First Look: 98 Degrees Releases The Cover Art For Their New Album ’2.0′

Lens Flare

Back in February we learned that 90′s boyband 98 Degrees is making a comeback this year with a new album and a new tour with fellow boybands New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. Last month, we got our first listen of the band’s new single … an absolutely horrible song titled Microphone. Today we get our first look at the cover art for 98 Degrees‘s new album 2.0 and as you can see below, the guys appear to have an intense love of lens flare.

Back in the day, 98 Degrees seemed happy to flaunt/exploit their shirtless bodies to promote the release of their music … these days, notsomuch. I have to say, I have not been impressed with anything that the guys have given us from this new era of music. The promo photos look cheap and, worst of all, their first single is really unlistenable. I’m having a hard time taking their return very seriously. I guess we’ll have to wait and hear what the rest of the 2.0 album sounds like but thus far … 98 Degrees gets a resounding Meh. from me.


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  1. they better have some damn good ballads on this album to make up for the mess that we’ve seen/heard so far

    • @nicole – you can listen to clips on itunes and unfortunately there is only like 1 or 2 ballads then an acoustic slower version of Because of You and Invisible Man. The album sounds a lot like Nick’s first solo cd SoulO which really wasnt that great. I’ll keep an open mind but so far it seems like Nick once again took control. When I met Jeff he was open about not loving the direction Revelation took. Jeff seems to be more of the motown-ish kinda of guy like their first album and part of their 2nd and unfortunately its not the direction for the cd which sucks

    • @JeniLeesK8 – well..thats just sad

    • @ nicole – i know. not happy :-(

  2. Awful album cover. I’m actually enjoying their new single. The lyrics are weak but it’s fun and upbeat and different for them.

  3. Why is that one (Jeff?) giving us his profile while the rest are looking into my soul?

  4. Cee


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