Lindsay Lohan Wants Us To Believe That She Is Pregnant


Yesterday was April 1 and, as you all should be well aware is a PERFECT day for pranks, so the fact that Lindsay Lohan tweeted late last night that she is “officially pregnant” shouldn’t really be cause for concern … or should it? It’s very possible that Lindsay decided to save her April Fool’s prank for the very last minute but, it has occurred to me, I suppose it is in the realm of possibility that L. Lo might’ve used the biggest prank day of the year to sneak out the absolutely terrifying news that she might be actually pregnant. HMMMMMM.

My gut tells me that this is a joke … because, really, are the gods truly cruel enough to inflict a Lindsay Lohan baby on the world? Lindsay posted this pregnancy tweet at 10:35 PM last night … which would make it 1:35 AM on the East Coast … which was no longer April Fool’s Day … so …. yeah. Personally, I don’t think there is any cause for concern … I mean, right? Lindsay Lohan isn’t the type of person to have an unplanned pregnancy … right? RIGHT?!


  • Gillian

    What man would be stupid enough to put his penis ANYWHERE near LILO? Especially without wrapping it first…. Most vile, barf worthy tweet in existence. Good job Lindsay

  • Vicky

    It would not surprise me whatsoever if this is true.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I’m scared…

  • MJ

    Well, IF she is, she’s gonna have to lay off her precious Adderall…

  • shannon from MN

    It was an April Fool’s joke (thank the Maker).

  • Jan

    She pops so many pills… she could have thrown some contraceptives in the mix….

  • Cee

    After all the drugs and grog, her internal organs would be begging for a rest, wouldn’t they? How could that rickety body support a baby as well? Nothing other than April Fools. If only she took a look at herself and realised how many people wouldn’t believe that tweet in the first place!

  • Madison

    Maybe it’s her dog. Please let it be her dog. Or cat. Hampster. Any animal that has better instincts than her…

  • Lauren xx

    She would be the person to get pregnant to get out of going to rehab. For once I don’t feel like an awful person for thinking that.

  • Natalie

    I wouldn’t put it past her (or her mother) to get pregnant with some rich dude’s kid…and then, jackpot!!