Demi Lovato Releases The Album Art For Her New Album ‘Demi’


It was recently reported that Miss Demi Lovato would be returning as judge of the upcoming third season of The X Factor and today we get another bit of good Lovato news. Demi’s new album, titled simply Demi, will be released in May! Over the weekend, Demi slowly revealed the official album art for her new album on her official website and if you click below you can see the Demi cover in full. Read on to hear from Demi herself what we can expect when this album drops in May.

Demi Lovato has unveiled the cover art for her as-yet-untitled fourth studio album. The image was revealed after a series of teasers were posted on her official website. Lovato, who was recently confirmed to be returning to The X Factor USA for the show’s third season, has previously said that she would love a collaboration with Britney Spears for the upcoming record. At the time, she added: “Fans can expect a less dancey-pop album. I’m trying to stay away from EDM on this album and no dubstep for me. “I miss hearing real instruments on the radio and I wanna be able to bring that back. That’s important to me. I want my sound and lyrics to mature as well as I have the past year.” Lovato’s new album will serve as a follow-up to 2011’s Unbroken and is expected to be released in May. It will feature new single ‘Heart Attack’.

We got to hear Demi’s new single Heart Attack back in February and, I don’t know about you but, I really love it. I haven’t always been the biggest Demi fan but she really won me over with her last album and her killer single Give Your Heart a Break. I’m really glad she will be returning to The X Factor … not only was she a great judge/mentor on the show but The X Factor could really use her to save that sinking ship. I’m really looking forward to the release of Demi. It remains to be seen if Demi can rise to the occasion and become a massive pop star but I’m willing to give her a chance.


  • Xadax

    Xtina… Stripped…

    • @Xadax — Who’s xtina?

    • Xadax

      The one who inspired Demi.

    • nicole

      @Xadax – i have no idea where you get Stripped from this..

  • ClaireMichelle

    I agree, Trent… I found her to be a great judge on XFactor, and I’m glad she will be back. I might have to check out some of the new season then. I loooove Give Your Heart a Break and I love Heart Attack, so I am hopeful going into her new album!

  • nicole

    i think the cover would have been better if the glitter carried on to her face.
    im interested in this new album. all i have to do is read ‘Heart Attack’ and the song gets stuck in my head.

  • MJ

    I don’t know that I’m a Demi fan either, but I loved her on XF. She was funny, feisty, and pretty funny. And her past couple of singles are like earworms to me. So…yay.

  • Thomas

    I LOVE “Heart Attack” so I’m kinda excited with the new album. I really liked Demi’s last two singles from “Unbroken” too. I’m with Nicole, think the cover would be better if the glitter went to her face. The single cover for Heart Attack would be a great album cover too. Love the photos so far from this ‘era.’

    PS: Why does the article say the album is untitled. Isn’t it called “Demi”?