Here Are The Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Masquerade,’ Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


Okay, Revenge! After last week I was really looking forward to the Masquerade episode, and I wasn’t disappointed. Last night sooo much ish popped off, it felt like an episode from Season one– and this is a good thing. It’s only been a few weeks since we lost our beloved Fauxmanda, and we’re already mourning another one of our faves. Sigh, who’s next Revenge?! Who’s next?!?!? Click inside so we can recap the madness.

So aside from some of the death and darkness, this was just, like, a really fly-looking episode, right? The Grayson’s masquerade ball looked hella fun and just like any party there was drama, awkwardness between exes, and somebody getting punched in the face!

I’ve missed having Victoria at the center of an episode, so this was also a good one for that reason. She’s such a great villain, and she’s got all these great stories from her past– remember that artist dude she was in love with? Loved that one. And then last week we found out she got knocked up on the low? The sad part was that the child belonged to her mother’s boyfriend (I’m assuming that creep we learned about on the Thanksgiving episode), and so she gave the baby up… although she kept much of this information to herself, even as Conrad began to make discoveries.

Ashley and Jack also had some cool moments in this episode. Both appear to be working with the Graysons, but Jack realized that they both have their own grudges against the family and would, therefore, make a good team. I’m def interested in seeing where their alliance is gonna go. As we know, Ashley can be a very resourceful girl and I’d love to see her use those powers to help take down the Graysons. Lots of other stuff popped off, so let’s get to it!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge:
Season 2, Episode 18: Masquerade

1. Nolan’s A Hot Mess

Yikes. I think this was the moment when I realized Nolan really loved him some Padma. I mean, he was a wreck at the beginning of the episode, trying to figure out where The Initiative took his girl. I was kinda surprised to see that he was working with the cops, but since he was their first suspect I guess he decided to keep in touch with them. But I really felt bad for him because damn! All his boos end up… DUNZO! Remember Tyler? Sigh. Our poor Nolan.

Quote It: Start your revengines!

2. Aiden’s Got A Gun/Padma Noooooo!

OMG, when Aiden figured out how to get Trask at the Grayson Global office I was so psyched! And then he pulled the gun on Trask and I was like helllls yeah! We’re gonna find Padma! And then… yeah. We did… but no. It was bad. Now what was interesting was that Padma wasn’t really, actually dead before Aiden found her, which means… what? I have no clue! But something about the presence of her body there for all those weeks makes me feel like there’s a lot more to the story.

Sidenote: Can you believe Aiden killed Trask with his bare hands? I mean, yeah, it’s totally believable but geez! He’s so hot, lol!

3. Charlotte Packs A Mean Left Hook; Bow Down Bitches

This was THE BEST. Wasn’t it?! Wasn’t this the best? Some trick (who looked oddly familiar– anyone know the actress?) started talking hella ish at the ball about the late, great Fauxmanda. Charlotte overheard, walked up on said trick, and proceeded to knock her the hell out. LMAO! We’ve seen a lot of people get bitch-slapped on Revenge, but we’ve never seen no ish like this. Everyone’s always so damn proper in their quests for revenge, it was nice to see someone just go ahead and get gangsta with it. Props to Char!

4. ‘Emily’ & Daniel Make Page Six

Oh, Lord. Y’all know I have a thing for Throwback ‘Emily’ and Daniel, but this is getting awkward. First Daniel stays away from ‘Emily’ because he thinks The Initiative sent him that picture and the two bullets as a threat to the two of them. Then Aiden makes the one business decision that causes Trask to pull The Initiative out of Grayson Global, making it possible for ‘Emily’ and Daniel to re-re-rekindle the flame. But all the faking up and breaking up is too much for me! And I’m actually starting to feel bad for Aiden. I know he felt some type ‘a way when he saw that coupled up picture on page six, and then ‘Emily’ totally spent the night with Daniel… right?

No, really can we talk about this? At the beginning of the episode somebody was getting it on and poppin’ with ‘Emily,’ right? And it kinda looked like it was Daniel… right? And then Aiden flipped out on her at the end of the episode when she came home in the morning (said he was disgusted, rather than jealous)… even though she never came out and said she’d been with Daniel all night…. riiiight? All I know is, I’m confused and ‘Emily’s playing a dangerous game. We all know Aiden kills people sometimes!

