Martin Scorese Is Turning ‘Gangs Of New York’ Into A Television Series


Ya know… world peace is a great idea. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is also a good one. But this ish right here? This ish right here is the BEST. IDEA. EVER! Martin Scorsese is taking one of his many great films and bringing it to the small screen; Gangs Of New York is coming to TV, y’all! Nobody talk to me!!! No, seriously. I’m freaking out until this series drops, lol. Click inside for more!

Indiewire has the story:

Miramax and Scorsese are now developing a TV series based on “Gangs Of New York,” with the scope expanding beyond the Five Points, to include the organized crime developing in Chicago and New Orleans during the 1800s as well. So, an even more old timey “Boardwalk Empire”? Certainly there is a lot to dive into. Herbert Asbury’s fascinating 1928 book “The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld” which inspired the film, is filled with all manner of hoods, crooks, thugs and schemes left untapped and backdrop of the nation at the time in general lends itself to all sorts of dramatic potential. And it should be noted, Asbury wrote similar chronicles about the aforementioned Chicago and New Orleans (in addition to San Francisco) so we wouldn’t be surprised if that source material is informally being used.

It’s all early stages and it’s not clear which network will take it on (though we’re sure HBO, who Scorsese has long worked with, will be very interested). Nor is it certain if characters from the film will be reprised, though we’d wager someone as colorful as Bill The Butcher (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and important as crucial as Boss Tweed (played by Jim Broadbent) will have to be in there (and good luck to the actors who have to fill those shoes).

Sigh. I kid you not, I’m about to grab my copy of this movie and just watch that ish on repeat for the rest of the day. Please excuse any and all future typos and random references to Dead Rabbits in my next few posts. But seriously, after The Departed, Gangs Of New York is my favorite Scorsese flick and I think it will make for a brilliant series.

It’ll be weird to see a version of this story without Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Cameron Diaz (yeah, I actually liked her character), but I’m so ridiculously excited for this. What do you guys think? Will you be tuning in whenever this amazingness drops?


  • Natalea

    Ohmygosh, I want to be in this!

    • Shannon

      Natalea, LOL! OMG, I KNOW, right? Let’s stay on the lookout for casting calls :)

  • DJ

    I couldn’t think of a more boring Scorsese movie to turn into a TV show (well, maybe Hugo). Even the U2 song was bad! If it wasn’t for DDL’s amazing performance, no one would’ve given this disaster a second thought.