Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ‘Molly…’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’


OMG. My head hurts… my soul hurts. Earlier this week we saw Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on the cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine (and yes, PITNBr Carl, I did peep Tony’s eyebrows– they look so real!). We learned that Scandal was only going to get more intense as the season came to a close, and yeah. That’s exactly what’s happening. I have so many mixed emotions regarding last night’s episode… I’m torn, I’m tired and I’m going to effing kill Jake!!! Or am I?!?! I don’t know!!!! Click inside and help me, please!!!

So this episode was allll about relationships. I mean, every Scandal episode is about relationships, but this episode heavily focused on the drama betwixt James and Cyrus, Mellie and Fitz, and Olivia and Jake. And it was all intense. Each couple has their own unique set of trust issues, but regardless of the nature of the lies between them, it’s all bad. I think James and Cyrus really stole the show with their scenes, and I loved watching the two of them go at it, even as they tried to figure out how they might forgive each other.

We learned in last week’s episode that Jake was behind the murder of Director Osbourne, and this week Osbourne’s wife came forward like Oh hellllll nawl this wasn’t no damn suicide! I was so psyched to see the Gladiators (plus David, lol) take on the case. They soon found out that he absolutely was murdered when they realized that their main source (Molly) had been paid off and was about to flee the country. As soon as they caught up with her they basically signed her death certificate because she was murdered by the end of the episode. R.I.P. Molly.

The violence in this episode was too much for me. I cannot deal with Huck getting hurt again, and I cannot deal with Olivia Pope ever, ever, evereverevereverever getting jacked up like she did! I absolutely lost my mind during those scenes. Sigh. I’m still messed up over it. So let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s ‘Scandal’
Season 2, Episode 18: Molly, Girl, You In Danger


1. The Perfect Marriage


OMG. Mellie and Fitz and the hotmessness that was their bullshizz interview! I loved it! I loved how Cyrus had to sit them down like, whatever you do, don’t be yourselves, lmao. Oh gosh, they are so out of love. Cy had to prep them for this big interview (that wasn’t, unfortunately, with Oprah) and it was gonna be a huge deal because Fitz would be announcing his campaign for re-election a few weeks later. What was brilliant was that their story was told against Cyrus’s story with James. Cy had been kicked out of his house and it was so effing sad, right? Even bad guys wanna come home, y’all! Anyway, it’s not like Cy is really the bad guy. He made a great point when he told James that, really, James was angry with himself because he lied to the courts about Defiance. He can point the finger at Cyrus all he wants but he also had the opportunity to do the right thing, and instead chose to save his husband and preserve their life together. I friggen love Cyrus and James (and their adorable baby, who we better get to see again soon), and they really brought the heat in this episode.

Quote It: They don’t want you. They don’t want this. This is Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? This Is Macbeth. (Cyrus RE: Fitz and Mellie)

I don’t wanna knock on my own door James! I wanna sleep in my own bed! I wanna drink my wine from a normal sized bottle!

2. Suzie, Not Susan


Yes! I sooo wanted to learn more about this storyline with the CIA Director, and his wife showed up with such a compelling story, even Olivia Pope had to bow down and admit she was wrong. As it turned out, the perfect suicide was actually the perfect murder, and Osbourne’s wife realized something was wrong based on her husband’s suicide letter which was addressed to her. He purposefully wrote out Susan so she’d suspect something, because during their entire marriage he’d never called her that– only Suzie or honey. Sigh. It was a messed up story, but I loved how sure she was in her gut that her husband had been killed. The Gladiators started investigating and sure enough, Molly had lied to them to save herself (although it didn’t work in the end), and now they’re on the right path to finding the real mole. It just sucks that all our favorite Gladiators are getting jacked up in the process.

3. Huuuuuccckkkkkk!


No. No. Nononononononononooooooooo! I cannot deal with them hurting my Huck again! He just started showering again a few episodes ago! Leave him beeeeee! Oh man. First off, Huck and Quinn are still the cutest thing ever. Notice how he lets her take the reigns in all the interrogations and stuff? It’s so effing cute, I can’t. And I think he made her wait in the car when they found the suspicious storage unit (rented by Albatross) because he knew something might go down; I lit’rally paused the episode and was cringing and freaking out like cray when I saw him getting hit in the back of the head. They need to leave my baby alone!

