Britney Spears’s Dog Teases New Britney Music


While Britney Spears and her sons were back home in Kentwood, LA with her family over Easter weekend, little miss Hannah Spears stayed home to take care of business here in SoCal. On Easter Sunday, Hannah got herself all dolled up in a cute little bunny outfit so that she could hide Easter eggs for Sean Preston and Jayden James to find when they returned home from Louisiana. Hannah tweeted yesterday on her official Twitter profile that she’s been listening to NEW Britney Spears music … which may be a hint that our dear Britney may be close to releasing new music for the rest of us to hear, too. HMMMM. Click below to read what Easter Bunny Hannah has to say about new Britney Spears music.

Happy Easter everyone! No one’s home, but I’m hiding a few eggs for the boys for when they get back!! / A lot of you guys have asked what my favorite song is by my Mommy‚Ķ Well, I’d tell you, but you haven’t heard it yet!!

First off … HOW CUTE DOES HANNAH LOOK IN HER OUTFIT?! OMG, adorable. Second, Britney’s dog gets to hear new music before we do? Damn. How am I gonna be jealous of a dog?! I’m guessing … well, I’m hoping that all these little teasers about new Britney music means that we may get to hear something soon. I’m not setting my heart on the release of a new album (only because I may die of heartbreak if an album isn’t released this year) but I am quite hopeful that we’ll get to hear a new single soon (possibly by Summer). I guess we’ll have to keep an eye on Hannah’s future tweets to keep abreast of the possible release of new Britney Spears music.


  • ClaireMichelle

    First) I love Hannah. 2) I want new Britney music for this summer SO HARD! 3) I love that someone so regularly runs Hannah’s twitter. That is so perfect for promotion, because who wouldn’t listen to Britney’s puppy?! WHO?!

    • ClaireMichelle

      Also, I now realized I went from “first” to “2” and I hate myself a little bit. I’m just too excited about new Britney music!!!

  • schmee

    Is anyone else worried that Britney might think the dog is actually tweeting?

    • @schmee — Um, you mean Hannah’s not actually tweeting?!? O_O

  • Alyssa

    I adore this Hannah twitter thing, hilarious!
    And yes, Britney music is needed!!