5. The Nun Who Knew Too Much

So we finally got the full story on Victoria’s throwback baby, and she basically gave it up to the nun who knew too much. Now what’s interesting is that ‘Emily’ is going to use this same nun (I think) to find out about Victoria’s past/son. I mean, that’s obviously what’s happening since she’s obviously not pregnant… by Daniel… right? LMAO. OMG, no. Who is this nun and what does she knooooowwww?!

Quote It: Did y’all catch that little tidbit between Conrad’s campaign manager and Ashley?

Tap into your inner Clinton. (Ashley to Conrad)
But your inner Clinton taps nothing anymore… right Ms. Davenport?


R.I.P. Padma. Nobody could rock green like you. Nobody.

  • nicole

    ok first of bangin did ‘Emily’ look in that white dress? as soon as i saw it, i was sitting here just like ‘ dammnnnnnnn’
    – poor Nolan, when he started crying i wanted to reach through the screen and hug him. his story line is going to get damn good.
    – i loved that Charlotte knocked the girl, BUT im hoping she doesnt start to downfall again.
    – and that Nun..its always interesting when a Nun gets involved.

    • Shavonne

      I agree about Charlotte, hopefully she stays as strong as she has been lately. Although it’s sort of refreshing to see that she’s not so cold hearted like the rest of her family.

    • Shannon

      nicole, I think Charlotte’s gonna be okay. Actually, I think she really, really loved the ish out of ‘Amanda’ and was so psyched to have a sister. She’s not gonna let anybody talk ish about her; I like that.

      ‘its always interesting when a Nun gets involved.’ HA! I KNOW right?

  • Shavonne

    Finally a good episode!! I’ve been waiting all day for your revenge recap Shannon! Can Emily please just have little Aiden babies and get off the Daniel train? Please?! I guess that would be too boring for the show. She could just send him over here, I’ll have little Aiden babies!!

    Also, why does poor Nolan always get screwed, and not in a good way? I feel so bad for him!

    • Shannon

      Shavonne, ‘Can Emily please just have little Aiden babies and get off the Daniel train?’ LOL, I’ve been into Daniel for a while now, but I’m starting to feel like I just want her to commit to someone. If it’s Aiden then fine, I just wanna know, lol!

    • Shavonne

      Seriously! This back and forth man thing is , to quote my lover Aiden, “disgusting”. I mean, who shows up on the doorstep of one guy after a romp with the other?? I don’t mind Daniel, especially now that he’s not so doe-eyed. Just pick!

  • Thomas

    I LOVED this episode. Revenge has been firing on all cylinders lately and I feel like the writers are really trying to tie up loose ends and weave everything together since the beginning of the season. I’m gonna ditto a couple of Nicole’s comments cause we totally think alike:

    – Nolan’s storyline is awesome. I loved his reaction to Padma’s death and I wanted to cry with him. Also loved the moment between he and Ems when she said ‘I’m not leaving you alone’ and he said ‘I love you too.’
    – Charlotte kicking some ass was sweet, even if it was short. Bow down bitches is right!
    – LOVED the masquerade and the amazing costumes that went with it. How dramatic was that scene with Victoria fainting?
    – Favourite lines of the night:
    After Ashley asks who the mail is from, Victoria’s response: “it’s just a seasonal trifle. Not unlike yourself.”
    Ashley to Conrad: “Wear a tie. People want to be able to relate to you, not feel like you’re related to them.”
    – I’m gonna miss Padma; although I wonder if she is really dead? I mean what can you really trust on this show?!
    – Nuns: every mystery gets better when there are nuns involved. And secrets. And secret children.

    • Thomas

      PS: I’m always happy to be on the Em/Daniel train. I like them together, even if it is a bit confusing. I think it’d make for an awesome season 3 to have Ems marry Daniel and really infiltrate the Graysons’ lives.

    • Shavonne

      Omg you reminded me about the Padma scene, I was wondering why Aiden didn’t check for a pulse before he ran for it! Hopefully she’s alive, poor Nolan!

    • LizP

      I think Padma is dead, even the police confirmed it and decided to go after Nolan again.

    • Shannon

      Thomas, “it’s just a seasonal trifle. Not unlike yourself.” YES!

      I too wondered if Padma was really dead, but I think LizP is right. When the cop came forward and mentioned the coroner, I figured that was it.

