Here Are Five Reasons To Celebrate The Blessed Union Of Jay-Z And Beyoncé


Today, we are going to have a short but sweet Throwback Thursday. It’s 4/4 y’all! And it’s a happy day for the ones they call Mr. and Mrs. Carter… but for me it’s always a difficult time of the year. I’ll never forget the first time I started hearing rumors about Bey and Jay. I didn’t wanna believe it… I couldn’t believe it. Was my Jay-Z really, truly creeping around with another woman? I’m not gonna lie, it was the worst! And then they started doing these songs together, and I was all like. No. I’m not supporting this. But then the songs were, like, good. And it was awkward. And then we started seeing, like, pictures of them… looking so. Effing. Happy. Together. And it was like, okay. Fine. Whatever. If he’s happy with her then fine. And, ya know, I had to move on. But because of my lurve for Jigga man, I don’t think I’ll ever be fully, 100% comfortable with his decision [to leave me for Beyoncé, when I can totally do the exact same dance moves, but maybe just like not as fast, or whatever]. However, I am willing to put aside some of that old heartbreak that still creeps up on their anniversary date, and celebrate the good music that their blessed union has created. Click inside to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Mr. And Mrs. Carter with five of their best collaborations!

Five Reasons To Celebrate The Blessed Union Of Jay-Z And Beyoncé

1. Mrs. Carter feat. Mr. Carter, Upgrade U


Now what you’re not gonna get me to do is talk about that one time we celebrated my bff’s 22nd birthday in my apartment in uptown Manhattan, and I spent 20-35 minutes giving her a lap dance whilst this song remained on repeat. You’re not gonna get me to talk about that because I’m a Mom now and Moms don’t give lap dances. Moving on. This song is everything. Beyoncé comparing herself to the civil rights movement/Martin Luther King, Jr. in the second verse is everything. And Beyoncé in Jay-Z drag is everything. But when Jay pops up (finally) at the end? Sigh. Happy 4/4 y’all.

2. Mr. Carter feat. Mrs. Carter, ’03 Bonnie And Clyde


LMAO. This is the most awkward Throwback Thursday ever! I’m realizing that every single one of these videos used to infuriate me! Agh! Beyoncé‘s Throwback abs?! Which look suspiciously like her current abs?! OMG, she is the worst! And they are so effing cute in this video, I just wanna diiiiiiiiieeeeee. LMAO. OMG, I really have to focus on the music because the reality of this relationship is still… so… painful to me.

3. Mr. Carter and Kanye West, feat. Mrs. Carter


Sometimes Mr. and Mrs. Carter just, like, hang out with Kanye West and make awesome songs together. Ya know. Just like other every day, run of the mill, married couples. LMAO. I love this song.

4. Mr. Carter feat. Mrs. Carter, Pray


Okay, do you know what was so effing annoying about the American Gangster album? Nothing. It’s a perfect album, I know. But still… Jay-Z actually came out and lied his ass off, talking about Beyoncé wasn’t on the album. Bullshizz. Like, he legit doesn’t credit her on the album… so technically she’s not on the album. And… I’m not gonna lie… because I was obsessed with him when I heard him say she wasn’t on there I was like OMG yes! He’s sooo over her! But yeah, no. Then I actually bought the album. And listened to it. And she’s definitely on this song. And therefore, on the album. He’s so obsessed with her! Annoying. Happy 4/4.

5. Mrs. Carter feat. Mr. Carter, Crazy In Love


Didn’t you love seeing Crazy In Love Beyoncé in her new Pepsi commercial? Isn’t she, really, your favorite Beyoncé? Or at least, the most unforgettable Beyoncé because this was when she became Beyoncé? Anyway, now she’s Mrs. Carter and that’s awesome. Totally awesome. For her. Congrats, Bey. I mean, Mrs. Carter. You did it. You stole my man. And I want to wish you and your husband a very, happy fifth anniversary, with hopes of many more to come. Anyway, this song is still ridiculous and I still can’t listen to it without seeing every girl in high school (myself included… mainly myself) doing the Uh-Oh dance. Madness!

Okay, wait. I gotta include my absolute favorite picture of these two. I knew the relationship was real when I saw Bey giving Jay that ‘what the hell is wrong with you/you’re such a dork/loveyoulongtime’ look that you can only give someone when it’s real:


  • janaegal

    Shannon. Come be my friend. You can hate on Bey and I can hate on Eva and you can make out with your Jay poster and I’ll make out with my Ryan poster and we’ll call it a day.

    • Shannon

      janaegal, ‘and you can make out with your Jay poster and I’ll make out with my Ryan poster and we’ll call it a day.’ We are, officially, bffl. Thanks friend :)

    • Kayla

      Can I bring my Pharrell poster and hate on Helen?

    • Shannon

      Kayla, ‘Can I bring my Pharrell poster and hate on Helen?’ Yes, please do. This is gonna be the most haterific sleepover ever. Can’t wait!

  • Kayshika

    Ugh. I hate these 2 together…..I love them separately!
    Everything about them is true. I have a friend at mercury records who told me they walked in together the other day,hand in hand, and jay was holding her the whole time. for no apparent reason.

    I’m gonna go drown myself in some ice cream now.

    • Shannon

      Kayshika, ‘they walked in together the other day,hand in hand, and jay was holding her the whole time’– WHY would you write this?! Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeee?!?!

  • Steph

    Maybe I’m cynical in my old age, but I can’t helping thinking the two most excited people at their wedding must have been their agents.

    • Shannon

      Steph, oh. I hear you, really. I thought that way too for a long time, but some of their pics together (and other candid vids) really do get me thinking they’re totally in lurve… much as it hurts to admit.

  • Yasmin

    OMG Sharon!! A lap dance??? A 20-35 minutes lap dance??? I love you.. And the Bonnie&Clyde and Crazy In Love videos, I can’t believe that was 10 years ago!

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, stop tryna get me to talk about that night. It was crazy, lmao!

      No, but really it went on for a long time. #Awkward.

  • Alecia

    Moms don’t give lap dances! Classic Shannon :). I initially was irritated generally because Beyonce’ was one of those people growing up I was irritated by because she seamlessly did everything.
    I have to say Crazy in Love was great because was so epic at the time. And you knew she did right by going solo. However, them collaborating all the time is getting old. I think they figured that out and decided to go outside the box.

  • Megan

    I love the song Hollywood they did together for his Kingdom Come album. I bow down to this power couple.

  • Devonte Antonio

    “what the hell is wrong with you/you’re such a dork/loveyoulongtime” look is EXACTLY what that is…see, she looks like a real person here, I wish her actual personality would show in interviews in stuff, then maybe I wouldn’t hate so much at her apparent-to-me hustle to be KANG BEYSUS. Also…she’s from Houston and left , I’m from Houston and haven’t left but she sounds RULL HRURSTON when she talks still…for no reason other than she is Beyonce and I laugh every time she tries to cover it up but I can still hear a 3rd grade education….yeah…you know I gotta hate…