4. Jake, I’m Seriously Gonna Hurt You


Oh man. Oh my geez. I can’t. I couldn’t and I can’t. Here’s my problem. Basically, Jake was gonna… take care of Olivia… right? I mean. When that creepy dude he met with told him to take care of Olivia, I did notice that Jake didn’t give him a hard yes in reply. I just couldn’t help but feel like he wasn’t going to go through with it. It’s so ridiculous, but he seems to really, really like her! Was he actually going to take care of her? When she popped up unannounced at his house with the Gettysburgers (how cute was this date?!) and he was packing a bag… and a gun… was he really going to do it?! Ugh, I can’t. And then they kissed. And then they made sweet love down by the fire… and again. I was torn! It didn’t look like he was faking it with her, lol!

But then it happened. He put his hands on her. And I was like. Oh shizz. I’m gonna have to eff up Jake and it’s gonna be awkward because he’s a character on a television show and I don’t even know how that would work but it’s gonna happen. But then he shows her the guy who was actually there to DUNZO her, and I was all confused again. Now my bff’s theory is that that image was actually a pre-recorded video of Jake in her apartment and he’d been planning all along to show her that, in case she ever found out about the cameras. Totally possible, right? Right? I dunnoooooo!

Quote It: I’m regular people. (Olivia)
No, no. You’re special. And fancy. (Jake)

5. Oh Shizz– Fitz V. Jake


Fitz is so wrecked over Olivia, lmao! Every time he gives Mellie shizz (like when he was going on about their fake ‘how we met’ story) I’m just thinking about how sad he is over Olivia. He finally called Cyrus in this episode and made the confession of a lifetime:

I killed Verna Thornton.

I forgot all about that!!! And then he was basically like, Olivia would never forgive me for that… who am I to judge her over Defiance? Good point. I love how Cyrus totally rolled with that information too. I mean, you could tell he was shocked, but he held it down and told Fitz that it was sort of a part of the job… lol. Oh, Cyrus. But here’s the thing. When Fitz showed up at the hospital after Olivia had her concussion (thanks, Jake) it was really awkward! First of all, Olivia suddenly learns that Jake and Fitz are buddies. AWKWARD. And then Fitz is like, digging his face into her neck, which probably still had some light-to-heavy Jake-residue on it. AWKWARD. And then Jake was watching all this from outside of the room! Hella AWKWARD! And what was really awkward… was that I kinda felt bad for Jake! LMAO, he looked so confused, then hurt, then confused again watching Liv and Fitz boo up like that. Crazy. I can’t. I don’t know what to do. I can’t with this show.

Y’all have to help me out. What are your theories on the Jake situation?! I was so over him after the last episode, and I know I should still be done with him, I just need more information!

  • Minerva

    I think the most confusing thing for me was when Cyrus’s personal hit man called him up after leaving the storage unit (?? I think?) So it made me think he was the one in Liv’s apartment and wonder if CYRUS is the mole. If not wtf is going on. Ugh I’m so confused!!! This show is I-N-T-E-N-S-E.

    • Shannon

      Minerva, omg yes! Thanks for bringing that up! I realized who it was but totally didn’t make the full connection. Cyrus was definitely pissed that Olivia wanted to clear the Director, so I guess he put his man on the situation. And you’re right, that does complicate the question of who was in her house.

    • Adi

      Shannon, first of, you’re awesome. Two, a minor correction, the hit man wasn’t leaving the storage unit when he called Cy, he was leaving the hospital where Liv was. That was the complication he was referring to, which was more WTF for me.

      And what about the shade that David Rosen was throwing at Libby. Admit you have feelings for me…. and I’m gonna call you a liar and tell you I cannot love you. What a douche.

  • Karrie

    David needs to be a gladiator! I heart David!

    Yes at the end Olivia’s face…she was like i have the man i love here but i just slept with this man who totally made me get a concussion and has been stalking me. i love Fitz but Jake is hot but i just don;t know is he good is he bad…i Don’t know! But I know I would hit that! and our Fitz seems to be coming back to us…no more drunky nasty Fitz I hope

    love me some mellie..she is so good at being fake!

    • Shannon

      Karrie, I kinda loved Mellie’s speech about marriage and how the convention requires a certain pretense. I lived Fitz’s response too, but Mellie definitely made some good points. Love her!

      ‘But I know I would hit that!’ LMAO! Yeah, pretty much.

  • PandoMan

    Just watched the episode and feel like I need an upper and a downer! I’m not sure how to feel! Do I hate Jake? But he’s so sexy and mysterious. Yes, slightly over protective but who hasn’t stalked and video taped the person they love/possibly might want to kill to ensure their safety? And Shannon I am there with you! He put hands on her and I was like OH its about to get real! So real that I need to get cast as the man who kills Jake’s character off cause homie don’t play that! And then Fitz and Huck and Cyrus! CYRUS! That man has done lost his mind! Oh and Mellie! Damn you Mellie! Why must you make me like you! WHY!!!!??!!