    • Thomas

      I’m resigned to the fact that Padma is dead. I just wondered for a bit. I’m also wondering about Marco and whether or not he will reappear…

  • Jen

    The girl Charlotte punched did look familiar and it has been bothering me since last night. Can anyone put their finger on who she is?

    • Miriam

      Seychelle Gabriel she was in Tina in Honey 2 and Princess Yue in the Last Air bender

    • Shannon

      Miriam, thank you! You and Nicole win, lol! She was also in ‘Weeds.’

  • Karen

    I so DO NOT TRUST Ashley and I think Jack made a huge mistake in assuming he could. Ashley doesn’t care about bringing anyone down; she only cares about getting herself ahead! If the Graysons are the way to do that, she’ll be on their side. Right now, Papa Grayson says he won’t help her after this campaign, but that can always change.

    Jack, you are an amateur and everyone around you is a professional, and you don’t even know that. Because you are an amateur.

    I kind of loved Aiden saying he was disgusted, not jealous. It is kind of gross, right? Sleeping with someone long-term for revenge purposes? I mean, it all makes sense and seems fine if you’re looking at it from Emily’s point of view, but…yeah.

    I adore Nolan and do not want him to be sad, but I never felt his relationship with Padma. Even though she does look *amazing* in green. It just never felt real to me, so his devastation feels way out of proportion. But I’ll go with it for the storyline’s sake.

    • Shannon

      Karen, ‘Jack, you are an amateur and everyone around you is a professional, and you don’t even know that. Because you are an amateur.’ LMAO! Oh no, you kinda nailed it.

      Also, I hear you on the Padma front. I thought they did a great job of showing Padma’s importance in THIS episode, but you’re right. We never got to really see Nolan fall crazy in love with her, so it did feel out of proportion. They’re sort of asking us to just trust that they were madly in love, but we should have been able to see that.

  • Nicole

    I was guessing it was Lourdes from Falling Skies who got punched, but no one is credited, so that sucks!

  • Nicole

    I think my reply got eaten…

    I was guessing the girl who was punched was Lourdes from Falling Skies, but since its not credited, i cant be sure who it was

    • Shannon

      OMG, Nicole– you win! You win everything! It is her! I know her from Weeds; she played Esteban’s daughter. OMG. Thank yooouuuuuu!!! I also found her Twitter and she tweeted about it:

      If anyone likes Revenge or wants to see me get punched in the face, I’m on tonight and the next few weeks. 9pm ABC ;)

      Here’s her twitter– I plan to stalk for a lil’ while:

  • Tarah

    That white dress on Emily…there are no words to describe how perfect it was for her. Just amazing!

    I loved Jack getting all revenge-y! I loved seeing him carry out his plan with Conrad with Nolan’s help and then coming to his aid to deter any of the blame. He’s like the poor man’s Emily. I may be alone in this but it made me think how Emily and Jack would still be a good couple. There was a little moment of hope when they were talking at the ball and of course Daniel had to come in. Reminder of the love triangle of season one??? Though Jack was probably more disappointed of Emily being involved with a Grayson more than anything, part of me still think he in a way still has feelings for Emily.

    I am unsure if Padma’s dead. It’s weird that her body would be just lying there and Aiden would of just left her there after killing Trask. Maybe he could of got Padma and her father out and set them up with those false identities from the previous episode. He probably had to tell Nolan she was dead in order to protect her and throw off the Initiative (especially with Trask saying how hostages come in useful to get things that they want).

    But I have to admit every time I see Padma, I still feel uneasy about her motives and I can’t help but think of Marco. I kinda miss him and his perm. I still feel bad for him with Padma setting him up and wonder if he will come back now that she is “gone.” Will he help Nolan to uncover the Falcon?

    And the moment where Daniel handed back the two bullets to Victoria….”one for each of your two faces” – priceless.

  • Tanya Marrie Yeats

    Padma still alive??? Yes maybe Could David Clarke still be alive, just for a major twist in the storyline would be an awsome REVENGE in itself, staying in hiding all these yrs to protect Amanda>>> The falcon will be someone we arnt expecting, Hunk of a man Nolan, Nolans family are all very smart the aunt faked her own death dad is presumed dead but did he fake his death as well…… Love this show