Ryan Cabrera Shows Off His Ryan Gosling Tattoo


So … you may think that YOU love Ryan Gosling but I don’t think you love Ryan Gosling as much as singer Ryan Cabrera does. Over the weekend, Cabrera proudly showed off his newest tattoo — a portrait of Ryan Gosling inked on his leg. To be honest, the photo in the thumbnail to the left looks a bit like Ryan Reynolds, not Ryan Gosling but Ryan Cabrera swears it’s a Ryan Gosling tattoo so I suppose we have to take him at his word (damn, that’s a lot of Ryans). Click below to see more photos of Cabrera’s Gosling tattoo and find out why Ryan decided to get Ryan tattooed on his leg.

Ryan Cabrera probably wishes this was an April Fools’ Day prank. The spiky-haired singer, who once romanced Ashlee Simpson on her MTV reality show and later Audrina Patridge on “The Hills,” has the face of another grown man permanently inked on his leg. The heavily-tattoed Cabrera, who’s now 30, showed off a tat of the one and only Ryan Gosling on his leg on Thursday before an acoustic performance at Hyde Bellagio in Las Vegas. While a lot of women would surely want anything of Gosling stamped on their body, Cabrera has revealed that the tattoo came about as part of a game that he and his friends call tattoo roulette. Cabrera described it in an interview that he gave with Lance Bass on the SiriusXM Radio show “Dirty Pop” last month. “Me and my buddy we go in [the tattoo parlor] and he chooses one thing off the wall for me, then I choose one thing for him,” Cabrera explained. “You can’t see it until after it’s done and then we unveil them at the same time.” Cabrera’s body is also graced with a unicorn and a Care Bear from the game, which sounds … pretty terrible. At least there are a few restrictions on what one person can pick for the other. “The only rules are that it can’t be religious and it can’t offend anybody,” Cabrera noted, adding that he selected a Hershey’s Kiss for his opponent when he was inked with Gosling’s likeness. Well, if he had to have any man’s face on his leg, it might as well be that of the gorgeous Gosling, right?

Um, what? See, I don’t normally offer my personal opinions about other people’s tattoo choices because like ‘em or not, tattoos can hold very personal meanings. I honestly cannot respect this kind of thing tho. Getting idiotic tattoos like this just for fun sounds like the dumbest thing in the world. I mean, yes Ryan Cabrera can get any tattoo he wants for whatever reason he wants but … c’mon, are we supposed to hear this kind of reasoning and go, Cool!? LOL, I don’t think so. That being said, I guess there are worse tattoos out there than Ryan Gosling tattoos but … I don’t think the tattoo artist really captured Gosling’s charm and appeal. Ah well, maybe Cabrera can get this awful tattoo covered up by another awful tattoo of his friend’s choosing.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Vicky

    At first I saw Ryan Reynolds, but I can see a little bit of Ryan Gosling, but the question is why… why on earth would you get a portrait of someone that’s not your baby or your mother tatooed on you!?

    • Alecia

      Even though I’m not a tattoo person, I understand moms and children but strangers?! C’mon son.

    • KJ

      That’s Ryan Reynolds, no doubt.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I used to have a major crush on him too, back in his Ashlee Simpson days… I am so embarrassed right now. Just… No.

    • Krissy

      Takes a lot of courage to admit that.

      :: hug ::

    • ClaireMichelle

      Thanks for the support. I wasn’t sure how all of you would accept me after that confession!

  • Sandy!

    Someone come save him from himself again. That game is so stupid.
    I love RyGo, but not enough to have him inked on my body. Shoot, I wouldn’t even do that for my man!

  • jade

    In all honesty I forgot he ever existed but now people are talking about him again so he’s got 15 more minutes of fame…I guess. As they say even bad press is good press!

  • Andrea

    I guess “on the way down” he got a Ryan Gosling tattoo that looks like Ryan Reynolds and forgot to change his hairdo. He has had the same hair since the Ashlee Simpson show!

  • janaegal

    He has always grossed me out but now that he has defiled the honor of Ryan Gosling, no. Just on big hell to the no.

  • Tru U

    Ryan Cabrera is a moron. Seriously what kind of idiot would play a game like that? This has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.
    But on the bright side for Ryan Cabera, this is the most press he has gotten since being Ashlee Simpsons boyfriend

  • Madison

    Wow, so he’s still sporting that haircut, huh?

  • Mabel

    I was about to ask if this was Ashlee Simpson’s boyfriend from way back. This guy still sings?!

  • Lauri

    I think it looks like Ed Westwick had a baby with Ryan Reynolds…
    This guy is kind of a huge joke. He was playing at a bar in my town about 4 years ago, was trashed when he got on stage, and continued drinking. My sister was into him so I took a cd of hers to be signed- he could barely manage a scribble before hugging me three times and wandering off. Oy.

  • Enanna

    Forget the tattoo. Scroll up and LOOK AT HIS DAMN HAIR!
    *yelps of fear*