    • Shannon

      PandoMan, ‘So real that I need to get cast as the man who kills Jake’s character off cause homie don’t play that!’ LMAO! I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! I cannot believe we had to sit through that scene. The. Worst.

      Oh, and this: ‘who hasn’t stalked and video taped the person they love/possibly might want to kill to ensure their safety?’ OMG, stawp it! No, you’re so right though. And so wrong, lol!

  • nicole

    this show is just doing Huck wrong. i cant take it anymore, like just leave the poor guy alone already.
    i kind of loved Cyrus & Fitz bonding over thier relationships. although im starting to give Cy the side eye..he’s up to something.
    and Jake…i just cant figure him out! is he good? bad? saving Liv? hurting Liv? i need answers!!

    • Shannon

      nicole, you know I feel you on this. I can’t deal with watching Huck get hurt anymore!

      ‘im starting to give Cy the side eye..he’s up to something.’ OMG, you just reminded me of that time he fake-cried in front od James, lmao! You’re probably right, but I did think it was nice to see he and Pres talking about their ish.

  • Karen

    omg. This episode was NUTS.

    When Olivia started to turn on those monitors, I actually CHANGED THE CHANNEL because I knew Jake was going to come out and see her and I couldn’t take the stress! Of course, then I had to change it back and it was still stressful.

    Before she surprised him, Jake was packing a bag with a big roll of DUCT TAPE and a gun in it. I was not happy about her sleeping with him after seeing that. And I guess Jake feels like as far as “protecting” her goes, sleeping with her is basically the same as wrapping her up in duct tape at gun point. Whatever’s easiest, I guess?

    At least he took her to a hospital rather than tossing her into a dumpster on trash day. (I’m learning so much on this show!)

    Shannon, your bff’s theory is very stressful! Cyrus cannot be responsible for hurting Huck! I’ve adjusted to Cyrus doing bad things, but only if they’re to *other* people.

    Also, just have to say that I love the actress who played Suzie Honey. I think she’s beautiful and I love watching her whenever she pops up on a show I watch.

    • nicole

      ” into a dumpster on trash day.” i LOVED that line

    • Shannon

      Karen, I’m just getting back to these comments– the dumpster thing! OMG, this show gets so dark sometimes, I love it. I can’t believe we have to wait two more weeks to find out what the eff is going on.

  • Beamer

    When Jake showed Olivia the man in her apartment, I was confused because I too thought it was Jake.

    With this show, I’m going to stop thinking about it so much and just enjoy the ride:-)

  • nicole

    you know i was thinking…was there really someone in Liv’s apartment, or did Jake tape himself walking around the apartment with a mask and & have it ready to play just in case Liv turned on those tvs.

  • Lulu

    I can’t even put thoughts together. Too much crazeballs for my head right now… lol

    I do want to say thankyou for always recapping. I LOVE and appreciate it.

  • Lindsay

    i. cant. even. deal.

    so much in one episode. i think i hate Jake but im not sure. Olivia has got to be reeling – she slept with him!! and then turned on the tv to find he is a creeper! you don’t bounce right back from that! poor O!

    Shonda needs to chillax on the Huck torture – he is gonna need a sedative and a padded room if she keeps up the abuse! my heart hurts for him!

    and as for Cyrus’ thug walking away from the storage unit – makes me think that Cyrus is the mole – but there is no way that could be real, right??

    i need new episodes. stat.

  • Brandyjk

    I love love love these recaps. But…I would LOVE to see this as a video! I “hear” your voice in your writing, but I think it would be amaaaazing if you did video recaps. Just a suggestion! Keep on m’dear.

  • blaqfury

    This show is really hard to process… so much happens…
    anyways… fist off! you’re not gonna give me the dirty low down 2 secs after gaining consciousness (b/c of you) and 30 secs before your boss comes in and and be like, aight so just say that, we cool? poor liv, she looked like a wounded & scared lil mouse who had no idea what was going on and couldn’t trust anyone.

    I’m so confused about cyrus. It seems he was behind the hit on Huck, but why? Is he connected with the CIA framing plot? i can’t figure that one out yet, but i am with your friend. I fully believe that was a pre-recorded session with Jake roaming Liv’s house.

    Poor Huck…and he was making progress too… just sigh… I can’t with this, they need to leave him alone. And i hope that this Quinn & Huck story isn’t going romantic. They need to be BFFs only.

    Last but not least…i think the best line of the episode was when David said, “yeah cause we’re gladiators in helmets” and Columbus Short (i really gotta learn his tv name) was like “ummmm…suits” That had me cracking up.

  • Itstoogoodtonotwatch

    I’m apt to think that look on Olivia’s face might be confusion. I’m hoping they don’t do this, but what if she has amnesia?