Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Refusing To Go To Rehab Without Her Adderall


Lindsay Lohan is preparing to evade jail time for the 77th time, having copped to a plea deal in her recent court case. The plan is for LiLo to spend 90 days in a rehab facility, but it looks like even that simple plan is getting complicated. Apparently, Lindsay is now saying that she cannot commit to being completely drug-free for 90 days because she needs access to her ADHD medication, Adderall. Sources say she’s now refusing to go to rehab without it. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the story:

Lindsay Lohan drew a line in the sand during plea negotiations in her lying-to-cops case — she’d agree to rehab ONLY if the facility would allow her to continue taking Adderall … sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

Our sources say Lindsay has taken Adderall — used to treat Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and misused for various other purposes — daily for years. She believes she needs it to function.

We’re told Lindsay was steadfast — either attach Adderall to the deal or she’d take her chances at trial. Sources say Lindsay’s lawyer, Mark Heller, assured her he could find a lockdown rehab facility that would accommodate her demand.

Heller may not be able to deliver … fact is, there’s no such thing as a lockdown rehab facility that would take Lindsay, much less allow her to take the drug.

It’s pretty ironic … when Lindsay was jailed back in 2010, she got a doctor to prescribe Adderall while she was behind bars … even though her ADHD diagnosis was called into serious question.

A number of people in Lindsay’s life believe it was the Adderall that led to her downfall.

Hmmm, this is tricky. I don’t know a lot about rehab… but I feel like… they probably don’t let people take drugs, right? LOL, I mean, I just don’t see how this would work.

However, I’m sure Lindsay isn’t the first person with ADHD to go to rehab, so they must have some kind of system in place. If she does have ADHD then I could see how that would pose a dilemma. But if she has a history of abusing her ADHD medication, then that poses an even greater dilemma. So yeah, no. This request really makes no sense to me.

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  • Taryn

    Mean girls is one tv right now. :(

  • Zorbitor

    The Passion of the Lohan

  • Les

    I think the big picture is that she doesn’t seem to understand that she is clearly in no place to be making demands…

    • Serenity

      I agree. I wish the judge would just spell it out: either go to rehab, or go to jail. Pick one, and stop trying to negotiate.

    • ClaireMichelle

      Exactly. It’s like she is saying “I need to be able to take adderall while in rehab OR ELSE.” Or else what, Lindsay? You won’t go to rehab? Okay, off to jail then!

    • Tru U

      I was about to say the same thing. I mean why is she going to rehab anyway for lying to the police? That sure make sense. But I suppose she will find someway to her what she wants when people bend over backwards to give her break after break. She’ll never learn

  • MJ

    As someone who has ADHD and I takes Vyvase and Adderall, I call BS. The majority of the ADHD meds are technically amphetamines. If you do have the disorder and symptoms, it does help you be able to focus, pay attention and follow through on tasks. That said, it can be highly addictive in the sense that while it does help you focus, it’s still a stimulant. Also, Adderall is highly used for weight loss as well. Also, people with ADHD tend to have addictive personalities and are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

    I don’t think she’s seeing the issue that she need to quit all drugs. When properly prescribed, doctors will tell you to take a “drug holiday” usually on the weekends when you do not need to be so focused.

  • Serenity

    “A number of people in Lindsay‚Äôs life believe it was the Adderall that led to her downfall.”

    I’m going to say that it was this “number of people” who helped lead to her downfall, what, with making all of these excuses for her.

  • Jennifer

    Then throw her butt in jail already. It’s that simple, she doesn’t do the rehab then she needs to go to jail. The deal was she goes to rehab to get out of going to jail.

    And I don’t see how, if it’s a medication you need, they just don’t let you take it. I’m sure it’s regulated, like someone comes and delivers the dose to you, you just don’t have free range of it.

    • Krissy

      I could be wrong, but I think with Adderall, the people that abuse it tend to crush pills and snort them. (Anyone have insight on this?)

      If so…would watching her swallow the pills allow her to use it for medical use, but not abuse it? Or can one get high from just swallowing them too (in excess, etc.)?

      I wish the doctor who prescribed the meds would be looked at, to see if he over prescribes meds to other patients.

  • Jennifer

    BTW, you don’t NEED adderall for ADHD. You can live with ADHD without medication. You just have to figure out how to deal with the extra energy.

  • Gillian

    This has to be a joke right? Like April fools? LILO cannot possibly be this dumb? Right?….

  • Steph

    Most adults with ADHD only take medication to help them concentrate at work. Adult ADHD is much more rare than childhood ADHD and I suspect that Lindsey was given a diagnoses when she was very young and some doctor has been prescribing her meds without questioning it ever since. Problem is that if you tried to test her now without meds,she would look ADHD because of withdrawl.

    • Jstar

      I highly doubt she actually has ADHD. People shop around to different psychiatrists that they can fool into giving them medication for illnesses they don’t even have….speed for daytime and valium to sleep.

    • Krissy

      Didnt UCLA say that she was originally misdiagnosed and that she had no medical need for Adderall?

  • Sarah Brewer

    If she has a legitimate doctor prescribed medication a rehab facility will let her take that medication (As long as they on staff doctor agrees with the diagnosis). They just won’t let her control it. They will lock it up in an office and give it to her at the allotted time frame.

  • Lol

    Adderall is so easy to come by even by doctors. One of my friends went to the doctor and said she had trouble with concentrating in class (this was in high school, a few years back) and the doctor gave her a prescription for adderall. No tests, no nothing, she got it the same day.

    @ Krissy, you can get high from just swallowing pills, but snorting it gives you an almost cocaine-like effect.

    She should be taken off all meds while going to rehab and maybe focus on running or other things to deal with her ADHD.