! I wonder if he’ll put NBC in his thank you notes…lol…

PITNBrs nicole and Alecia joined the blaqfury’s group shortly thereafter. Awesomeness.

PITNBr DJ also commented on the Fallon/Leno story. He had a different, more personal take and it was great to read his response:

Wow, truly the end of an era. Not so much that Lenomis stepping down (thank god), but that they’re moving the show to NYC. The Tonight Show had been such a staple in Burbank when it was NBC and is now Burbank Studios. My first few jobs out here were on the old NBC lot and we’d always wonder who was on Leno that we could sneak over and watch. Got to meet Morrissey and Depeche Mode and got my BFF in to meet Robert Smith.

When family and friends would visit from the east coast, I made them Feel like VIPs, being able to take them behind the scenes and down hallways they’d never go down as ordinary civilians. And there was always a new a nd fun automobile in Leno’s spot, so much so that it became a major stop on the official NBC tour.

I’m really happy for Jimmy Fallon as he is incredibly talented and charming, but also feel like part of my childhood is being torn down. Not sad, just nostalgic, it’s even weird driving by the old NBC lot (they moved to Universal) and seeing the Burbank Studios sign.

Life goes on…

PITNBr PandoMan, like many of us who reside in Scandalville, kind of lost it over the last episode:

Just watched the episode and feel like I need an upper and a downer! I’m not sure how to feel! Do I hate Jake? But he’s so sexy and mysterious. Yes, slightly over protective but who hasn’t stalked and video taped the person they love/possibly might want to kill to ensure their safety? And Shannon I am there with you! He put hands on her and I was like OH its about to get real! So real that I need to get cast as the man who kills Jake’s character off cause homie don’t play that! And then Fitz and Huck and Cyrus! CYRUS! That man has done lost his mind! Oh and Mellie! Damn you Mellie! Why must you make me like you! WHY!!!!??!!

PITNBr Lulu isn’t ashamed to admit she may or may not want to live as a mermaid, like the guy from TLC’s My Crazy Obsession:

That’s insane. But kinda awesome. Those tails are so freaking cool. I want one. But not really. but kinda? lol.

PITNBr janaegal, you were really there for me on Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s wedding anniversary. And I appreciate you for that:

Shannon. Come be my friend. You can hate on Bey and I can hate on Eva and you can make out with your Jay poster and I’ll make out with my Ryan poster and we’ll call it a day.

PITNBr Kayla will also be attending this sleepover party (I’ve decided it’s a sleepover) at janaegal’s place:

Can I bring my Pharrell poster and hate on Helen?

Oh, and janaegal also shared a great comment on our story about Drew Barrymore’s recent statement about motherhood, and not being able to have it all:

I’m not a mom, but I do have this unpopular theory(that may change if I ever have kids). I understand you can’t have it all, but I also think it’s really important to not give it all up. So many friends of mine have had kids and then that’s ALL their life becomes about. I think it’s so important for you AND your child to remain all parts of your identity. I hope when if I ever become a mother, I still do things for me. I plan on taking full advantage of offered help(whether from a nanny or grandparent or whoevs) to spend time with my child so I can pursue outside projects. I want to be able to come home and have stories to tell my children, not share ALL of our stories together. I don’t think Mother should be your only identity.

Actually, we have a lot of great comments on that post– y’all should check it out in case you missed.

PITNBr ClaireMichelle came clean about her Throwback crush on Ryan Cabrera and got some much-needed support from PITNBr Krissy:

I used to have a major crush on him too, back in his Ashlee Simpson days… I am so embarrassed right now. Just… No.

PITNBr Krissy replied:

Takes a lot of courage to admit that.

:: hug ::


Thanks for the support. I wasn’t sure how all of you would accept me after that confession!

It’s all love here, ClaireMichelle. It’s all love.

LMAO! Thanks to everyone for another awesome week! Nobody call me tonight. I have, like, a whole season of Mad Men to watch before I catch the premiere! Agh!

Sidenote: Ummmm… y’all KNOW how I feel about Marion Cotillard’s film Rust And Bone. Well, it’s finally On Demand and DVD… and Amazon Instant Video. Just in case you wanted to get your life changed tonight or whatever. Holla!

  • ErinAsh

    Woot! Thank you for the love, Shannon!! PS – I just learned that the last episode of Scandal was called “Molly, You in Danger, Girl” Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost reference? Could I love this show even more?

    • Shannon

      ErinAsh, OMG that’s so awesome! I def didn’t pick up on that. The girl who died in the episode was named Molly so I kept waiting for someone to say that line, lol! It all makes sense now :)

    • janaegal

      that is reason enough for me to start watching this show…finally!!

  • Megan

    This is the first time one of my comments has been on one of these, I’m so happy! You’ve literally made my day :D

    • Shannon

      Megan, I was reading your comment from my phone and I couldn’t reply but I was cracking up… mainly because I spent a good 30 seconds looking for the part where I misspelled those names. Good one :)

  • Natalea

    Dearest Shannon,

    I finally saw Rust and Bone. It was better than I’d imagined (and I imagined it was awesome, duh!). So, basically, Marion is everything, and Matthias Schoenaerts is my new jam.


    • Shannon

      Natalea, I kid you not, I’m watching it now On Demand and I already ordered the DVD from Amazon… lmao! I am so EFFING glad you saw this “with” me! And yes, Matthias Schoenaerts is the new jam.

    • Natalea

      Yes, I’m so glad as well! Ah, I’ve got to buy it now!

  • Serena

    Like Megan, this was the first time a comment of mine was part of the PITNB reader comments!! I finally made the cut!! Woo Woo!!
    It totally made my day! Thank you so much for giving me a BIG A** smile on my face! You rock!! xoxo

  • Vicky

    I am dying to make the cut, too. Someday. Someday. Lol.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Thank you for the support Krissy, Shannon and PITNBers!! I feel this is a safe place for sure. So much support here! I feel safe publishing my embarrassing teenage crushes. Topping the list would be Ryan Cabrera and Aaron Carter… I imagine this is how teenage girls will feel in a few years when they look back on crushing so hard on Bieber.

  • Krissy

    How fun to get a shout out! :D
    I love the community that Trent and Shannon have created here…very fun vibe!

    (Shannon, I was looking through On Demand this weekend and saw Rust and Bone and added it to my “must see” list, thinking of you! Hope you feel good knowing how many more people will see it because of your encouragement!)

    • Shannon

      Krissy, thank you for supporting my ongoing campaign to get everyone in the entire world to see this movie. Thank you :)

  • PandoMan

    I just saw this! Thank you so much for the love! This made my day! Seriously awesome! And I love your recaps! Every time I read them I’m all, “DAMN RIGHT!!”

    • Shannon

      PandoMan, glad you saw this– can’t wait to see you back at the ‘Scandal’ recaps in a couple of weeks!