Kevin Clash, The Former Voice Of Elmo, Is Sued By A Fifth Accuser


Yesterday we learned that Kevin Clash, the former voice of Elmo, was replaced by a new voice actor at the Easter Egg Roll at the White House over the weekend. Sesame Street swears that the replacement is only temporary since they’ve yet to make a decision on how to move forward with or without Clash. Back in December, he was sued by a 4th man accusing him of illegal impropriety and just month he tried to get all 4 lawsuits against him thrown out of court. Today we learn that a 5th man has come forward to accuse and sue Clash … which means that his legal woes show no sign of going away.

A puppeteer who was the voice of Elmo on “Sesame Street” is being sued for the fifth time, accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy. In a federal lawsuit filed in New York on Tuesday, 25-year-old Kevin Kiadii (kee-EH’-dee) says he was 16 when he met Kevin Clash during an online chat. Kiadii attorney Jeff Herman says Clash sent a limousine to pick up the teen in Brooklyn and take him to his Manhattan apartment for sex. Herman represents four other people who filed similar lawsuits. He acknowledges his clients were compliant but says the 52-year-old puppeteer took advantage of them by playing father to them. Clash resigned from “Sesame Street” in November. He has denied any wrongdoing. His lawyer hasn’t responded to a call for comment on the latest lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages.

Yikes! In all fairness, just because a man stands accused of a crime does not mean he is guilty … but when the accusers start piling up, it doesn’t look very good. I honestly cannot see how Clash will be able to salvage his reputation enough to resume work on such a high profile children’s TV show like Sesame Street after all of these lawsuits run their course. If Clash is convicted even once, I have no doubt that Sesame Street will never work with him again. 5 accusers in all … innocent or not, things just don’t look great for Kevin Clash right now.


  • Jake

    Even if he is found completely innocent of all the accusations, his career is over. He can’t work in children’s TV again.

  • Krissy

    I am so torn about these accusations.
    One one hand, I wonder why it took all of these victims 9 or so years to come forward. The acts he is accused of are only illegal because of the age of the victims, none of them say he forced them or drugged them, etc. I think it would be very easy to say something happened at 16 that really happened at 18. Also, he appears to have met these men online, where it is possible they misrepresented their age to him.

    On the other hand, victim rights advocate side of my brain says that this number accusations could reflect truth in the accusations. Sometimes it takes time to find the ability to come forward and face someone who harmed you.

    No matter what, this is so sad. Either a man was abusing teens while working on a kids show or an innocent man is having his life and career ruined because of vengeful ex-boyfriends. There is no upside to this.

    • Alicia Mayo-White

      “Also, he appears to have met these men online, where it is possible they misrepresented their age to him”

      THIS! This is what keeps giving me a shred of hope in some way. If these accusers were online in 18+ chat rooms while underage and Kevin invited them over, what is he supposed to do, check their ID? Really?

    • John D

      Except the acts weren’t illegal. New York has 16 as the age of consent. I’ll admit that it’s a little creepy that as a man in his 40s he was chasing after 16-year-olds. It is, however, legal. Other states would insist on 17 years. Only about a third of the states set age of consent at 18.

      As Atty1 points out, these are civil suits. But other than force him to settle to avoid further embarrassment, what can they get? “This man perpetrated a completely legal act on me!”

  • Jack

    Damn…I hope all my whores never find about MY trust fund.

  • Atty1

    These are all civil suits. If he loses, he is just found liable for damages (money). Convictions only occur in criminal suits.