New Cast Member On ‘The Real World’ Stirs Up Controversy Over His Sexual Orientation


MTV’s The Real World is back on for it’s billionth season and I have no clue if anyone is watching. I do know, however, that hella folks tuned in for the Retro Real World marathon that they had popping off before The Real World Portland premiered. Trent had a blast watching the first season ever, and I tuned in for my absolute favorite season, The Real World Las Vegas. I didn’t get to watch the full episode that just aired, but I caught some of it and it looked like fun. As we all know there’s always a token black guy on Real World, and he always manages to be a pretty big deal (for better or worse); this season is no different. Marlon Williams revealed on the show (in an episode that’s yet to air) that he had one sexual encounter with a man. He’s now speaking out in a few magazines saying the same thing, but maintaining that he is not gay or bisexual. And for people desperate to categorize everyone, I’m sure this is a big deal. Click inside to learn more!

The YBF has the story:

Marlon Williams, one of the stars of MTV’s “Real World: Portland”, opened up about his life and the interesting back story viewers will see unfold on the show this season. And to answer the question we know you’re asking: No, we didn’t know “Real World” still came on. Hence, why the network seems ready to stir up some controversy.

But alas, a new season is on deck and a black roommate is front and center. The former Texas Tech footballer player is the son of a preacher man and spent most of his young life traveling as a military brat. After failing to go “pro” following a successful football stint in college, he went through a period which led to a few interesting choices, including sex with a man. In interviews with XXL and The Advocate, he talks about sexuality, his budding rap career, and explains his views on religion. Here are the highlights:

The Advocate: OK, this is awkward. MTV tells us “Marlon has had intercourse with a man before and does identify with being bisexual. But he says that he is more attracted to women and doesn’t think he would be with a man again.” We could just take their word for it, but we’d rather you tell us yourself how you identify and why.

Marlon Williams: Well, I don’t consider myself bisexual, because I’m not sexually attracted to men. I did have sex with a man but my reasoning for it was different. It was in a hectic time of my life filled with fighting a lot of life battles. I was just making a lot of decisions that I would not normally make. At that time in my life the gay community embraced me, and it is one of those things that just happened. I have nothing against people who are bisexual or gay, but that is not my preference.

You’re the son of a preacher and were raised with conservative values. Does that cause conflict for you in terms of your sexuality?

Well, sex in any form is hard, because the beliefs of my parents say that you are supposed to wait for marriage. The big misconception used in religion is that some sin is worse than others. That isn’t true. All sin is equal. Therefore, anything I do that is sinful can be forgiven if I repent and make changes. My belief is that God forgives anybody who believes and wants a new start in life.

What are you working on now?

I’m in the studio a lot. I just performed at SXSW. I’ve opened up for Slim Thug, Z-Ro, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twins. I’ve been doing it, bro. I’ve got two mixtapes out, you can check them out at Go get those jams. Actually while we were in Portland recording the show, me and Anastasia, another girl from the show, we did music there. We recorded stuff based on what we were going through out there and our life experiences during “The Real World.” We’re gonna put that out this summer.

You can read the full article HERE.

Now I could care less about Marlon’s sexuality and what it means that he had sex with a guy once. I’m sure there are people who will say he’s totally gay or at least bi and in denial, but I’m not about to label someone else’s sexuality for them. I’m still trying to figure out how I could be so attracted to Kerry Washington and Miranda Kerr, and still claim to be straight. Or whatever.

But what I do find interesting is that Marlon is an aspiring rapper (goes by the name of Jay Dillinger), and I’d be curious to see how the Hip-Hop community may or may not embrace someone who’s been so open about his experiences. I really do think a lot has changed since Frank Ocean’s coming out; I’d like to think a story like Marlon’s could do a bit of good as well.


  • rapsody7

    As a gay man who’s had sex with women, no big deal.

    • @rapsody7 — Totally agree. Excellent point.

  • Andrew

    MTV says that he “does identify with being bisexual.”

    Marlon himself says, “I don’t consider myself bisexual.”

    What’s wrong here.

  • Wendell

    The expression is “I COULDN’T care less”. If you COULD care less, then you do care about something. Just pointing that out for future posts.

    • Shannon

      Wendell, lol– thank you!

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  • Dezden

    I’m still watching! I missed the premiere, but I am so damn attached to this show… it’s ridiculous honestly.