Confirmed: Ryan Gosling WILL Play Christian Grey In The ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Movie!


OhhhhhhhhEmmmmmmmmGeeeeeeeeeeee. Everybody, just calm down. Calm. Down. It’s fine, everything’s fine. And we’re all gonna be fine, and the kids are all right. Y’all. Remember how, like, ages ago there was a rumor that Ryan Gosling was gonna play Christian Grey in the highly-anticipated (depending on who you are) 50 Shades Of Grey movie? And then that rumor got shut down? And then sexy-ass Stephen Amell from Arrow came forward and said he’d been approached to take the lead? And then Ryan Gosling came out and said he was gonna be taking a break from acting? Yeah, no. Shut all that ish down, because it has been confirmed that Ryan Gosling will be taking on the role of Christian motherfriggen Grey. This is happening, y’all! Click inside for more! Aghhhh!!!!

Here’s the statement from the production studio. I kind of can’t even believe this:

…Although we are quite a ways off from production, we can confirm that Ryan Gosling will be taking on the role of Christian Grey in the forthcoming adaptation of E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey. We are thrilled to have such an amazing talent on board and are currently looking for an equally brilliant actress to play the role of Ana. There is no filming date in sight as of yet, but we do hope to go into production by fall 2014.

I cannot wait to hear what you guys think of this! Crazy, right?!

Honestly though? Honestly? Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey?! Unbelievable. I honestly don’t even know where I am right now. Or who I am. Or what day it is.

Wait. What’s that? It’s April 1st you say? Hmmmm.

Guess that makes this an APRIL FOOL’S DAY post!!! GAhhhhhh!!!!! Ryan Gosling in 50 Shades Of Grey? Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!!!

Source: The twisted mind of Shannon M. Houston ;)

  • Diana

    haha… called it. I’ve been waiting for it so I just skipped right to the end to see if it was. :) Nice try, though!

  • Diana

    P.S. I was really hoping it had been the Cory Monteith post because that does make me sad. But hopefully he’ll get the help he needs.

  • Kristín

    damn i would love it if he´d take this role! When i read the books i always see him in my mind as Christian Grey

    • Vicky

      For me, I always pictured Ian Somerhalder.

    • Nikki

      Um, YES PLEASE.

    • Dimple

      I always pictured Alexander Skarsgaard as Christian Grey.

    • Lindsey Schaaf

      That’s exactly who I imagine. He’s sexy and could play a controlling man with a secret life.

  • Lauri

    Kneeeew it! Really good one though. :D

  • Krissy

    Hahaha!! You totally got me!

    At first I was kind of disappointed that he would do something so tawdry…then I realized the up side is that we could get to see him get kinky. :D

    • Shannon

      Krissy, ah. Thank you for being the one person I got… so far, lol

    • Krissy

      Glad I could be of service! ;) Today is my dog’s birthday, so I am not so focused on the “April Fool” thing…at least, that is the excuse I am using.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, OMG! Happy Birthday Krissy’s dog!!!

  • Shannon

    OMG, you throwback PITNBrs cannot be April Fooled! Damn!

  • DANGIT! I figured PITNBers would be expecting the joke from me … not Shannon :/

    I guess I should hold off on blogging about how Shannon and I are running off to get married cuz I’m having her baby ;)

  • ClaireMichelle

    When I read the title I had a mini-freak out from “Noooo, this is so beneath him” to “yessss lots of sexy Ryan scenes” to finally “oh, this is for sure an April Fool’s joke.” That was a lot to go through before even reading the post! Haha. Good one, Shannon! I think I need a drink…

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, I told Trent that as I was writing it even I was freaking out… lmao. Thank you! Go get that drink now :)

  • Jan

    OMG… i was going to get my tent to camp outside the movie theater… untill i read the end… sad

  • Natalea

    Ya’ll, I am such a sucker. How did I not immediately get this what an April Fool’s joke?!

    But this got me thinking, if Ryan Gosling was going to play Christian Grey, I think he’d be responsible for more heart attacks in theaters than The Passion of the Christ.

