Watch: Beyoncé Debuts A New Song Titled ‘Grown Woman’ In A New Pepsi Commercial

"Embrace Your Past, But Live For Now"

Yesterday we learned that popstar Beyoncé was planning the release of something music-related and today we get our first look and first listen of that release. Last year we learned that Bey signed an endorsement deal with Pepsi Cola for a reported $50 million dollars and today we get to see Bey‘s first TV commercial for the brand. In a new ad titled Mirrors, Beyoncé takes a break from dance rehearsal to enjoy a can of Pepsi … and then she comes face to face with Beyoncés of the past. The commercial features a small portion of a new song titled Grown Woman. Check out the embed above to watch Bey‘s new Pepsi commercial and get your first listen of her new song.

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  1. The shot of her taking a drink is awkward.

    I like the commerical but the song is meh.

  2. I am really loving this commercial. It’s fun to see all of Bey’s stages. This is also my favorite song out of the three songs we have heard from this new album.

  3. Linnea

    Yey! Bey’s music is back on track! I’m so happy that this song actually didn’t have any sign of dub step or house.. I actually loved it!

  4. Ugh! I wish people wouldn’t endorse soft drinks. These things are literally chemicals and sugar. The sodas that are “0 Calories” or low calories are nothing but gunk that your body can’t digest. Your body burns whatever value it does have trying to do so thus you get the 0 calories but it provides nothing nutritional to your body…

    Sorry…that was mainly me hating on Beyonce…WHY IS SHE SO FABULOUS!?

  5. It’s no Britney Spears “For Those Who Think Young” but whatevs.

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