Watch: Denzel Washington And Mark Wahlberg Look Amazing Together In The New Trailer For ‘2 Guns’


I don’t know what took Hollywood so long to figure out that Denzel Washington and Marky Mark Wahlberg belong in a high-octane action movie together, but I’m just glad they figured it out while I’m still walking this earth. OMG, y’all. Two men that I’m very attracted to for completely different reasons are doing amazing, bad, then good, but all amazing things in the trailer for their new movie, 2 Guns! Agh! Y’all know I love me some independent film, but I also love a good ol’ fashioned action flick and 2 Guns definitely looks like one of those. It plays on the buddy cop story, but with lots of twists and turns, and then there’s Paula Patton, which is never a bad thing. Peep the video for more!


  • JazzyJeff

    Oh… My… Word. You’re going to need not only a sedative to calm the adrenaline surge you’ll experience from the all of the action, but you’re going to need a bucket for the cascade of drool you’ll be producing… Because all I see is tight, firm booty eEeeEeerwhere. Marky Mark… Denzel… You’ve done it again.

  • Sam

    Denzel has not one, but TWO gold teeth? SIGN ME UP! Also, this movie should’ve been called “Two Gold Teef”

    • Shannon

      Sam, YES. I’m so glad you’re talking about the gold teef– Denzel like we’ve never seen his grown, sexy ass before, lmao!

  • Megan

    Haha. Love it! Am I only the only one slightly confused by the plot? They’re both cops who don’t know the other ones a cop and rob a bank together? Then people are after the money they got? Why doesn’t the police have the money? Ahh well who cares, it’s got Denzel and Mark in it, I won’t be paying attention to the plot anyways.

    • Devonte Antonio

      Why are worried about plots, girl?! lol NO ONE WILL!

  • Devonte Antonio

    OMG! You know Marky Mark IS my NUMBER ONE baby daddy….ever since The Big Hit…and Denzel is like my baby uncle…LOOKS AMAZEBALLS!