    • @Naelea — “But this got me thinking, if Ryan Gosling was going to play Christian Grey, I think he’d be responsible for more heart attacks in theaters than The Passion of the Christ.”


  • kendra

    I’m not believing anything I hear today since I ALWAYS fall for stuff..I’m just going to assume everyone is a dirty liar and will ignore everything people say to me until tomorrow..I hope nothing big happens..

  • LaurenL

    I hate you. I seriously hate you.

    • Shannon

      LaurenL, I lurve you too ;)

    • LaurenL

      I don’t hate you. I lurve you too now that I’m over my fake-heartbreak!! LOL!!!

  • HeatherLea1340

    As I’m cuddling with my boyfriend, I go through the roller coaster of emotions this post brought on. Then as I’m feeling a little embarrassed to have been so excited, my man says “haha, you don’t get to see his peepee!” And now I’m a little embarrassed that my boyfriend said peepee.

    Thanks for this moment, Shannon. ;)

    • Shannon

      HeatherLea1340, ‘haha, you don’t get to see his peepee!’ LMAOOOOOoooooo! OMG! Why didn’t I write those exact words at the end of the post?!

      HeatherLea1340’s boyfriend FTW!

    • HeatherLea1340

      He is sooo excited about his shouts-out! Someone finally thinks he’s funny. LoL! ;)

  • LaurenL

    I’ve been a long time PITNB’r and I did NOT expect this from you Shannon. Touche. I am literally sad. I WANTED this to be real. I even told my co-workers. You GOT ME.

    • Shannon

      LaurenL, lol! Thank you– this was my first April Fool’s post so it was kind of a big deal for me, lmao!

    • LaurenL

      Well done, sista!!! Well done! You got me SO GOOD, it hurt. And that’s the whole point, right!?! Haha!

  • Shavonne

    Trent gets me almost every year for April Fools, he’s so good at it that I am hesitant to believe anything he says for a few days around this time. Totally was not expecting one from you Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Shavonne, we had to pull a fast one on y’all. Hope you didn’t mind too much, lol ;)

  • Lilyjune

    I’m glad this was an April Fool’s. I want Stephen Amell from Arrow to be Christian Grey. Not lying though…..I got fooled.

  • Fer

    Nooo! I dont like it! I want Matt Bomer to be Christian. Ryan do not look like Christian Grey! Booooo! =(

  • Jennifer

    I need to read this book apparently.

  • Megan

    **&%$##**&#!!! Shannon!!! I am not speaking to you right now!! Or Trent for posting this on facebook like it was real!! I’m going to go cry myself to sleep in the corner now…. :(

    • Shannon

      Megan, I know you’re not talking to me right now but I just wanted to check in on you. Hope you’re okay, get well soon :)

    • Megan

      Haha. Ok you’ve been forgiven :)

  • Sofia

    Ugh Shannon!!! I was having a REALLY bad day and then I read this post and all of a sudden everything was better. but it was all a lie. THANKS. You just lost yourself a reader…(ok not really, april fools, whatever)

  • Ashley P

    Dang it Shannon! I was about to Facebook this. Then I finished reading the article bc I was too excited to read it in its entirely.

  • apriljan

    I posted on my FB wall before reading that it was a joke. I feel silly now hahaha! I was like, “Is he coming back from taking a break from acting?!”

    You got one of the vet PINTB’rs: me. LOL!

    • Krissy

      You just need to play it off on fb like you were trying to fool other people! ;) You were totally in on it, right? (Your secret is safe with us!)

    • apriljan

      @Krissy OMG!! YES! Operation recon mode. You know me so well!

  • Vicky

    As amazing, or amazeballs should I say, as this news would be – my heart is set on Ian Somerhalder for this role… if there is a god… Please please please let Ian get this role.

  • Samantha

    oh my goodness! I woke up a sleeping baby because I was shitting my pants. Then I realized that today is April 1st…damn it!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    That was a cruel, cruel joke!!

  • Samantha

    Thank GAWD, I thought you were serious…phew. I don’t think he would be right for this role at all, Ian Somerhalder would be perfect. I just don’t bat for Ryan, sorry :)

  • Tommy

    Who even wrote this? Get a life…

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